How The News Media Deliberately Escalates Racial Discord…A Smoking Gun [Updated]

Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias!

This morning, Headline News devoted almost ten minutes to this earth-shattering event: in a basketball game a week ago between Laguna Hills High School and Portola High School, a single student in the stands shouted racial insults at Makai Brown, a black player for Portola, as he was shooting free throws. The HLN hostess announced the video of the section where the asshole student could be heard with a warning that I would expect for a decapitation video, or a geek eating live kittens.

“It is very disturbing,” she said. Yes, this spectator shouted “Who let him out of his cage? He’s a monkey!” and “Where is his slave owner? Chain him up! Who let him off the chains?” The student should have been forcibly shut up, or ejected. Would “High School Faculty Neglects To Eject Misbehaving Student from Gymnasium” normally rate national headlines?

Then Makai and his family, looking like they were in mourning, were featured, from last night’s appearance with CNN’s Don Lemon (of course!) with the abused student saying that he was at first shocked when he saw the video. That’s right, he didn’t even hear the shouted slurs. So everyone made sure he did. Upon reflection, he said, he shouldn’t have been surprised, because “this happens all the time, everywhere in the country.”

No, Makai, it doesn’t. If it happened all the time, everywhere, HLN wouldn’t be hyping the incident now, would they? In fact, this almost never happens, and when it does, it is almost always a single moron doing it.

I have attended many, many sporting events, including those in Boston, which has always had racial tensions, and Baltimore, which is still in many ways an old Southern city. I have heard a spectator make a racist remark exactly once, and it was, like in this case, a single asshole, shouting racial epithets at Red Sox outfielder Reggie Smith. (Reggie has been retired for 40 years.) Yes, there are assholes in the United States. There always will be. Some of them go out of their way to denigrate minorities.

And some of them intentionally try to convince the public, and especially black kids, that such assholes are more than an unavoidable aberration that does not make this a racist nation.

7 thoughts on “How The News Media Deliberately Escalates Racial Discord…A Smoking Gun [Updated]

  1. Well, now that the word is out that COVID was the bioweapons equivalent of a nuclear fizzle, and almost nobody wants to continue getting the jab (part 2 of the bioweapons equivalent of a binary chemical weapon), it’s time to pull out that tired old canard again: “White Americans are all RACISTS !” Best to keep us peasants looking elsewhere while they bring the greatest heist/ extermination plan in the history of the planet to fruition, IF they can (which I doubt).

    • It sometimes feels like the Left wants to gradually push and push and push until something breaks and gets generally violent. I don’t know if this is because they think they’ll win a sort of civil war or if they are just reasonably confident that any solution to a civil war will likely be an even more intensive government and they know how to make sure an intensive government works on their behalf.

      I don’t know.

      But it just seems like they want someone to throw the first punch.

      I don’t know, but if the wild Leftist swing they are engaging in does result in a bloody reaction in a decade or so – I think there will be *alot* of ordinarily decent Americans who won’t shrug when those acting in reaction take out their frustrations in the scariest possible way against those in the media they think helped push America to the brink.

      • It has commenced, I believe.

        Each day, we are now watching the bloody harvest of the seeds sown in the BLM/Antifa “War On Cops”.

          • “But it just seems like they want someone to throw the first punch.”

            Twenty-five officers gunned down in the first 27 days of this year. ALL thanks to a narrative advanced by media lies. The implied sanctioning of murder became “de rigueur” for the far left activists, now the criminal element, that they enable, is now complying.

            The first punch has been thrown. The backlash that you predict is inevitable, I agree.

  2. AND this is why we all need to stand together in LOVE and kindness and BLOW UP their desperate attempts to sow discord in and with us.

    Yes there’s a reason. We may not know all the players, though many are being outed (and of course those outing them called Conspiracy Theorists… yada yada, so old… and despite many intelligent people falling for the lies of the Plandemic… the truth is coming out globally.

    And we WILL overcome. Even if they do this crap to keep trying to divide us.

    I am thrilled to see so many speaking up about the LIES they are perpetuating from Racism to the “pandemic” – now that we know they lied about deaths and are not treating people correctly in our country actually killing people who would not have otherwise died (like 2 of my friends this week) – it hopefully soon stops.

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