Comment Of The Day: “Bias Also Makes Philosophers Stupid”

Cornell associate professor of philosophy Kate Manne, decided to employ the disciplines of philosophy to rationalize why she didn’t want to diet any more, calling the urge to lose weight “immoral.” Is it unethical to misuse ethical principles for selfish ends, making trusting readers less informed in the process? I think so.

Commenter Isaac submitted this Comment of the Day to register his objections to her arguments, as he examined the post, “Bias Also Makes Philosophers Stupid” [that’s reality TV star Tammy Slaten above with her boyfriend, who likes her just the way she is…]


This part is unforgivable and exposes a tainted, delusional worldview:

“patriarchal forces — the forces that tell girls and women in particular to be small, meek, slight, slim and quiet…”

Let’s break down what the “patriarchy” is supposedly demanding of girls, according to the lens through which people indoctrinated like this see the world:

1. “Small” – Women are smaller than men, across the board. Is biology a patriarchal system? Is she saying that by ballooning out into an obese woman, she will achieve equality with taller men and their more dense body structures? Or is she just saying that the patriarchy demands healthy women? (Historically, that’s not even true, if old European paintings have taught me anything.) But even if it were true that the patriarchy desires fit women, survival in a state of nature also demands a healthy body. If anything, “patriarchal” structures (like agriculture and cities) have made it possible for obese people to even exist in the first place. In some utopian feminist treehouse-jungle, fat women would just be eaten by tigers.

This is even dumber when you consider that NOBODY likes, wants, or respects a fat man. As if the patriarchy loves fat dudes but not fat women. She’s already veered into insanity, and it’s just getting started.

2. “Meek” – This is also a product of biology, not culture. Men have higher levels of testosterone, which means they generally take more risks, are louder, more aggressive, and act out more physically, compared to women. If women were as aggressive as men but with otherwise the same biology, they would be getting themselves killed in violent confrontations with men at obscene rates throughout history. It’s not likely that the demographic balance between men and women would even be sustainable that way, which means over time women would just go back to being largely “meek” again, as less aggressive women would outlast more aggressive ones. Instead of celebrating the unique qualities of women, this philosopher thinks that it’s unfair that women aren’t just…men.

3. “Slight” – Again, this is just a biology problem. She is raging against nature. Adding more fat onto your bones doesn’t make you less “slight” really. She would still probably shorter and lighter than any man with similar percentages of body fat. Gaining 200 pounds doesn’t defeat the “patriarchy” here.

4. “Slim” – Men do generally (not always) prefer women who are not morbidly obese. But women also prefer healthy men. Men and women both have more respect for healthy, tall, and attractive males, and this is reflected in business hierarchies, mating preferences, and even incomes. There’s literally no gender disparity here. She’s just so self-obsessed and egotistical that she can’t acknowledge that men face the same problems she does. If people disrespect her for being fat, she sees this as a sexist problem for some insane reason, and not a “being fat” problem, even though fat men have it just as bad or worse.

5. “Quiet” – See number 2 above. Yes, calm and rational women are more desirable than loud and abrasive women. This goes for men too in many cases, but there are exceptions for males because men are biologically the more aggressive half of the species. In a state of nature, adult men do most of the risk taking, food-hunting, tribe-defending, house-building, fighting, and dying. They don’t need or want screaming, argumentative mates for the same reason they don’t need women to fight in wars for them. Obviously, a lot of this is mitigated when men set up nations with police forces, farms, governments, cities, and laws that make fighting and hunting for food less necessary. But the biology of the species doesn’t change, and it’s not because there’s some evil patriarchy calling the shots.

This should be common sense, and educated persons shouldn’t need to be told these things. But here is an educated “philosopher” who thinks that women are generally more gentle, smaller, and less aggressive than men…because the patriarchy “tells” young girls to be this way. It’s just nuts, and it’s all held together, ironically, because educated men will do anything to appease their female and feminist colleagues, even when they KNOW it’s nuts.

12 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Bias Also Makes Philosophers Stupid”

  1. They don’t need or want screaming, argumentative mates for the same reason they don’t need women to fight in wars for them.

    Besides, why would women even want to behave that way, when an icy “No, I’m FINE” is so much more effective? 😉

    As I prepare to duck accusations of paternalism, let me say that this is a most worthy COTD.

    • You patriarchy supporting jerk! And while you’re at it, I always thought the death glare was better than “No I’m FINE” anyway. Meek and quiet, and displaying maximum anger, all in one tiny action.

      “Instead of celebrating the unique qualities of women, this philosopher thinks that it is unfair that women aren’t just…men” is probably the most COTD worthy comment of this piece and describes modern feminism to a T as well as the trans lobby. Men and women are different. We work differently. It truly isn’t a matter of plumbing alone, but throughout our entire bodies. Men and women think differently even. There have been plenty of supporting studies on this, if common sense didn’t tell us this already. This doesn’t make one better than the other. My husband and I think about the same problem, get to the same conclusions, and take totally different routes to get there. Does that make him superior to me or me to him? Absolutely not. This “feminist” crap pushes feminism so far down the cognitive dissonance scale that “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” starts sounding good.

    • I think that particular point is actually debatable. I have observed that a large percentage of people of both sexes, at least in my age cohort, actually crave drama and screaming in their romantic relationships, and get bored with people who do not supply it.

      I agree, however, that it is a worthy COTD. Biology cannot be eradicated by simply ignoring it or pretending it doesn’t exist.

  2. Redraw the balance, right? You know how low the percentage of female FFs and fighter pilots are? The FDNY is .5% women. The USN has about 4% female fighter pilots and RIOs (back-seat types),, the USAF 2% female fighter and bomber pilots, and the USMC just 1%. This is for a reason – like pulling 5-7 Gs on turns, like landing, like other maneuvers that are hard on the body. A combat pilot has to be somewhat of a superhuman, and not everyone is going to reach that level.

    • My husband, another faithful EA reader, infrequent commenter, is a retired nurse. While he was in the Army all the doctors our 3 year old son knew were women and all the nurses were men. The first day our son met a doctor who was a man his response was, “Men are nurses, ladies are doctors.”

      It was our son’s life experience. With women making up small portions of firefighters, jet pilots, etc., it’s not unusual that is the life experience of the children. I’ve always found it interesting that the push is often to present women in “non-traditional” jobs, but not men. Where was the male primary school teacher?

      • In jail for molesting a child? All silliness aside, it works the same with occuptions as it does with books, tv shows, or toys. Crossover goes only one way: female to male. For a male to want to go the other way is considered a loss of male status. It’s ok for a girl to read Treasure Island or The Three Musketeers, but if a boy dares pick up “Little Women” or “Anne of Green Gables,” he can expect to be abused and tarred as a “faggot.”

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