Ethics Hero (“Socking It To Georgetown University” Div.) #1: Student Jessica Costescu

No weenie she.

Costescu is a junior at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and the president of the Network of Enlightened Women chapter on campus. Her parents fled communism in Romania. She has been shocked and disturbed by the growing hostility to free speech, and indeed to freedom itself, that she has encountered at what is supposed to be an elite and distinguished institution of high learning in our nation’s capital.

As a vocal conservative, she has been threatened “so much so that [she] now fear[s] to speak freely and voice [her] conservative beliefs.” She reports that she has been cyber-bullied by other students “in such a menacing way” that she is “afraid to engage online, or even during class” with her “left-leaning peers.”

However, instead of hiding, or, as is the response sought by such tactics, conforming, Jessica wrote about her experiences on the conservative website College Fix, not anonymously but under her own name, not pathetically but in defiance. She writes in part,

Left-leaning students are extremely outspoken, threatening, intimidating, passive aggressive and rude, because they see conservative beliefs as personally offensive and a threat to their world view of being a victim….a series of threats was directed at me for simply liking a pro-freedom comment. Some peers commented that they will “find me” on campus….I reported the threats to my academic dean and then the Georgetown Police Department. I provided names of my peers who made the threats. I waited for action. Nothing happened….

[O]ne administrator told me that I should consider what the students who threatened me might be going through and why they might lash out like this. “Why are they angry,” she asked me…

In the end, Georgetown University does absolutely nothing to denounce the mob mentality their students regularly employ. Yet in contrast, left-leaning voices are welcomed and celebrated…In essence, if you do not support the ideology of the ruling party, you face real consequences. This is what is happening at Georgetown and at many other colleges and universities across the nation. This is the real pandemic — the indoctrination that they’re spreading…They claim they support diversity, but reject diversity of thought.

She concludes,

To my family the ability to speak freely and without fear is worth dying for. My parents’ only hope was to raise their children in a land that would not oppress them for daring to speak out, and to their horror, their children’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech is in grave danger.

I, for one, will not be silenced. My family has come too far, and fought too hard, for me to surrender.

Brava. I am going to send Jessica’s essay to my several contacts at Georgetown, including faculty members. We’ll see who the real Americans are.

4 thoughts on “Ethics Hero (“Socking It To Georgetown University” Div.) #1: Student Jessica Costescu

    • Indeed, I second what Ernest said. She is an inspiration and may inspire others to come out of the shadows of fear.
      Can she take legal action because the University is creating a physically/emotionally/academically unsafe environment by ignoring her complaint?

  1. We need more like her in a world where all Democrats, to some degree or another, subscribe to some or all of the following values (I posted this once before but it was badly edited):
    1. Authority comes from government, and governmental authority is absolute as long as the party is in power. Once the party is no longer in power, The authority is no longer absolute, in fact it is to be resisted, however, once the party is back in power, that authority becomes absolute again.
    2. Ordinary white, straight men are bullies, cowards, sociopaths, and rapists in waiting. None of them should be trusted, except for a woman’s hand picked partner. Once a woman hand picks her partner, he is obligated to obey her in all things including voting. His role is to bring home the bacon, and give the woman in his life whatever she wants.
    3. People’s value is determined by their value to the party, and that value shifts day to day depending on the needs of the party. People’s value is also determined by their color, their gender, or the gender they are attracted to, with white straight males being disfavored.
    4. Single exception: a powerful man is entitled to any woman he wants, as long as and only as long as he uses his power in the service of the party and is in favor of abortion.
    5. Those who are successful, are successful either because they are lucky, because they are privileged, or both. They owe something to those who were not as lucky or privileged. It is government’s role to collect that debt, by any means necessary.
    6. Business is tolerated because it is necessary, however, business must finance the government and the party in exchange for being allowed to operate. Big business is favored because it can be partnered with as long as it will stick to the party line. Small business is disfavored, since it enables its owners to be free of the need for government.
    7. A population that can defend itself can also revolt. Therefore, It is better that weapons be confined to the possession of police and the military, and then only when on duty.
    8. Religion is superstitious nonsense, although it may be necessary to pay lip service to it. Certain houses of worship are favored, however, as long as they support the party.
    9. Politicians can do whatever they damn well please, as long as they vote the right way on abortion. If they do not support this paramount right, then one mistake and they are out.
    10. There should be only two freedoms: the freedom to get an abortion, and the freedom to ask permission to do anything else. The latter should only be sparingly granted.
    11. Certain thoughts are dangerous if they are expressed. It is government’s role to enforce civility and correct thinking among the populace..
    12. Climate change is a very real and imminent danger, and anything that will stave off this danger must be done without question. Those who question or deny this must be silenced.
    13. The law is fluid until it reaches the point that the party wants it to be at, at that point it becomes immutably settled.
    14. Guilt is a powerful tool for controlling people. White people especially have a huge amount of guilt. There is nothing that white people do that cannot be somehow found to be racist, and there is nothing non-white people do that cannot be excused.
    16. Police and policing are useful in the service of the party, however, if they are no longer useful to the party, they may be discarded or defunded at will.
    17. Mobs are useful in the service of the party, to destroy disfavored public art and send the message that its supporters could be next, to intimidate the opposition, to destroy a small business and clear the way for government partnered big business to come in, and other purposes. However, once mobs are no longer in the service of the party, they are a public danger and must be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Mobs that form against the party must be treated as insurrectionists.
    18. It is better to have a failing public entity run by the party, than a prosperous one not run by the party.
    19. It is the role of the food and energy producing areas of this country to produce the food and energy, do the paperwork, pay their taxes, and shut up. The coasts and the big cities have governing covered, and flyover country would do well to remember that.
    20. Taxes are best used for whatever advances the party’s cause.
    21. It is the role of the news media to make certain that the party’s actions receive favorable coverage, and that other actions are either buried or receive bad press. Those news organizations that deviate from this must be silenced.
    22. it is the role of the entertainment industry to reinforce the party’s values and make other values look foolish.
    23. It is the role of the courts to ultimately act as an unelected Politburo when the party’s control over the legislative and executive branches is not enough to make certain that its values are upheld. If the courts fail to do so, then adjustments must be made to ensure they do.
    24. The words “freedom” and “liberty” are disfavored. The words “equity” and “community” are the wave of the future.
    25. The role of education is to make certain the next generation agrees with what the party says. If parents object, then governmental power must be used to apply pressure until they stop.
    26. Certain symbols, concepts, and celebrations as defined by the party are deemed too dangerous or too offensive to be allowed, and must be suppressed.

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