Update: “Introducing The ‘Technologically Inept Adjunct Professor With Politically Incorrect Opinions Principle’”

The adjunct professor discussed in the previous post has indeed been fired, and the white, male professor who nodded once on the Zoom recording has been placed on leave. From the Georgetown Law Center (my alma mater and former employer) administration:

GULC profs


1. Well that didn’t take long! See? Schools can fire teachers without investigations, if they really want to.

2. Ex-professor Sellers is really slow on the uptake. Why didn’t she resign before she was fired? She’s incompetent even at getting fired!

3. I do not see that GULC had much choice. But it has managed to look as though the Black Law Students Association is pulling its strings. That is unwise, but I’m sure BALSA is thrilled.

4. Wow…Prof. Batson is being punished just for listening, in a private conversation. Maybe he knows Sellers, and knows what she meant. Or he decided that, knowing she is not a racist, he should just let her vent, since the discussion was (he thought) private.

5. Ethics Alarms often discusses the ethical duty to confront. Is Dean Trainor presuming there is such a duty in this kind of situation? Is “bystander responsibility” now an employment requirement? Wouldn’t that be “compelled speech”?

6. What would have happened if the exact same discussion had taken place, except with a black adjunct in the place of Sellers?

9 thoughts on “Update: “Introducing The ‘Technologically Inept Adjunct Professor With Politically Incorrect Opinions Principle’”

  1. Do we know what DID happen to cause this supposedly private conversation to come to the attention of the school at large?

    Who blabbed?

    • It appears the video was uploaded and visible to students through some kind of online classroom taught jointly by both teachers. The 43 second portion shared on Twitter seems to be a student’s cellphone recording of a video playing on a computer screen.

      My guess is this was a live virtual class that didn’t get the recording stopped after dismissing students, then captured the teachers talking shop after class.

      • Then they deserve it for being incompetent enough to not be sure this was a genuinely private conversation. Talking shop needs to take place in a separate Zoom designed for that purpose at which no students should have access.

        People have got to get a handle on videoconferencing asap. Otherwise, we’re going to have more kindergarten teachers flipping off concerned parents in front of kids.

  2. Let’s call this what it is: “The Keep Your Mouth Shut at All Times and Don’t You Dare Rock the Boat–We’ve Capitulated” Principle.

    Cue “The Bridge Over the River Kwai” clip.

  3. Jack: “Why didn’t she resign before she was fired? She’s incompetent even at getting fired!”

    I disagree. You resign and you let them off the hook. You make them fire you and they have no control over what comes next.

    Whether it be a wrongful termination suit, an unemployment benefit proceeding, etc., let them place this matter in issue. Hell, by today’s standards on the Left, she is a whistleblower.

    Let Georgetown get a whiff that she may be complaining that there is a culture at that Law School that teachers have to treat black students differently to pass failing students along. If she is observing something demonstrable, classes that she observed and taught, she might be able to show that there is a percentage of black students that were admitted even though they were unqualified to be at that Law School (I won’t say any Law School because that would be going a little far). If she can show it, put it out there is that there is an implicit condition that blacks will be treated differently than white students in the same position. In other words, the implicit policy of Georgetown is to violate Federal Civil Rights Laws.

    At this point, she has nothing to lose.


  4. Funnily enough, if Sellers were an actual racist, she would still have her job. It wouldn’t have “drove her crazy” that Blacks were at the bottom of her class. She would have expected it.

  5. What protects Jonathan Turley from being run out of GW for any number of pieces he’s published that are not orthodox lefty cant that can be deemed “hurtful” to GW “students of color” or even standard issue little lefty storm troopers and brown shirts? Shouldn’t Professor Turley just stop publishing pieces? Perhaps he’s even, gasp, appeared on television and spouted his abhorrent views? There are probably digital copies of his lectures out there! Better shut up, Jon Boy.

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