Ethics Summary Of Stories I Would Have Full Posts On If Today Hadn’t Been FUBAR, 2/19/2022

1. Well this is certainly moronic…NBC senior reporter Alex Sietz-Wald said out-loud on MSNBC that the biggest challenge for Democrat governors ending their mask mandates is that the Left has made mask-wearing such a fetish of their woke identity that they may resist giving it up:

So I think this is going to be a challenge for a lot of Democratic leaders to get their base comfortable with the idea of going back to normal. I mean, for the past two years so much of the identity of what it meant to be a Democrat, to follow the science, was tied up in masking and following these rules and regulations. And if you didn’t do that, you were, you know, a bad person, you were Ron DeSantis, you were a denier. So, now, these Democratic leaders need to get their base comfortable with unwinding all of that.

Follow which science when? The masking has long been virtue-signalling for those who think complying with arbitrary authoritarian edicts is virtuous. It was most appropriate that the first Democrat TV personality to proclaim that “I would wear a mask and I might do that indefinitely. Why do I need the flu or a cold even?” was “The View’s” resident moron, Joy Behar. In a moment of rare self-awareness, she attributed this decision to “the little voice in her head.” Indeed, few have smaller ones, and Joy proved it by being caught just hours later dining out with her friends without a mask. 2. As is this…The Washington Post thought this blithering op-ed by Taylor Dysart, a PhD candidate in the department of history and sociology of science at the University of Pennsylvania, was worthy of publication. If I were a faculty member who had any say in the matter, I would advocate kicking her out of the program via a PhD “Stupidity Rule.” Here’s the “signature significance quote”:

The primarily White supporters of the Freedom Convoy argue that pandemic mandates infringe upon their constitutional rights to freedom. The notion of “freedom” was historically and remains intertwined with Whiteness, as historian Tyler Stovall has argued. The belief that one’s entitlement to freedom is a key component of White supremacy. This explains why the Freedom Convoy members see themselves as entitled to freedom, no matter the public health consequences to those around them.

As one of the unanimously negative comments to the Post’s op-ed noted, it is hardly notable that  a group emanating from a majority white nation is also “primarily white.” Meanwhile, the paper cited is equally fatuous, also exposing the totalitarian strain in the modern Left, or that there is something wrong with scholars named “Taylor” or “Tyler.”

3. And this... Fox News blathering head Jesse Watters claimed on his Fox News show,

“America has a new ambassador to Germany. Biden appointed her. Her name, Amy Gutmann. And she got to Berlin this week and she was asked to pose for a photo. She [was told], you know, go between the American and the German flags. She didn’t know. She didn’t know where the German flag was.”

Sure. A viral video set to the theme music of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” showed the incident and featured text claiming that Gutman was told to stand between the U.S. and German flags, but that “she doesn’t know which flag is the U.S. flag.” Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) re-tweeted it.

It would be libel if the Ambassador were not a public figure. Of course she knows which flag is Old Glory. She’s not demented. Even Biden could pass that test. Since she knows which flag is ours, she would have known by the process of elimination which flag was Germany’s, even if she couldn’t recognize the flag of the nation she had been sent to as the U.S. representative, and where her father was born.

4. And this too, though “disgusting” is more accurate than “moronic”…The Louisville Community Bail Fund, an affiliate of the city’s Black Lives Matter chapter, posted $100,000 bail to let Quintez Brown out of  jail as he awaits trial. He is charged with the attempted assassination of Jewish Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. The fund, in turn, is heavily bankrolled by Democratic fundraising machine ActBlue, a progressive political group with close ties to the “Squad,” largely funded by George Soros.

Why would Black Lives Matter bail out an alleged assassin? Apparently the anti-white, anti-police, Marxist organization is so confident the mainstream media will continue to cover for it and represent it as a social justice hero that it doesn’t even need to conceal its true nature.

It can’t be right, can it?

5. THIS, however, is genuinely moronic. In Seattle, where bike riding is one more symbol of wokeness,  a decades-old regulation requiring cyclists to wear helmets has been killed. The reason was that “disparate impact” foolishness again. It was claimed that the police engaged in discriminatory enforcement of the rule against homeless people and people of color.

Only one member opposed the decision to eliminate a measure that everyone agrees has saved lives. So, ipso facto, lives will be lost because the regulation is being eliminated. But if it stops “cyclists of color” from being cited for breaking a law that the in fact broke, it’s worth it. This is “Seattle Logic.”

Morons. That’s reverse utilitarianism.

The King County health board declared racism a public health crisis in 2020,which shows you the way their brains are wired. First, the board found a study that showed that since 2019, 60% of citations for missing helmets went to homeless people. Another analysis claimed that black cyclists were almost four times as likely to receive a citation for violating the helmet requirement as white cyclists, and that minorities were less likely to ride bikes than whites.


Neither study looked at whether the homeless or blacks wore helmets less frequently than other groups. Seattle doesn’t care, apparently. Better that more cyclists of all races and economic strata die or suffer serious injuries than for more blacks than whites to get citations that they deserve.

Helmets reduce the likelihood of serious head injury by 60%, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. In cases where it was known whether cyclists were wearing helmets, 79 % of those who were fatally injured in bike crashes between 2010 and 2017 were not wearing them.

Never mind: this is Seattle. “The question before us yesterday wasn’t the efficacy of helmets,” said Girmay Zahilay, a health board member who is also a member of the King County Council. “The question before us was whether a helmet law that’s enforced by police on balance produces results that outweigh the harm that that law creates.”

Saving lives and incentivizing responsible safety habits are outweighed by the need to eliminate the perception of inequality when there may be none.

As I said: Morons. And more closed head injuries will give politicians like Zahilay more supporters.


15 thoughts on “Ethics Summary Of Stories I Would Have Full Posts On If Today Hadn’t Been FUBAR, 2/19/2022

  1. #4: Of course, Quintez Brown is quickly fading into the media memory hole. If he were a right-wing white male, there would be an intensive inquiry into exposing the dangerous ideology that motivated him, and how he came to be radicalized. But here, that dangerous ideology is part of the far Left’s canon, and the institutions that radicalized him are none other than the left wing academic establishment.

  2. So Dysart thinks that white people care MORE about freedom than non-white people?

    I know that’s not what Dysart meant, but if a conservative wrote something like that, the cancel-culture left would be all over the implications of that paragraph.

  3. In the Seattle case, it seems like it would be a prime public outreach opportunity to use tax dollars to buy helmets for the homeless. Heck, it barely seems wasteful of public funds. (And if private charities were to beat them to the punch all the better). In all seriousness, I might suggest this to the homeless outreach committee of one of the churches I volunteer at, as I never considered this as a potential problem.

    Of course, if given free helmet’s, disparate numbers of citations still existed….

  4. “The notion of “freedom” was historically and remains intertwined with Whiteness”. I suppose all those Quakers who helped establish the Underground Railroad were white supremacists.

    Is he saying that Blacks are being oppressed by being forced to accept freedom? That seems to be what he is implying.

      • The author of the piece is named “Taylor”, not “Tyler”, but without knowing which his/her/zir/thor/squiddich/their pronouns she/he/ze/beep/bop/bop uses, how can you be sure they/them/shim/blorch/helicopter identify as a female human *right this second*? Basically, by assuming “her”, you are committing a hate crime.

  5. 3. The idiocy of both Jesse Watters and Rep. Jim Banks is revealed in a glance at the video which shows two pairs of American and German flags, one pair on each side of the Ambassador’s flag. Gutmann’s brief hesitancy obviously was to see which pair were to be the background for the photo.
    While it’s not a clear violation of the U.S. flag code, the use of multiple U.S. flags as a background for politicians is an annoyance to me. What’s the point? To show that one is more of an American?
    4. Seattle made the right choice in eliminating the requirement to wear a helmet. Stating that cycling is a symbol of wokeness reveals a bias that colors the analysis of the change. Bicycling has long been a feature of the city, well before there was a concept of wokeness.
    The Helmet Law Working Group made an attempt to determine ridership by race and ethnicity, a difficult thing to assess, and their analysis was that some of the disparity in citations was due to discriminatory policing. (Page 23 of this report:
    There are some things which should be encouraged, but should not be criminalized. Wearing a helmet while bicycling is one of those things. There are a number of other situations in which wearing a helmet would reduce the chance of serious head injury, such as walking on a multi-use path or walking across a street. So, should helmets be required in those situations as well?
    Another factor: there was an apparent increase in riding without a helmet with the advent of ride-share bikes being available without helmets.
    And, as some media accounts noted, the Council allocated $200,000 to buy helmets and expand education.

  6. 1. The Democratic politicians have painted themselves into a corner here. For two years they have been pushing “wear your damn mask,” vaccinated, boosted, or otherwise, wherever you go and whatever you do, as soon as you set foot outside the door of your safe house. That’s the risk you take when you go too far down any political path. I know some of you probably think I talk too much about Ireland and the bloody revolution that led to its independence. If that’s the case, then feel free to scroll on past. However, the fact is that Michael Collins and his IRA compatriots went so far down the road of revolution that when he wanted to throw the switch and stop the revolutionary violence, HE was the one who ended up dead, and plunged the country into an additional year of civil war, killing more Irishmen than the Black and Tans ever did. Josef Pilsudski, the first chief of state of an independent Poland in the modern world, was wise enough NOT to go too far down the radical path, and, when addressed as “Towarzysz” (Comrade) by former colleagues who wanted to continue the revolution, said, “Comrades, I took the red tram of socialism to the stop called Independence, and that’s where I got off. You may keep on to the final stop if you wish, but from now on let’s address each other as “Pan” (Sir or Mister).” He knew when to stop, and the new nation did pretty well until WW2. The Democrats have possibly gone too far down the authoritarian path to reverse now without looking like hypocrites or flip-floppers. However, all but the true believers have had enough of this masking and following “science” that seems to always point in the direction of greater authoritarianism. The train has gone too far, and they can’t apply the brakes before it hits the buffer called “the Midterms.”

    2. I wish I could say this was atypical for the left. At this point, however, “freedom” and “liberty,” which are supposed to be the bedrock principles of this country are becoming dirty words on the left. “Equity” and “community” are becoming the new key words on the left. What really should be the key words are “wisdom” and “trust” as well as “liberty” and “freedom.” However, the left not only doesn’t trust ordinary people to have the wisdom to handle freedom and liberty, but the left doesn’t think they are at all valuable. I’m friends with one person in Australia who’s said that it’s more important that everyone in the community feel like they belong, be civil, and help one another than individuals get to say or do what they think or want, and, too often, it’s always the white folks who seem to push that individual rights angle. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t result in everyone being happy like the greeting card “Get Along Gang” characters. It results in a situation where everyone is afraid to say or do anything except what the group says. Screw that.

    3. Curb the stupidity is more like it.

    4. It might have been true last year, but I think too many folks are now wise as to what BLM is really about. This is flat-out aiding and abetting of an anti-Semitic assassin. That’s a bridge too far for most folks. The Jewish community once stood up for their black neighbors in the days of the civil rights movement, when few others would. Their reward seems to have been for those who benefited from their aid in the past to turn on them. That might be fine for Jews in name only like Noam Chomsky, for whom Judaism is just a marker of being white but not white, but I don’t think it is for those who have any actual faith.

    5. It would help if we knew the rates of violation of the helmet ordinance by race. If in fact the black community offended at a greater rate, as they seem to do with regard to other crimes, then the fact that they got ticketed more often shouldn’t come as a surprise. Never mind, though, public safety, prevention of head injuries, and all other issues take a back seat to making sure that the black community is left alone.

  7. #5
    “The question before us was whether a … law that’s enforced by police on balance produces results that outweigh the harm that that law creates.”

    Would that all lawmakers EVERYWHERE had this thought going through they heads every day.

    Then again, they literally DID in Seattle and came to THIS conclusion, so . . .. whatchagonnado?


      • I question myself for that decision more frequently every day, even if I live in one of the least insane suburbs.
        I have to add that to highlight their inconsistency, King County – this same group of morons – is not lifting the mask mandate, even after the local governor Jay “Castro is to my right” Inslee announced March 21 to lift all restrictions.

      • What has befallen the cities of Seattle, Portland and San Francisco is an utter crime. Our country hasn’t ever seen anything like this. What befell Baltimore, Detroit and other smaller cities in the 1960s was bad enough. But at least the slums of those cities have actual buildings and somewhat functional pool plumbing. The newly destroyed cities of the west coast can’t even boast that.
        I have laid eyes on those cities, they are as bad as reported. None of the stories are exaggerating the condition. Downtown of any of the three really is like visiting a third world shithole.

  8. If the expectation of an individual right to freedom apends to one’s whiteness, is it a corollary that black people should accept slavery as their lot?

  9. It is hard to get excited about the helmets. This is just a tiny little slice of the great stupidity of the refund the police / reform criminal punishment movemt coming from the progressives.
    It is yet another example of ignoring both the reasons of the disparate racial impact of enforcing the law, but also the
    impact to minorities of the lack of enforcement.
    The fact that the helmet rule will mean more TBI blacks from bike accidents, but that is just joining all the other disparate impacts.
    Food deserts being joined with pharmacy deserts and retail deserts in minority communities as businesses pull out. More and more senseless violence disparately killing minorities.
    Meanwhile white progressives pat themselves on the back in their safe white neighborhood. But they’re wearing masks so they’re good, right?

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