Farewell And Thanks To “Advice Goddess” Amy Alkon’s Blog

Tart, smart, funny and not wedded to any party or ideology, author and speaker Amy Alkon produced a blog that was a reliable source for commentary on ethics-related issues that I would otherwise have missed. Her method involved a few comments of her own sparked by long, long excerpts from articles by others that she quoted; I have an ethical problem with that technique, but I’ve adopted it occasionally myself.

Alkon announced that her January 1 post would be her last due to a packed schedule, which is great for her. I’ll miss Amy’s varied selection of issues and commentary, however, and the excellent links she provided.

Thanks, Amy.

You helped, and Ethics Alarms is grateful.

4 thoughts on “Farewell And Thanks To “Advice Goddess” Amy Alkon’s Blog

  1. It has been several years I bet since I read her blog. Same with Ampersand’s blog.

    The content on her blog was good, but the comment structure was not as good as here. It was difficult to follow replies to comments. Comment threads here are better. I think that may have contributed to my eventual lack of interest.


    • I check in on Ampersand now and then to remind myself of what a hard Left blog looks like. I still miss his comments here—he’s a smart and articulate guy. Of course, I haven’t commented at his place since he struck through all the words in my comment because I dared to question the reasoning of his followers.

      Amy didn’t have many commenters, perhaps because most chose to comment at the actual site with the long quotes she featured.

        • It must have, because I seldom saw more than a handful. Or maybe her posts that involved ethics didn’t attract much interest. THAT seems very possible.

          Oh, hell, let’s check…Her goodby post has attracted 78 comments, which figures. Then we have 6, 3, 6, 4, 3, 28, 1, 16, 3, 14, 23, 1, 6, 3,8, 6, 11, 1, 15, 4, 0, taking us back to the week before Christmas. I’d pick a different year but she doesn’t seem to have any archives.

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