Dusky Ethics, 1/5/2022: Of Capitol Punishment And Other Things

Yesterday was the anniversary of one of The Boston Strangler’s more audacious murders: Albert DeSalvo (right, above) raped and strangled Mary Sullivan in her Boston apartment, then left a card reading “Happy New Year” leaning against her foot. She was the 13th and last victim of the maniac who terrified the Boston area between 1962 and 1964. I had a near meeting with DeSalvo: in 1964, he knocked on the door of my family’s neighbors, the Morelands, one afternoon. I saw him; of course, I didn’t know who he was or why he was there. It turned out that he had the wrong address, and went to the street parallel to ours in Arlington, Mass. and murdered the woman who lived at the same house number.

DeSalvo was a serial maniac. In the late 1950s, he knocked on the doors of young women’s apartments, claiming to represent a modeling agency and telling them he needed to take their measurements. Then he fondled the women as he used his tape measure. Police called him “Measuring Man.” Next he broke into hundreds of apartments in New England, tying up the women and sexually assaulting them. He always wore green handyman clothes and became known as the “Green Man.” But “The Boston Strangler” was the name that stuck. DeSalvo avoided execution or even the full life sentence F. Lee Bailey negotiated for him. He was stabbed to death by an  inmate at Walpole State Prison after less  than a decade behind bars.

Richard Ramirez, aka.”The Night Stalker,” was, amazingly, worse than DeSalvo; last night I watched a documentary about his reign of terror in the ’80s. A Satanist, Ramirez murdered at least 15 people, committed burglaries and rapes, and sexually molested children. He remained defiant throughout his trial, and though he was sentenced to death, California’s endless appeals system kept him alive, at great taxpayer expense, long enough to perish of cancer after less than twenty years in prison.

Both DeSalvo and Ramirez are excellent examples of the kind of anti-social predators who warrant society having and using a death penalty to establish the ultimate punishment for those who have unequivocally forfeited their right to exist in civilized society. For people like them, capitol punishment is ethical. Allowing them to live on society’s dime is unethical, as well as unjust.

1. To lighten the mood, consider this public service spot by Hawaii’s Department of Health. “Keiki” is Hawaiian for “child.”

Yes, this is the level of awareness so many of our state bureaucracies exhibit. The thing was actually greenlighted. After it had been viewed many times, the video was pulled. “As soon as I saw it this morning, I thought, ‘Hey guys, let’s pull this,’ ” Brooks Baehr of Hawaii’s DOH told reporters. “The intentions were noble, but it was clearly not our best work.”

Boy, I hope it wasn’t their best work. With thinking like this going on in our health departments, no wonder the pandemic is still with us.

2. And speaking of Departments of Health, New York’s has has announced that race will be one of the factors determining who gets access to antiviral monoclonal treatments for the Wuhan virus and its variants.

The policy requires that distribution be based on findings that someone has “a medical condition or other factors that increase their risk for severe illness” with key “other factors” including the “risk factor” of being non-white. From the memo:

Non-white race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity should be considered a risk factor, as  longstanding systemic health and social inequities have contributed to an increased risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19.

Prof. Turley opines that the policy is DOA on Constitutional grounds when it is inevitably challenged. The measure’s ethics values are dead already. Democrats appear to be determined to institutionalize anti-white discrimination by sheer persistence, confident that the opposition such measures demand will be muted by critics’ fear of being labeled insufficiently “anti-racist.”

3. Prof. Turley’s usual restraint is obviously growing thin as the Biden Administration continues the “It isn’t what it is” narrative with the assistance of the mainstream media propaganda merchants. He was recently particularly contemptuous of Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s assertion, picked up and parroted by various pundits, that Joe’s first year as President was “scandal free,” writing,

Calling 2021 “scandal free” is not merely an example of blinkered commentary, it is an exercise of willful blindness…The only thing more impressive than the relentless coverage of Trump scandals in 2017 was the relentless avoidance of Biden scandals in 2020.  The media did give passing coverage to the host of Biden false claims and stories that range from saying that he was “arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela” to his evolving Amtrak claims to reinventing his positions on foreign wars like Afghanistan. There were also federal violations by Biden officials and allegations of improper presidential influence on pending investigations. However, when it came to scandals that could implicate the President in more serious misconduct (or contradict his past denials), the media was thoroughly uninterested. Consider just three of the Voldemort scandals of 2020, or those scandals which must not be named by the media:

The Hunter Biden Laptop: The successful effort to bury the Hunter Biden story is the single greatest political achievement in modern politics, but it took a concerted effort by reporters and columnists in Washington. What was most impressive is that the Biden campaign and family never denied that the laptop was authentic. The laptop details potential criminal acts by Hunter Biden from extensive drug use to hiring prostitutes to alleged financial and tax violations. It also included his admission that prior files were likely in the hands of foreign intelligence to use for blackmailing him and his father. There is also the “red flag” gun controversy involving Hunter Biden. Not only did social media companies blackout references to the laptop, but the media has steadfastly continued to refuse to pursue these potential criminal acts. The laptop was seized by the FBI in an ongoing federal investigation into possible tax and financial wrongdoing.

Biden Family Influence Peddling: Influence peddling has long been associated with the Biden family but only sparingly reported, even though both President Biden’s brothers Frank and James are accused of openly hawking their ties to him.  Hunter’s laptop added evidence of hundreds of emails on transactions by Hunter Biden, his uncle James Biden, and Joe Biden. The emails magnify earlier allegations that the Biden family engaged in open influence peddling when Joe Biden was Vice President with an assortment of foreign figures and countries. Some of those dealings continued into the Biden presidency. Hunter Biden admits that he was a hopeless drug addict well into his father’s presidential campaign. However, these foreign figures continued to give Hunter millions and Hunter openly assisted in their meetings with his father and linking up with Administration officials. One of the key figures in these dealings has claimed that he met personally with Joe Biden to discuss the deals.

These meetings and dinners directly contradict denials from President Biden, who is referred to extensively in emails concerning payments and meetings as “the Big Guy,” “Celtic,” and other names. President Biden appears to have had bills paid from out of these accounts and his shared card may have been used in some of the most dubious transactions. Some dealings have direct national security implications for the United States. Despite the ongoing federal investigation, there has been no call for a Special Counsel even though President Biden is referenced and potentially implicated in some of these transactions. Nevertheless, Hunter continues to rack in the dough by other means, including art deals that have been denounced as ethically corrupt.

The Ashley Biden Diary: The latest scandal involves the other first child, Ashley Biden.  Like her brother Hunter, Ashley has struggled with addiction and left her diary with some clothes in a house in Delray, Florida.  The diary was later sent to Project Veritas, a conservative publication which decided not to run the information. The contents of the diary, however, have been reported on other sites, including allegations against her father involving “inappropriate” contacts. As with the Hunter Biden laptop, the Biden family has not denied the authenticity of the diary or the underlying passages. It also did not sue the other conservative sites for defamation in publishing what they alleged to be passages from the diary. Instead, the family lawyers called upon the Justice Department to get involved the case of a missing diary. The Justice Department’s response was so overwhelming you would have thought that they were investigating the snatching of Lindbergh’s baby rather than Ashley’s diary.  It conducted raids on journalists and the seizure of confidential material around the country.

The media was not interested in the use of the FBI to launch a national investigation into the missing diary. Indeed, the raiding of the home of a conservative publisher was barely noted even though the New York Times could also have been raided on the same grounds as Project Veritas. The Times acquired confidential and presumably stolen legal material from Project Veritas and, unlike Project Veritas, published the presumably stolen information. However, the Biden Justice Department was only interested in cracking down on the acquisition or coverage of the Ashley Biden diary.

In reviewing these scandals, ask yourself what the media would have done with a diary from Ivanka Trump with these allegations or foreign influence peddling by the Trump children.

Nice summary! It sure would have been helpful if it didn’t appear on a law prof’s blog, but in a major mainstream news source that wasn’t considered “conservative.”

How did I miss the part about Joe’s influence-peddling brothers this long? Never mind, I know how: I subscribe to the New York Times.

4. And speaking of the Times, today it notes with thinly restrained pleasure that more than 700 arrests have come from last year’s Capitol riot: “As of this week, more than 225 people have been accused of attacking or interfering with the police that day. About 275 have been charged with what the government describes as the chief political crime on Jan. 6: obstructing Congress’s duty to certify the 2020 presidential vote count. A little over 300 people have been charged with petty crimes alone, mostly trespassing and disorderly conduct.”

This is a purely a partisan investigation and prosecution, drawn out for political gain. It is one political party using the power of government to criminalize dissent, and adopting special standards to do it. This isn’t healing the rifts in society and political discourse, it is exacerbating them. Tomorrow, the anniversary of the “insurrection” that has never been charged as such and never could be, in which the only individual killed was a rioter and which an inept response by authorities allowed to get out of control, will see more deliberate efforts to magnify an incident that was indistinguishable in motive and stupidity from the rioting that targeted Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017. “The resistance,” however, was behind that, and that meant it was good rioting.

“But a big question hangs over the prosecutions,” the story tells us. “Will the Justice Department move beyond charging the rioters themselves?” If it does—and I still can’t believe that the Administration could be that reckless– watch out. Eventually, those being persecuted will have no alternative but to fight back.

14 thoughts on “Dusky Ethics, 1/5/2022: Of Capitol Punishment And Other Things

    • Instead of Brando’s horror, I say the grammar, the grammar. “…attack by former President Trump’s supporters(.)” How about “attack by supporters of former President Trump.” And the word ‘former’ is completely gratuitous.

  1. “I still can’t believe that the Administration could be that reckless”

    Really?? Even after a year of reckless, irresponsible behavior like stoking irrational fears of COVID, yanking the military out of Afghanistan abruptly (leaving thousands of civilians in danger), demonizing unvaccinated people, intentionally refusing to secure the nation’s southern border, doubling down on fiscal policies that have caused massive inflation… Shall I go on? If there is one word, other than “incompetent”, that sums up the Biden administration’s first year, it’s “reckless”.

        • The kid-gloves treatment (to put it mildly) they’ve been afforded by the press has given them a sense of invulnerability. I’m sure the thinking is, “Hey, we covered up that laptop thing, didn’t we? We can do whatever we want!”

          I suspect such hubris will be richly rewarded with a desperately-needed wake-up call in November. The number of House Democrats who have announced they’re retiring from Congress this year is already 25, and it’s only January. The ship’s officers may not know what the water level in the lower decks is, but the rats know, and they’re starting to scramble to get off the boat.

          • It won’t be a wake up call. If the DNC gets shellacked (and there’s good reason to bet they won’t) there will be no media introspection.

            No, we’ll get to see 24/7 commentary on how republicans are the end of democracy at the tops of their lungs.

  2. Believe me, I am the first to agree with you that serial killers like those you reference deserve to be permanently removed from society and this world. I actually go a lot further and say that anyone who kills a first responder involved in the performance of his duties, or commits an act of terrorism in which death results, or who commits a murder for hire, and a host of other offenses should be eligible for the hot shot/the spike/whatever other means we choose to use.

    However, those who believe that the only death chamber in this country should be a mother’s uterus think otherwise and often take an activist approach to it. Like a lot of other ridiculous positions, i.e the concept of open borders, it has become an article of faith to those folks. Their position is bolstered by the fact that Pope Francis is opposed and a lot of the other industrial nations do not retain the death penalty, although abolition in Europe is partially because human rights became almost the highest priority after World War II. I wonder if he gets the numbers in the legislature, if Governor Youngkin will try to reinstate the death penalty in Virginia. He should. Those who push abortion say that those opposed should have to pay for The unwanted children that result when abortion is not available. I would turn that around and say that those opposed to the death penalty should be given an additional tax to pay for the upkeep of those prisoners deserving of execution who are not. I would call it the LARK tax – Liberals Assume Responsibility for Killers.💀⚰️

    1. I’m kind of surprised that got pulled. It perfectly encapsulates the thinking of the vaccine worshiping Dems. Nothing is as important as getting vaccinated and making sure everyone in your family is also. It’s a higher patriotic duty than voting or serving your country in wartime. 🤪😆

    2. I’m not surprised at this. This is just one more way for the race baiting and race pandering Democratic party 🟦to beat the populace about the face and chest 👊🏿🤛🏾🤛🏽until everyone folds and says “black lives matter” ✊🏿when they first get out of bed in the morning.

    3. No one cares if Turley’s patience is wearing thin. The fact is that the Biden family is headed towards exceeding the level of corruption typified by the House of Clinton and the Kennedy family. The Democratic party has exactly zero fucks to give about it. The fact is that Joe himself probably won’t live long enough to see any potential consequences, his administration will resist appointment of a special prosecutor as long as it can even if Congress flips next year (which the media is doing a dandy job of trying to prevent). If he does not continue in office after 2024, of course the Democratic party will start to bleat about moving ahead rather than backwards and of course the media will echo them until everyone is saying “let’s move on.”

    4. The exact opposite is true of the January 6th prosecutions. The Democratic party is looking to make a clear example and send a clear message to the other side, and that message is this: to our side alone belongs the right to riot, to destroy things, to kill, and even to overthrow the government in the name of our cause if the setting is right and we believe there is a significant enough reason to do so. This is because we are on the right side, and we represent freedom from oppression and also we represent fairness. Your side has no such rights because you represent oppression and racism, and if you dare try to take these rights for yourselves, we will use the same engine of government that we are willing to overthrow when it is to our benefit, to crush you and inflict the maximum penalty allowable. The message could also well be: this is just the beginning. Right now we are only targeting the rioters because that’s a good place to start. No one is going to really have a problem with them being locked up. The next step is we start locking up those behind them, and the next step is we lock up those who gave them the idea that this is somehow all right, and after that we start locking up those to spread misinformation and hate. We’re going to clean this country of wrong thinking. You can either sit down, shut up, do your part, and be left alone mostly, or you can share their fate. You have been warned, there will not be a second warning.

    • “You can either sit down, shut up, do your part, and be left alone mostly…”

      I think that message has lost a lot of it’s credibility over the last few years. They’ve shown that even if you shut up and go along, you will most certainly not be left alone. A lot of people are waking up to this fact and starting to fight back. A podcaster I regularly listen to just recently put words to a thought I’ve been having, summing it up succinctly as “the most dangerous man is one who wants to be left alone and realizes he won’t be”.

      The next decade or so is going to be a bit spicy, I fear.

      • “The next decade or so is going to be a bit spicy, I fear.”

        The Democrats are scared they’ll be on the losing end of ideological realignment. By the time 2030 rolls around there will be two new parties (probably still called Republican and Democrat), but their priorities and platforms will be distinctly revamped (while maintaining some components and values from the past). Their demographics will be noticeably different from the present day.

        Half of what they are doing in hyperbolic gestures today to ensure electoral success in 2024 is try to make sure the realignment doesn’t happen or at least is muted. And I wouldn’t put it past them to try anything to ensure single party rule in 2024.

  3. 4) I still remember the time during the Kavanaugh hearings when hundreds of leftist protestors swarmed the capitol – even occupying congressional offices in “sit-in” style protests. I remember no one in the media batting an eye at this. I wonder how it would have turned out if the police in that instance shown some resistance to the protestors?

    • If you have to ask that question, you haven’t been paying attention, and I know you have. Actually, Orrin Hatch’s security detail DID show some resistance to protestors who tried to prevent him from taking an elevator, in fact threatened to arrest them. The protestors got all huffy and how-dare-you. Guess whose side the media was on?

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