Still More Ukraine Invasion Ethics Points…

1.  An animated TV show’s demonstration of support for an invaded nation is, of course, as useless as Michelle Obama’s infamous frowny face “Bring back our girls” photo, and is naked virtue signaling. Still, the hostility to the show for the gesture displayed by ultra-conservative Citizen’s Free Press readers is remarkable.There can be no ethical basis for not supporting Ukraine, or any country Russia invades, or any peaceful nation any country invades. Representative reaction: “Russia = Evil, Because: Trump. Thus, Ukraine isn’t an UNBELIEVABLY CORRUPT FAILED STATE… Ukraine is Saints. Might want to be somewhat skeptical and cynical when Biden, the MSM, and Hollywood is all trying to brainwash everyone into being pro-Ukraine, huh?” Wow. I didn’t know Tucker Carlson had this much influence.

It is a all a necessary reminder that the far right is just as unhinged as the far Left, just less totalitarian (for now).

2. Apparently not “the best version of the truth… NY Post Columnist Michael Goodman wrote before the invasion,

There are other stories making the rounds…One has it that Trump — noting that Putin seized land from Georgia when George W. Bush was president and seized the Crimean peninsula when Barack Obama was president — warned Putin against a land grab on his watch.

“If you move against Ukraine while I’m president,” Trump is said to have told the Russian leader, “I will hit Moscow.” Putin reportedly scoffed, “No way,” leading Trump to say, “All those beautiful golden turrets will be blown up.” 

[Also] Trump reportedly told Xi that any military move against Taiwan would be met with an attack on Beijing. Xi, like Putin, is said to have been stunned…

This unsubstantiated rumor is being reported in many conservative websites as fact. This is deceptive in the extreme. Goodwin says up front that the stories may be false, and he is a columnist, not a reporter. Yet other publications say that “‘The New York Post’ reported that…” using as evidence Trump’s statement to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham that Putin didn’t invade Ukraine during his administration for “a very good reason, and I’ll explain that to you someday.”

I think the story could easily be true, but it’s still a rumor, and should not be reported as fact or as a credible report.

3. Do note, however, that the New York Times and the routinely anti-Trump media accepted and ran with equally unsubstantiated reports of President Trump’s statements to others when they could be spun to reflect badly on him. The primary aspect of this rumor that makes the Times ignore it isn’t its questionable accuracy, but that it will be seen by many as favorable to him.

4. This tells us nothing about Occupy Democrats that wasn’t already long obvious, but still…

5. That same Harvard-Harris poll I cited here claims that 62% of voters say Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump were President. That’s encouraging, because it’s almost certainly true. At least a solid majority of the nation, if not of Democrats, still understands that when the United States has a weak and feckless President, foreign nations are likely to believe they can get away with international lawlessness.

6. WHAT???? Applebee’s and CNN were bombarded with criticism after the network ran an up-beat ad promoting the restaurant’s menu during live coverage the invasion. While the commercial promoting five boneless wings for $1 with the purchase of a hamburger and the Zac Brown Band’s hit song Chicken Fried played, a live scene from Kyiv was being shown in the bottom left of the screen. 

In two words, “So what?” The complainers were looking for reasons to be offended. It is unfair to criticize CNN for an obviously unintentional juxtaposition like that, and completely absurd to attack Applebee’s which certainly didn’t buy the ad slot and say, “Now be sure you run this during a combat report.” Nonetheless, the company further empowered our censorship and “trigger-warning” mobs by apologizing, with this grovel:

“We are deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine. When we were made aware that our ad was placed in this manner, we immediately reached out to CNN to pause our advertising on their network. It never should have aired, and we are disappointed in the actions of the network.”

With all the offensive journalism CNN engages in every day, it was this that inflamed its viewers. They don’t have dead ethics alarms, they have scrambled ethics alarms.


8 thoughts on “Still More Ukraine Invasion Ethics Points…

  1. I have to admit this Ukrainian situation has made me revisit the second Iraq invasion and its legitimacy.

    I’m also really impressed by the Ukrainian ferocity and bravery. Maybe I was wrong in overestimating the Russian Army’s capability. I also underestimated Putin’s insanity, and perhaps that of his coterie.

    • Trying to understand what is really going on with this invasion is sort of like trying to deduce the nature of dark matter. It’s to far away to get an accurate opinion with the data we can get our hands on. That said, it doesn’t seem like Russia sent the competent part of their military to carry out this attack. I’m reading that maybe they sent all the people who serve one-year contracts? I don’t think the people carrying out the attacks are fully representative of the Russian military as a whole. They may have some more competent units we are not seeing here.

  2. 1. I don’t how anyone can look at one country blowing up another one and think that is okay. I also don’t know exactly who the far right is supposed to be at this point. Everyone who doesn’t approve of the current incompetence in US leadership has been labeled far right.

    You don’t need to be pro-Ukraine to be anti-Russian invasion. You can be anti-Russian invasion and not think the US military needs to get involved. Apparently this nuance is lost on some people, and that is disturbing. I have seen this sort of nonsense on some of the other blogs I read, but in those cases people (including the bloggers themselves) were quick to respond and tell the nutcases why they were wrong.

    Personally I don’t think US involvement is going to help the Ukraine, because current US leadership is incompetent and has no real desire to fix anything. If they stick their noses in this I think it will only make things worse. The current sanctions shenanigans, Biden’s performances in press conferences and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan are the evidence I’m looking at, and that evidence paints a damning picture of weakness, disinterest, senility and idiocy. I’m horrified by what is happening in the Ukraine. I’m also horrified at what is happening in US leadership. It is okay to be against US military involvement in this disaster. It is not okay to be pro-disaster. I don’t care what the Ukrainian government did or didn’t do, no one deserves to be attacked like this.

    5. I think CNN might deserve some criticism for this, but I have no idea why people are mad at Applebee’s. News Media channels have been criticized for this exact same behavior in the past, displaying advertising next to breaking news of horrific events. No one thought to themselves, hmm, maybe we should stop running advertisements during breaking news events? So CNN criticism may be deserved. Unless we are going to demonize advertising in general (which would make me happy, but is unlikely because it’s what pays for people’s “free” internet stuff), attacking a particular advertiser is stupid.

  3. 1) The bluecheck twittersphere is alive with yellow and blue and “I stand with Ukraine”. It seems to be, as you say, herd-driven, useless virtue signaling, which is always annoying. The ironic fact that most of these twits support the toothless dotard who couldn’t stand up to Putin makes it especially irritating. If you look at the responses to a tweet from someone like, say, Dan Rather, you’ll still, amazingly, find plenty of comments in the nature of “I’m so glad we now have a president who is (list of admirable attributes, like ‘competant’, none of which apply to Slojo). There’s where that 80% democrat approval you were wondering about the other day is.

    4) Another irony: The weapons being handed out to inexperienced Ukrainian civilians are surely from military stores, which means they’re almost certainly full-auto AKs, not same-as-a-light-hunting-rifle-but-scary ARs the Dems want to deny American hobbiests.

  4. 6)Why not, oh, just show the commercial onscreen during the commercial’s time, and just show the news story onscreen the rest of the time?

    It worked for decades just fine. I don’t understand the obsession with having the news story (or sports pictures during timeouts) having to be onscreen 100% of the time. Isn’t that why God invented TV timeouts?

  5. As an aside, perhaps talking about the Ukrainian crisis a few days ago at something called (I think) the Munich Security Conference — maybe the name should have given folks pause, d’ye think?

    Some random thoughts: It is worth remembering that, of all the major countries involved in WWI and WWII, Great Britain did not declare war on Germany because they were attacked. They went to war on a matter of principle, when a neutral nation was attacked. Belgium (whose neutrality had been guaranteed after the Napoleonic wars) by the Kaiser and Poland by Hitler. Neville Chamberlain had many faults, but in the end the scales fell from his eyes and let him see Hitler for the evil monster he was.

    I am writing this Sunday, and I have been impressed by the resistance Ukraine has put up to Russia. I’ve not seen many casualty reports except for a mention that possibly 3500 on each side have been killed. That has got to be a huge number for Putin to contemplate. If it really comes to large scale city fighting, that number could skyrocket. Generals (rightly) fear city assaults as they have tended to be meatgrinders for both sides.

    If Russia truly has been unable to gain air supremacy by now, that’s a bad sign for them.

    I think this sort of situation will not fall out domestically neatly along party lines. My sister and I, as an example, see this much the same way even though she is pretty much an MSNBC junkie and pretty far left. I generally like watching Tucker Carlson clips, but he too can be wrong on issues such as this.

    I will say that for those thinking America should mind its own business — we tried that after WWI. It did not end well. Today we are much less well isolated from the rest of the world despite it being an ocean or two away. We also demobilized frantically after WWII. June 25, 1950 was what one might refer to as a wake up call.

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