And Now, A Christmas Eve IIPTDXTTNMIAFB Video!

[You watch this at your own risk, and if you go blind or your brain melts, you were warned.]

I was wishing and hoping that YouTube would post this, because yesterday it was only available on platforms that WordPress won’t embed. And behold! There it was this morning. Yet another Christmas miracle!

I blush to admit that I have a lot of experience with this kind of earnest, faux-cheery performing: I’ve performed, choreographed and directed such junk myself. Never in the past 30 years, and never with performers in their thirties, however. Kids were best: they can get away with it. This “Up With People” -style horror was annoying when it was in vogue, but now it can only be justified as camp. To see middle-aged adults like this is excruciating, or should be. (I couldn’t last the full 2+ minutes. I just couldn’t)

I also note:

  • Some of the group is maskless, and some are not. This makes no sense, but almost all of the anti-Wuhan measures make no sense.
  • Fact: you can’t sing effectively with a mask on. That’s why the soloists aren’t masked: they would sound muffled. If they can’t sing with masks, neither can the chorus.
  • Shouldn’t nurses wear medical-quality masks? Are those masks just for show? Why is Jill Biden not wearing a mask? Isn’t she a doctor?

4. They rhymed “laughter” with “rafter.” Most competent interpreters of the “Mame” standard with Jerry Herman’s worst couplet slip in an “s” to help him save face in Songwriter Heaven. Stephen Sondheim was smirking…

5. Can you imagine the mockery from TV comics and assorted Trump haters if President Trump and Melania had featured a bad dinner theater act like this? The pundits would be having a ball impugning the President’s square, uncool, pedestrian tastes, unlike his sainted predecessor, who had actual rappers and hip-hop stars accustomed to spouting words like “ho’s” and “nigga” as honored performers. You know. Cool.

IIPTDXTTNMIAFB, in case you’ve missed it, means“Imagine if President Trump did X that the news media is accepting from Biden.” To the extend the non-conservative media is mentioning this horror at all, it is in the “Republicans pounce!” vein: when conservatives screw up, that’s the story. When the media’s allies screw up, the mean Republican reaction is the story.


16 thoughts on “And Now, A Christmas Eve IIPTDXTTNMIAFB Video!

  1. A Christmas miracle! In comment on your post a couple of days ago about the cringey Jonas brothers video, I wished the streak, which already included the Kamala/NASA vid, would continue. Seeing the nurses perform for Dear Leader, Dim Ill Jo, more than served. Can I be a saint now?

    • 1. The President should not take any live calls.
      2. The guy on the phone was a jerk.
      3. Does Biden not know what that phrase means? His handlers are idiots.

      • #3: You would think it impossible, but there really doesn’t seem to be any indication at all that the phrase sparked one of Joe’s few remaining synapses. Could he truly be that in the dark, or have they told him it means “Let’s go Biden”?? Extraordinary!

        • I don’t know how else to handle it. I’m sure they pressed the dump button, and Biden responded as though he were unphased to move the segment along. He the caller got a rise out of him, it would along encourage other assholes.

          The clip is also too short, but the exchange seemed friendly enough that I can’t help but wonder if it was said teasingly without malice. The video may edit out critical context.

          • That’s possible, I suppose.. It seemed a very odd thing for a Biden fan to bring up, though, and if not, a departure from Biden’s typical faux tough guy combative response when challenged by a citizen. I would have expected at least a “C’mon man!”, but he didn’t seem to The caller could have kept things friendly until the ambush at the end. Maybe he was heavily coached to not make any type of petulant reaction, or they found the right combo of sedatives. We may never know.

            • Has there been any speculation about his hearing failing? It could be expected at his age.

              If true, it’s not an excuse; just another dangerous attempt at coverup.

  2. I hate to admit it, but for a bit there I was thinking that the first singer was Hilary Clinton. No doubt influenced by the previous post on the travails of our vice president. You can imagine my poor confused brain trying to grapple with that.

    And then to top it off, I saw this blond woman not in a nurse’s uniform and it took me a while to figure out who that was.

    This was not my finest minute. Perhaps it is the MSNBC audio I’m having to listen to in the background.

  3. You mentioned “Up with People” which engendered a memory. On a flight to Tel-Aviv with a layover in Paris, there were a group of Chasidic and an entourage of “UP WITH PEOPLE.” After the meal was served and the lights dimmed the UWP thought it was a good idea to “perform”. They arose and started their kumbaya message, prancing up and down the aisles. The short-skirted female members forced themselves on the laps of the Chasidim and other passengers. One, “Tiffany” tried to engage me. After I rebuked her she went on to harass other weary travelers. This, thankfully ended, when the Chasidim began to intone their Sabbath prayers.

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