I would have posted this Tik-Tok video earlier, but WordPress will only embed YouTube, and it took a while for that platform to keep down its gorge and include this offal. It has IIPTDXTTNMIAFB (“Imagine if President Trump did X that the news media is accepting from Biden.”) written all over it.

This desperate pro-vaccination PSA seems to have cornered the adjective “cringeworthy,” and teens are using that description as much as adults. The “Joe Byron” reference has to do with another viral video by the YouTube channel SideTalk, which features a bunch of weirdos from Coney Island referring to the President by that name.

Oh. How…clever. Apparently the target audience for a video featuring the Jonas Brothers acting like 10-year-olds are insulted that such an appeal would be regarded as persuasive, and recognize condescending pandering when they see it. The non-target audience is wondering what the President of the United States is doing lowering the stature his office by appearing with these clowns.

Now, just imagine the media reaction if Trump had been the guy with the camera instead of “Byron.” Look who this reality show phony gets to deal with a life and death catastrophe like a pandemic! Norms! Norms! Well, some norms really shouldn’t ever be destroyed…like the norm that Presidents don’t toss away their dignity on the likes of the Jonas Brothers.


Source: Rolling Stone

20 thoughts on “It’s An IIPTDXTTNMIAFB Video!

    • I read the article, and it doesn’t actually say that vaccine mandates don’t work. Honestly, it’s more of a call for some sort of global health socialism.

      The gist of it is that poor countries whose citizens aren’t widely vaccinated are the weak link in the chain for getting the virus under control globally. It’s in those places where the virus is most likely to mutate into new strains. Okay, I’ll agree with that.

      But it also implicitly presumes that vaccinations are some sort of zero-sum game where every person in a rich country who gets a booster shot is somehow robbing someone else in some other country of his or her first, initial shot. Nope, that’s not really how it works.

      My taking a booster is not a BAD thing, nor is it an ineffective thing. It’s just not–on a global scale–as effective as getting as many people as possible their initial vaccinations.

      Is doing something marginally good instead of something optimal the same as doing something bad? The WHO seems to think so. I don’t.


      • Beat me to it, Dwayne. The clue that this was going turn out to be a scare/false (at least misleading) announcement was its source: CNBC.

        However “a sort of global heath socialism” can do without the last word in that phrase. In the case of contagion on this shrinking planet, unless the U.S. plans on closing its borders permanently, WHO is our gatekeeper, tempered by its own mandate to cover the planet’s ever-growing population. No, we are not obliged to underwrite the world’s well being, or even do without the “extra,” the booster, so as to provide free vaccine to other countries, but it behooves us (I’ve always wanted to use that word!) to protect our own by not enabling the spread of contagious diseases.

        The alternatives are to first (yes, first – the same reason that mommy puts the O2 mask on herself before Baby when the cabin loses pressure) see that our vaccine is made available to everyone in the country, most vulnerable first. Second, either selling vaccine to close neighbors and allies (if they can afford it) or sharing formulae with countries who have the ability to produce their own. Third (which is where we are now) instead of mandates, which are useless where a significant portion of the population either distrusts the science or chooses illness- or death-before-surrender!

        At this point, when the country has been explained to and proven with reasonable certainty that the vaccine is efficacious, and the remaining vaccine is not spoken for, this is the time to pull back whatever is being left to spoil (and that is what is happening now) and use it where it is needed, wanted and not being wasted. This comes with a large caveat: “The vaccines authorized in the U.S. — made by Pfizer and BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — can last for up to about six months from the time of manufacture, depending on how they’re stored.” [L.A. Times] “Pfizer-BioNTech notes that to be “2°-8°C (standard refrigerator temperature)” [FDA website] That is not a long time, especially when the populations most in need of the vaccine are in areas of the world least likely to maintain their stability.

        Sorry, that’s as much promise as there is. Nobody is making you take the vaccine, much less a booster. If private businesses choose to make a point of it, that is, literally, their business. If you are unvaccinated and decide to wait until February — when the case load is supposed to lighten (source?) – and you remain Covid-free, consider yourself a recipient of what Jack calls ‘moral luck.’

        End of Part I

  1. With Harris’ NASA video, these guys are a solid two for two in cringeworthy. May their successes continue.

    …And are we sure “Joe Byron” isn’t maybe a “Go Brandon” derivative? If not, might it become one?

  2. Maybe I should watch that again, but I found it totally unintelligible. I guess I’m not in the target demographic. (I think I first began to realize I was getting old when I was about thirty-five and realized I was no longer in the beer TV commercial demographic. A sad say.)

    • Maybe Ron Klain has determined the Jonas Brothers voter demographic is a key demographic! Savvy electioneering, you know. These Biden people are sharp! The best and the brightest!

  3. A vax that works so well against a virus with 99% survival that they need to coerce, mandate, and ignore real data…

    Oh and they are going to start paying VAERS claims…

    Thought it was safe?

    People are waking up. At Costco today with our new state mask law… and most had their noses out. Lol.

    But this? Pushing it to kids???? And boys who are at risk for heart issues?

    I wonder if he’s doing this because parents have overwhelming said they aren’t getting their kids jabbed?


  4. Part II. Public Health

    Main problem (to my mind) is Americans basing their trust in public health on politics. (This could well be true and reasonable on a federal level.) Your local Public Health Departments, per se, are largely ignored by the fairly healthy, wealthy and wise who do not want to hear about their successes, against all odds, from underfunding to the ignoring (Note: I did not say ignorance) of, say, the current top ten:

    Alcohol-related harms. …
    Food safety. …
    Healthcare-associated infections. …
    Heart disease and stroke. …
    HIV. …
    Motor vehicle injuries. …
    Nutrition, physical activity and obesity. …
    Prescription drug overdose. …
    Teen Pregnancy. …
    Tobacco, smoking. …

    Each one of them is periodically headline fodder for the fickle press — most of them are considered a matter of personal choice, not of harm to the general public. (but they are, Blanche; they are) Some are age or gender-related, others are problems related to both ends of the economic spectrum. TB, for instance, is still very much with us and highly contagious … but largely under control thanks to your local PHD’s intervention in homelessness.

    All of us owe national debt to safety rules and regs that originated with PHD personnel. (grumble as we may) Number three covers vaccine information and distribution, by the way. Notably absent: lack of good information on what constitutes a “public.” (clue: who is not an island?)

    A quick (painless) history of (mostly) solved public health problems, most of them plaguing our parents and theirs:

    Part III: An update, in case you didn’t catch it — I didn’t, but then, there was already more than enough evidence from a year before …

    On August 23, 2021, FDA announced the first approval of a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty, for the prevention of COVID-19 in individuals 16 years of age and older.

  5. Is anyone else disturbed by the unprecedented nature of this vaccination campaign. I can not find historical examples of this sort of thing during the swine flu vaccination campaign, nor any previous vaccination campaign.

    Now here is a tweet from Chicago Mayor Lori Lighfoot.

    “Inconvenient by design”. Again, there is no previous vaccination campaign nor effort which had the purpose of making things “inconvenient by design” for the unvaccinated when it came to the swine flu vaccine nor any previous vaccine. Only this vaccine.

    There have been calls by people for hospitals to deny health care to people who did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Again, hospitals do not have a history of doing this with respect to other vaccines. I saw a tweet where one person argued that sex offenders are more worthy of getting hospital care than people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

    Others have demanded that health insurance companies either charge higher premiums for those unvaccinated from COVID-19, or deny coverage altogether. Again, health insurance companies do not do this with respect to the swine flu vaccine nor any other vaccine.

    Why is this vaccine so different?

    The only conclusion that I can draw is that this vaccine has become evil, and as such getting this vaccine is now formal cooperation with evil, and, as such, unethical.

    • This time it’s different, because the disease it’s purported to fight was politicized to an extreme degree to influence an election. Predictably, the panic and fear that was stoked in that effort has lasted well beyond it’s electoral usefulness, and now rages out of control among certain segments of the population.

      Our “leaders” refuse to acknowledge that much of the response to the pandemic has been driven by theatrics, politics, power grabs, and cronyism. So the only way forward is to make the vaccine a dividing line, hoping that the majority (vaccinated) will turn on the minority (unvaccinated) population, and blame them for the problems that have actually been caused or exacerbated by government policies. Historically, this sort of scapegoating always has a happy ending, doesn’t it?

    • The politicians played stupid political games and managed to induce a mass psychosis in the population of the entire world. They deliberately demonized all effective treatment options because they wanted Trump out of office and the pandemic was giving them ammunition to achieve that goal. Treatments undermined the narrative that the virus was raging out of control and it was all Trump’s fault.

      They demonized the vaccine for the exact same reason before the election, then turned around and embraced it once the election was won because they thought it would work. Unfortunately, the vaccine doesn’t work as a vaccine. It doesn’t stop you from catching or spreading the virus. The vaccines are mediocre prophylactic treatments with dangerous side effect profiles.

      All of the effective treatment options have been demonized, however, and a large swath of the public is still caught up in a mass psychosis, so the now elected government that induced the mass psychosis is screwed. They are harping on about the vaccines while they scramble to reformulate ivermectin and spin it as a “new” treatment option that they can take credit for. It is stupid, reckless, and entirely unethical.

      What they ought to do is get as many doses of monoclonal antibody treatments as they can and start running a campaign to have people take them the second they start feeling sick. They won’t do this, though, because Trump hyped the antibody treatments, DeSantis hyped the antibody treatments, and now antibody treatments are a right wing conspiracy theory blah blah blah.

      The democrats are letting people die because it is politically expedient. They are pushing the vaccines to be divisive and score political points and try to ride the dragon they summoned up. They are not riding it too well, though, so you get desperate tactics like this stupid propaganda video.

      • I found this tweet.

        According to these people, sex offenders receiving hospital care is okay.

        Drunk drivers who had hust killrd a family of four sre okay.

        Those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine should be denied hospital care.

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