Yet Another IIPTDXTTNMIAFB Whopper!

I am getting sick of all the unethical political junk that has been rearing its yuletide head of late, so I’m sure you must be even more sick of it. But stuff like this, which doubles as rotten journalism too, just has to be noted. After all, what the mainstream media wants is for it to just slip away. All the better to help it lie to you later.

This is yet another IIPTDXTTNMIAFB example, short for “Imagine if President Trump did X that the news media is accepting from Biden.” These drive me crazy, because they demonstrate just how much what was once our journalism has transformed into partisan propaganda. The public was hammered daily with media accounts, fact-checks and accusations about how often Donald Trump “lied,” even to the extent of a phony “data base” that called even obvious cases where Trump was joking “lies.” All lie-counting stopped when Joe Biden was elected, however. That was remarkable, especially because Biden has uttered some of the most infamous lies in political history, notably when he gave an entire speech that he stole from another politician—and it was supposed to be an autobiographical speech!

Well, Joe Biden was making up events in his life once again, this time in an address to historically black college graduates in South Carolina, where, not for the first time, he said that he “desegregated restaurants and movie theaters” during the Civil Rights movement.

“This is all a lie, one he’s told over and over and over and over again,” Republican National Committee Deputy Rapid Response Director Kyle Martinsen said in a statement. Washington Post factchecker Glenn Kessler examined Biden’s similar claims in 2020, and revealed that Biden did picket a single movie theater once over a segregation policy and once walked out of a restaurant because of an incident involving a friend. Kessler wrote, “As far as we can determine, Biden participated in just one walk-out at one restaurant. He also picketed a segregated movie theater.” Kessler stated that Biden’s use of the plural of movie theater and restaurant could not be justified.

Neither can the use of the word “desegregated.” Picketing doesn’t desegregate anything; nor does an individual walk-out desegregate a restaurant. If Biden said that he protested against a segregated movie theater once, and once walked out of a single eatery because it was disrespectful to a black friend, that would have been legitimate. It also would have been considered pathetic and risible by a black audience. No fire hoses Joe? Big deal.

So far, the Washington Examiner is the only news source covering President Biden’s repeat lie, so let’s see if any of Biden’s cover-up squad goes there, especially since they have been warned the criticizing Joe endangers our democracy.

11 thoughts on “Yet Another IIPTDXTTNMIAFB Whopper!

      • But, Harris had to correct her friend Charlmagne (sp?) the other day, reminding him that she is only the Vice President, not the top dog, which looks like she is distancing herself from Biden’s debacles, as if to say “hey, what can I do – my role is mostly ceremonial and advisory; I have now real Constitutional authority over any of this so get off my back.” So, the mistake must have more traction than we think.


      • “It’s a goof, not a lie. Goof usually aren’t unethical.”
        Well, yeah, of course not, but it’s increasingly obvious that he can’t get through a public appearance where he has to speak without all manner of weird fabrications and verbal stumbling. If he’s aware of his condition, it’s unethical for him to continue. However much it’s denied, his handlers are certainly aware…they hid him in a basement for the campaign, for God’s sake, and he’s only gotten worse. They probably can’t see a viable escape route for him at this point, and they never cared about ethics to start with.

  1. ““Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

    Back in 1977 when then-Senator Biden claimed school integration would devastate his own children’s futures. He literally said inviting black students to join their white counterparts would cause his children to grow up in “a jungle… a racial jungle.”
    “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point,” Biden said in 1977, Breitbart News reported last year. “We have got to make some move on this.”

  2. Biden also fails to state he, as head of the Judiciary Committee made sure inmates at state correctional institutions were barred from federal financial aid which ended virtually all post secondary education opportunities in 1995. This ensured that more black, white and Hispanic inmates would be less able to renter society successfully and would serve to perpetuate their status as second class citizens. That was his view of social justice in the 90’s.

  3. It’s a bit of a misquote to state that Biden said in that speech that he desegregated restaurants and movie theaters. What he actually said was that, after attending a 7 o’clock mass, he sat in a Black church “getting ready to go out and desegregate restaurants and movie theaters in my state.” It’s pretty difficult to prove whether or not someone is getting ready to do something, and it’s likely that Biden was shading the truth here as he is wont to do, yet he did not claim in that speech that he followed through on that supposed preparation.
    To me, a more grievous lie in that speech is his repeated claim that Trump referred to racists and white supremacists (in Charlottesville, 2017) as some very good people.
    It is interesting to read the White House transcript of the speech and see the number of corrections that needed to be made. Yes, long-winded speakers do mis-state things from time to time, but there should not be so many when a teleprompter is there.

    • His statement was also put in the context of similar statements like the one Kessler reviewed. “…he did not claim in that speech that he followed through on that supposed preparation” is an argument that deceit isn’t a lie. Deceit is a lie. “I got ready to do X” suggests, and is meant to suggest, that the speaker indeed did what he is boasting now about preparing to do, otherwise why say it? “I was getting ready to go out and desegregate restaurants and movie theaters in my state, but I said to hell with it and decided to play pin-ball” wouldn’t be very inspiring.

      Nobody has found any evidence that Biden went to “black churches” either.

    • My favorite is when he supposedly said that people crossing the border were “animals”. Yet another left-stream media editing trick, a very simple one; just forget to include the previous 8 seconds or so, when the police official addressing him asked about all the MS-13 people that were crossing. That certainly adds context, except that MS-13-ers are lower than animals, and should probably be catapulted, at high altitude, back over the border to serve as a deterrent.
      When we (1/2, 2DMARDIV) went to Cuba in 94 (not long enough after returning from Somalia in 93) to do riot control and prisoner grabs in the migrant camps, we were tasked with using incentivized informants to root out all of Castro’s prison scum that he released, seemingly as an act of spite, when he told his subject-population to swim for Florida if they wanted. These people (using the term loosely) were also lower than animals, and affiliated with violent gangs every bit as bad as MS-13.They were terrorizing the families and kids in every manner your imagination could conjure. We would find them and simply beat them at the first sign of any resistance with PR-24s until they were limp as fish and a bloody mess. Then we would put flex-cuffs on them and walk them around the camp. The families would cheer, the criminals would get pissed, and often riot. This is exactly what we wanted. Then we used very impressive, dynamic riot formations to corral the vermin and take large numbers of them away in X-Ray, where they lived in what were essentially kennels.

      It wasn’t long at all before what was left of them in the camps took a much lower profile, especially knowing how turning one in was a windfall of extra MREs, better living quarters, occasionally cigarettes, or time outside the fence with us when we did our PT runs or a hump (long forced march).
      Deterrence works.

  4. I’ve completely given up on the left’s Pravda like media, they are irretrievably broken with reality and are now nothing but propaganda tools for the political left. The only way I can see to stop what’s happening in the media is for the public to openly rebel against them with a nation-wide boycott and completely defund them and anyone that supports them. Unfortunately the sheeple in the political left won’t go along with this kind of an idea because it would stop their flow of biased information and they clearly need their daily “fix”.

    • That bubble is safe & warm. They’re kept completely disoriented and bewildered with all of this crap-“culture”, then drawn into the “news”, where everything makes sense, even if it’s 88 percent lies. Brilliant, really.

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