“Equity Snowplowing” May Be On Its Way To Boston

This may represent The Great Stupid at its zenith. That’s good news, right? Maybe it can’t get any worse from here. Maybe this means the fever is about to break.

In my old home town (sort of) of Boston, Massachusetts, they were expecting about three feet of snow yesterday. Mayor Michelle Wu, a wildly left wing fanatic who became the celebrated first Asian-American female mayor of the city, thus embodying the Joe Biden Progressive Theory of Merit: race and gender is all you need to be qualified, has signaled that the eternal Boston snow problem might be solved because Tiffany Chu will be her new chief of staff.

Chu is an advocate of “equity snowplowing,” another terrible off-shoot of the court-driven concept of “disparate impact.” She explains her passion this way:

It’s about snow-clearing and if the concept of snow-clearing can be sexist and the answer is, yes, wholeheartedly! In 2012 a number of cities in Sweden adopted a gender-equal plowing strategy where, actually, first pedestrian cycle lanes were cleared, especially near schools and day-care centers and then later on major streets. What they discovered was that [the previous] societal practice actually disadvantaged women because they were the ones who were more likely to walk and travel with children while men who are predominantly working and commuting benefited from those major corridors being plowed first. There was actually a gender equity panel or committee in Sweden where they did some data analysis and discovered that 79% of the pedestrian injuries had occurred during winter. Of that 79%, 69% were women, two-thirds of which were individuals slipping on ice.”

Do I really have to comment on something this self-evidently idiotic and irresponsible? Sidney Wang (above) isn’t enough? Oh, all right…


1. Plowing the streets and highways as the first priority after a snow storm benefits everyone in a city, and pretty equally too. Citizens need to get to work safely. Accidents kill people, and devastate families, even, believe it or not, when those nasty ol’ men die. Emergency vehicles need a clear path to save other citizens, who include women and children.

2. Do they have fire fighter bicycles and police bicycles in Sweden? Maybe so: I don’t care. One of the many flourishing delusions of the Woke—Bernie Sanders is a notable sufferer—is that if the small Scandinavian nations do something, it must be smart.

3. Why would you plow schools first in a blizzard? That might make sense in Sweden, when walking to school through huge snowdrifts is a right of passage, but here in Virginia and D.C., they close schools at mere rumors of flurries. Even in Boston, three feet of snow means a snow day. Besides, Zoom works so well!

4. You don’t want to encourage people to ride bicycles on ice. Plowing bicycle paths and lanes first will lead to more accidents.

5. Wait…women don’t drive to work? They are less coordinated than men? What kind of feminist is Ms. Chu? Or maybe just Swedish women are non-working klutzes. If women are falling on snow and ice more than men, my guess is that it’s the heels they are wearing. That kind of “disparate impact” is exactly what makes the theory a Great Stupid classic. Better to stop a policy that is a net positive to society than to ask people to reduce their own risky behavior and habits, Good plan!

6. Chu graduated from MIT. When did MIT start graduating people who said “actually” that much? Or who can’t figure out that a Swedish study is useless when it obviously is?

7. Chu doesn’t mention it in her “explanation,” but I suspect part of her enthusiasm for “equity plowing” is that delaying the deployment of gas-powered vehicles on the roads is deemed another symbolic (but ineffective) anti-climate change measure. Or am I being too cynical? After all, the only arrows in the metaphorical quivers of the Woke are race, gender, and climate change. Tiffany seems to me to be an unlikely candidate for being satisfied with only two out of three.


Pointer and Source: The Boston Herald

13 thoughts on ““Equity Snowplowing” May Be On Its Way To Boston

  1. I have heard of the concept of the “fire bike” which originated, I think, in the Far East (you’re still allowed to say that, right?) and has spread to Europe. However, those are motorcycles, not bicycles, equipped with fire extinguishers and first aid kits, designed to move through congested traffic in case it is so congested that larger vehicles are delayed. They are also used for community outreach to the motorcyclist community to promote safety awareness, since bikers account for a huge percentage of accidents and fatalities (speaking of disparate impact). However, these are not used in the US. The concept of using bicycles for any kind of fire/rescue, except maybe for providing first aid in parks, etc., which the police already do, is absurd.

    Know what else is absurd? This so-called equity snowplowing. As you point out, in Scandinavia snow, and lots of it, is a way of life. Not as much in the US, where snow days and states of emergency are still a thing, even in New England. It also reflects a failure to grasp the recent advances in technology forced by this pandemic and misplaced priorities. If kids can’t get to school, that’s what zoom is for, as you pointed out, or are we suddenly in a hurry to get the schools open on snow days after two years of foot-dragging and resistance to opening by the teachers’ unions?

    These women are both idiots, just the latest exemplars of what happens when cities become so partisan that they will elect a pile of crap if it has a D next to it. It gave us DeBlasio, and we all know how that worked out, it gave us Ted Wheeler and Jenny Durkan (who’s thankfully now out of office), it gave us Ray Nagin in New Orleans (remember him?) and now it’s given us this administration, that’s clearly in over its head. But hey, at least we got some melanin and estrogen out of the deal, and that’s what’s really important, right?

    Wrong. That’s where this country and the world have gone wrong. The idea of giving qualified women and people of color a chance to succeed that they had not been given was one thing. Now it’s become about making every public body, every corporate boardroom, every place which has even a smidgen of power, contain all colors, no matter whether the individuals are qualified or not. Actually, that’s a lie.
    The women and people of color don’t want A seat at the table anymore. They want YOUR seat. It’s ok for these places to be a single color if the single color they are is other that white. It’s perfectly OK for cities to have administrations that look like the government of Nigeria or Kenya, or of some Central American banana republic. It’s perfectly ok to demonize white men and create the doublethink that they are simultaneously brutal tyrants, master manipulators, and clueless oafs with nothing but raping any woman or killing any POC who comes within reach on their minds if they are under 35, nothing but ways to shaft those people on their minds if they are over. No white man ever came up with a good idea, and if one did, either he stole it from a woman or a POC (like Jo Anderson) or it was only good until a woman or POC came up with a better one (Lewis Latimer).

      • Probably – the first snowplows came into use in Milwaukee in1862, although one of the first patents for a scrape-and-scoop model was granted to a woman named Lydia Fairweather in 1889.

  2. Nowhere is elevating bikes/biking to demi-god status approached quite so completely as in The 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality.

    Here, that the bike path/lane/trail/boulevard/bridge system is cleared of snow well before most city streets is a given, one not to be questioned by spandex deficient misanthropes

    Occasionally, local heretics will question this BIKIE-CENTRIC approach (HERE and HERE)), but their voices are soon drowned out by the growing drumbeat of Laissez-Faire La Lycra.

    The burning question they can’t/won’t answer: How does a bike makes its way through unplowed streets to the CLEAR_AS_A_SUMMER’S_DAY bike paths?

  3. A friend who read about this ongoing idiocy said, “It’s like a mental fungus is spreading.”
    Wonder when the vaccine against THAT will be mandated?

  4. One does have to wonder — do they have miniature snow plows to plow the bike lanes? Does it take an army of men (women?) with shovels? Perhaps all those women who slip in the snow should be issued boots and shovels….

    Also, here there are bike lanes at the side of most secondary roads through town. So if they plow the street, the bike lane could (don’t know if it actually is) be plowed at the same time — and using real snow plows.

  5. Tiffany Chu’s “equity snowplowing” is definitely some crazy magical thinking from the great stupid!

    Magical Thinking: is a kind of irrational thinking that causes a person to completely reject critical thinking and replace it with absurd reasoning because their bias tells them it’s true. The kind of reasoning that when an person thinks a thought, any thought, then that thought is automatically considered logical and should be presented as truth and if by chance they can find something (anything) in print, digital, or video that agrees with them, then it’s considered absolute fact.

    When is the political left going to drag itself out of “The Great Stupid”?

    Along similar lines of questioning, a friend asked a question yesterday on his blog, “When will Democrats un-crazy?”; here’s my response.

    Here are some givens as I see them…
    1. All “progressives” are currently Democrats but not all Democrats are “progressives”.

    2. Modern day 21st century “progressives” are fascists, socialists, communists and Marxists; “progressives” are totalitarians.

    3. The Democratic Party accepts progressives into their fold with open arms.

    4. Progressives are in near total control of the Democratic Party.

    5. Progressives are in near total control of the direction of the Democratic Party.

    6. Progressives are in near total control of the Democratic Party’s lapdog propaganda media machine.

    7. Progressives are the “crazy” ones in the Democratic Party not your run-of-the-mill classic liberals.

    8. It is in the very nature of a “progressive” to constantly push well beyond what is socially considered to be the status quo. Progressives cannot accept what is, they must change it; in other words, they are in favor of change for the sake of change and that’s what makes them “crazy”.

    9. Progressives will NEVER uncrazy.

    We must remember that the 21st century “progressive” dominated political left, there are four tenants of “truth”…

    1. The left is right.
    2. The right is wrong.
    3. Wrong is evil.
    4. Evil must to be destroyed.

    …that’s the dead end of the 21st century political left’s critical thinking, that’s what their leadership across the USA is projecting to the public and that’s what the Democrats expect the public to unquestionably believe.

    Yes this is all kinda “crazy”.

    All things considered; until the Democratic Party actually rejects and ejects “progressives” from their fold, they will never “uncrazy”.

    Something struck me this morning, all these seemingly crazy things that people are doing and saying as part of “the great stupid” are show us a terrible social/cultural anti-intellectual trend that there are a lot of people that have completely rejected critical thinking and logic and they have been brainwashed into thinking that their craziness is the preferred path forward for our politics, society, culture and our country and unfortunately they have convinced a huge swath of our population to swallow this craziness as acceptable. It’s as if there are a bunch of irrational immature adolescents out there rebelling against the status quo and immaturity has become politically correct. These crazy stupid people have gained political power because those of us that don’t reject critical thinking and logic have allowed the crazy to rise.

    When you have one stupid person ranting in public it’s easy for the public to shrug it off and explain it away to others as “it’s just a wacko”, but what happens when that wacko’s rantings become mainstream and there are hordes of stupid people publicly parroting the same irrational emotionally driven nonsense?

    Chaos ensues.

    Apathy fertilizes a breeding ground for stupidity. The non-crazy in this country that oppose the great stupid need to rise up in a forceful manner. We need to take some inspiring words to heart and allow them to drive us to action. Presidential candidate Barack Obama used the following words to fire up all this “progressive” lunacy, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”, why shouldn’t the people that haven’t rejected critical thinking and logic be inspired by those words?

    If we as a country don’t want to live under irrational rules created by stupid people then we all need to set aside apathy, set aside any fear of speaking out and stand up for intelligent truths and speak against what’s happening!

    Sure we can reject crazy and reject the great stupid but to accomplish any change we must first reject apathy and take a stand.

  6. “Equity snowplowing”? Well, did they ask the snow if it wanted to be plowed? What does snow care about high heels, roads, and bicycles?

    Maybe, just maybe, the snow just wants to be left alone in its native state, undisturbed by human intereference, living its temporal existence as has for millennia before human arrogance had other ideas.


  7. If they want to reevaluate their plan for plowing, that’s fine. They’d better include more factors than just gender, though, or they’re incompetent. This is primarily a scarcity and disaster issue, not a battle of the sexes.

    Speaking as someone who has no practical experience with city planning whatsoever, here’s how I’d break the situation down:

    1. You’ve got finite resources at any given time: machines to clear snow from roads and paths, and people who operate those machines.

    2. The goal is that regular people be able to use these roads and paths. So what purposes do they use them for? How many people use the paths at each time of day? That influences where to plow first. Then there’s the traveling salesman problem: How do you minimize the amount of travel time while visiting every location? Adding a priority to each area makes the problem a bit more complicated.

    (Yes, we should make sure sexism-by-apathy doesn’t show up in the form of discounting people’s needs. We still have to balance it against all the other logistics, and if some people’s paths and purposes end up last priority, then we have to ask whether it’s worth a larger investment so they can be served sooner. It very well might be.)

    3. What are the risks and consequences of an unplowed road or path? Car crashes generally cause a lot more problems than people falling down (greater potential for injury; holding up traffic), but we also need to look at how easy it is to prepare a car versus a person for traveling safely on unplowed thoroughfares. Can we expect all the cars to have winter tires? Can we expect all the people to have spiked boots to avoid slipping?

    In theory, the takeaway is that we should prioritize plowing roads and paths that are a) about to be used by many people, b) have larger logistical consequences for society if people can’t use them safely or easily, and c) are most dangerous.

    That’s not the brilliant part; that’s just obvious. The brilliant part is that we can start talking about other ways to address those points besides just rearranging the plows we already have. We could increase the plowing budget if we care that much. (That’s investment.) We could gear up to traverse unplowed areas safely. (Anyone remember when snow-shoes were a thing? That’s preparation.) We could get creative about how we travel. (Cross-country skiing to work, anyone?)

    We can design infrastructure with the idea that sometimes it’ll be covered in snow. Right now we use cheap, mass-produced infrastructure which requires specific conditions in order to work. It’s optimized for cost-efficiency, but not so much anything else. (Not even repairs or upgrades.) We can redesign our lives and jobs so that we’re less reliant on being able to be anywhere in the city in half an hour on any given day.

    The reason this planet is so mediocre compared to what it could be is that humans don’t think about these things. They don’t have these conversations with each other. They don’t know how simple and effective things can be once you start thinking in the right directions. And their “leaders” and their “media” certainly don’t promote innovation, initiative, or collaborative problem-solving as communities. (Decency forbid the solution involves anything other than enacting a law to make the problem go away.)

    I’ll have to change that, because I want to see what Earth can be like when people practice those skills, and I want to learn how to be part of that world, too.

  8. I couldn’t help but notice that a plan to specifically prioritize women is described as gender-equal. Words truly don’t mean what they mean.

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