Is This Real? I Hope It’s A Hoax. I Fear It Is Not…[UPDATED]

So far, the story is only on Tik-Tok, and I don’t trust Tik-Tok. In a video you can see here (I can’t figure out how to embed non-YouTube videos), a group of little children at an unnamed D.C. school can be heard chanting “Black Lives Matter” while marching around holding BLM signs.

It’s a chilling scene: tiny kids wearing masks being subjected to school indoctrination. Is it a private school? Constitutionally, that makes a difference; ethically, it makes no difference at all.

Given that this is the Ditsrict, and that more than one school class in other locals were taught to sing songs extolling Barack Obama, I will not be shocked to find that this chilling scene is real.

UPDATE: Sharp-eyed reader/sleuth Edward spotted “Lowell School” in the video, so we know that this is taken at a real private school in the District. [] It still could be faked: the soundtrack could have been added.

Maybe they really were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!”

11 thoughts on “Is This Real? I Hope It’s A Hoax. I Fear It Is Not…[UPDATED]

  1. If you look closely at the video you can see lowellschooldc.
    I don’t have a FB account (or Twitter, etc) as I’ve made it clear in past comments how much I dislike them. Anyway, here is the video – you can click the “share” button for the video link I think; since I don’t have a FB account it just gives me the login pop-up.

    SOUND ON to hear our Pre-Primary friends raise their voices. Inspired by what they have learned during #BlackLivesMatteratSchool Week, students asked to create signs and march to show their support.
    #blacklivesmatter #protest #preprimary #lowellschooldc

    On their web page:
    Lowell School is a private PK-8th grade school located in NW Washington, DC. At Lowell students gain the knowledge, skills, and social-emotional literacy to be the bold leaders and creative problem solvers our world needs.

    So, it’s a private school.

  2. Touché!
    (You realize, of course, that your response isn’t helping me to become the Better Person that I could/should be)

  3. I can tell you having a middle school boy that it is a hostile environment for males even at private schools and the damage that these women (primarly women in education) are doing is lasting and backfiring, he has no trust in most women due his perception of their constant changing minds and rules at school run by mostly women.

    • Steve, may I inquire about where your son’s school is located? If he’s attending private school, I would hope that there would be an alternative to a BLM curriculum. If not, it’s good that he doesn’t trust his teachers; I hope he has a good mom to help him differentiate teachers from women.

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