Ethics Hero: Luke Bunting ’22, Editor-in-Chief Of The Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy

The battle over the punishment of Illya Shapiro for WrongThink—Imagine, he actually thinks excluding outstanding Supreme Court candidates by using racial and gender discrimination is unwise!—continues.

Luke Bunting, a 3L at Georgetown University Law Center who also edits one its journals, is stepping up where the GULC faculty has failed miserably. Echoing the legal academics and scholars across the country who have signed an open letter protesting the Law Center’s Dean, William Treanor’s effort to ingratiate the school with the censorious Woke and the race-baiting mob, Bunting has authored a similar letter for GULC alumni to sign. It reads,

Dear Dean Treanor:

As alumni of Georgetown Law, we regret the necessity of writing to you to express our deep disappointment.  We join with prominent law professors from across the country and across the political spectrum to condemn the targeting of a member of the Georgetown faculty for his speech.  

Investigating, suspending, or administering any type of discipline to faculty members who express ideas on significant questions of public policy threatens and undermines respect for free speech on campus and violates the Law Center’s policies on academic freedom.  It is antithetical to the tradition of rigorous debate in pursuit of academic excellence which we as Georgetown alumni hold dear.  

These practices are also antithetical to the work of a serious academic institution.  They do not prepare law students to be lawyers capable of appropriately working with colleagues with whom they disagree, and they certainly do not foster an environment where students, faculty, and staff are free to learn.  

We urge you to rescind Professor Ilya Shapiro’s administrative leave and conclude any administrative investigation immediately. 

Needless to say, I signed it last night. If you are a GULC grad, you can sign yourself here. If you know a GULC grad, please pass it along.

This is a courageous move by Bunting. I have watched my old law school, where I had a great time, met some of my all-time favorite people, got my first job, raised funds, and most of all, put on theatrical productions, turn blindly, intolerantly left, to the point where it appears openly hostile to any non-conforming free thinker. As Treanor’s conduct shows in this episode and others, no dissident or contrarian can confidently feel that there will not be social, academic and professional consequences of independent thought at Georgetown University Law Center.

One thought on “Ethics Hero: Luke Bunting ’22, Editor-in-Chief Of The Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy

  1. Freedom is not a perennial. It has to be continually replanted year after year, else it will snuffed out by the tyrannical forces that continually seek its destruction. Once we stop replanting the seeds of freedom, the descent of our institutions into totalitarianism is inevitable.

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