And Even More Ukraine Invasion Ethics Points…

1. Remember, we pay for this garbage...An article on NPR‘s “Life Kit” offered helpful suggestions about ways suffering Americans might deal with the crippling stress and anxiety of sitting safely at home in the United States as Ukrainians are fighting for their lives and freedom. Like…

  • “Try these meditation and mindfulness exercises…”
  • “Do something that feels good for your body and helps you get out of your head….”
  • [Play] games with family,”
  • [F]inally re-create Grandpa’s famous lasagna, or learn how to make a prettier pie…”

Joy Behar wrapped up the award for most narcissistic and selfish response to the Ukraine crisis, but NPR is a tax-supported organization, and has decided that enabling American weenie-ism and creating a culture dominated by hyper-vulnerable, self-absorbed navel-gazers is its mission.

The Blaze gathered some of the social media scorn that justly greeted this obnoxious article:

“The stupidest thing NPR has ever proposed, and that’s saying a lot,” replied Politico columnist Jack Shafer.

“These people really do not envision their audience as grown adults. And maybe there’s a reason for that,” responded Dan McLaughlin of National Review.

“This sort of discourse drives me absolutely bananas and I think it is a direct result of media being increasingly dominated by people from super-privileged backgrounds,” opined Jesse Singal…

“I’m all for mental health awareness and therapeutic care. This thread provides for neither. It’s just a lifestyle guide for narcissists,” tweeted Daily Beast editor Anthony Fisher.

“Ukrainians: must cope with bombs raining down on them. Americans: must cope with hearing sad news. This is really a silly thing for a news organization to do, IMHO,” said Yale professor Nicholas Christakis.

“The Ukrainian government is handing out AK-47s and NPR is handing out listicles about holistic ways to alleviate your doomscrolling anxiety,” mused commentator Noam Blum.

The portion of NPR’s audience that will respond positively to this junk is made up of the thoroughly hollowed-out elites resolved to wear masks forever and force their small children to do likewise. Instead of being bold, pro-active and confident, they are fearful, needy and dependent on authority and distracting palliatives.

And that’s just the way this government wants them to be.

2. On the other side of The Great Divide, I heard one bleached Fox News blonde after another over the last two days (in a total of maybe 45 minutes of watching) emphasize their prayers, how Americans were praying for Ukrainians, how “all we can do now is pray,” and similar sentiments. This is overt pandering to a segment of Fox’s audience, and it also isn’t news or legitimate news commentary. If I want religious inspiration (right after I index and arrange by color shade and fabric mix all the contents of my sock drawer), I’ll check in with the Church next door or one of the TV ministries, thanks. Propaganda for religion doesn’t belong on the news until Jehovah smites the Russian army, in which case all the footage of those soldier standing frozen as pillars of salt will be legitimately newsworthy.

3. Ethics hero! Yahoo News reports,

Elon Musk says SpaceX’s Starlink satellites are now active over Ukraine after a request from the embattled country’s leadership to replace internet services destroyed by the Russian attack.

Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion has left parts of the country without internet, while SpaceX has launched thousands of communications satellites to bring broadband to hard to reach areas of the world.

“Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route,” the entrepreneur tweeted on Saturday.

The move came after Ukraine’s vice prime minister urged Mr Musk to help them out, as the SpaceX system does not require any fiber-optic cables.


4. Wait—how incompetent and dim did the administration have to be to share intelligence with China? The Washington Times reveals,

China’s government took U.S. intelligence provided to convince Beijing to join American-led efforts to head off a military attack on Ukraine and shared it with Russia, according to a person familiar with the activity. Intelligence-sharing with a major U.S. adversary is unusual but was part of repeated diplomatic efforts by the Biden administration to gain support from China in dissuading Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine. However, the Chinese government repeatedly rebuffed the efforts and instead turned over the intelligence data to Moscow, an indication of the growing ties between Beijing and Moscow.

5. Finally, talk about defying karma, fate and the lessons of history: I wonder if anyone in Putin’s inner circle was aware that he was attacking a heroic and determined group of outnumbered and out-gunned patriots on the exact same date that the drama of the Alamo began unfolding. The Snake Island incident quickly evoked memories of the Texans’ legendary stand, and more such episodes are sure to come. The Alamo fell, of course, but it also became the rallying point for the eventual victory over Mexico’s dictator.

I’m not superstitious, but still: I wouldn’t move into the Amityville House, I wouldn’t book a North Atlantic cruise on a replica of The Titanic, and if I were Vlad, I’d have chosen another month to play Santa Ana.

24 thoughts on “And Even More Ukraine Invasion Ethics Points…

  1. 1. Wasn’t Nick Christakis one of the house MASTERS who got kicked out of that job at Yale? Glad to see he hasn’t gone all weenie. Good for him. What is wrong with the people infesting NPR? Passive aggressive idiots.

    4. So, HRC made million dollars speeches to Russian “banks” but Trump was a Soviet mole. And the Biden family scammed millions from the Chinese but no one blinks an eye when we give China intelligence and lift the skirt on our intelligence gathering capabilities?

    5. Hitler thought he could Germanize Russia and now Putin thinks he can Russofy Ukraine. He really is off his rocker.

  2. 4. I’m still trying to figure out the logic of this Administration sharing intelligence with an adversary. Our intelligence community had to know that China’s relations with Russia were warming. I’m guessing our leaders don’t actually see China’s leaders as enemies, which means our leaders really are “otnay ootay ightbray.”

    I know…”Captain Obvious” and all…

    • I just realized…sometimes it’s true that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but I can’t think of an instance when the friend of my enemy is my friend. That’s what we’ve done – as it pertains to intelligence – with China.

  3. Regarding #1:

    The current situation in Ukraine (and Canada) should arouse two responses: 1) an appreciation of how fragile the social order actually is (though we like to flirt with chaos with our occasional rioting, so long as it is not insurrectionist in nature); and 2) gratitude that we will (hopefully) not have to face the sort of life threatening upheaval that those in Ukraine are facing now.

    We are not the victims; we are the lucky ones.


  4. I don’t get all this.

    But I read an article which seemed interesting….

    What was more interesting is ALL the mainstream media had story after story saying it was not true.

    So many that….it was weird…

    Just like when things have been true and they are have told us it was fake news when it wasn’t.
    Not even ONE curious story or report that we should look into it.

    What do you think?

    A friend from the Ukraine who lives here now told me tonight her family there has confirmed what the article says to be true. She spoke to them the last few days.

    How on earth are we to ever know what’s true?

    Besides my gut…. Which has never been wrong… and I still question it.

    • From the website’s about us page:
      Information on this website is for informational and educational and entertainment purposes. This website contains humor, parody, and satire. We have included this disclaimer for our protection, on the advice on legal counsel.

      It’s bunk. Also, everyone’s gut instincts are wrong sometimes, most of the time even. We only tend to remember the times it was right, because those are significant enough to be remembered.

    • Everything is written by Michael Baxter, so I find the veracity of his writing questionable. It is bad enough that the MSM editors rubber stamp their reporter’s biases, but this guy has no oversight whatsoever.

      The cost of standing up a lab is huge and, maintaining many with grant funding would require so more resources than NIH could supply, you would not have hundreds of bioweapons sites scattered across Ukraine. I believe the story is simply a method to tie Trump to Russia thus making him accountable for Putin’s empire building.

    • I clicked on another article claiming that US troops refused to move because Biden isn’t the real President, which is why Trump & Putin are chatting, and that Obama’s birth certificate was photoshopped. Hmm.

  5. 1. I shouldn’t sneer, but I have to. Maybe when I was in college I thought about the news all the time, because everyone else did, especially during the first Gulf War. If you are letting the fact that two countries are battling on the other side of the globe bother you, then you have too much time on your hands. If you’ve got a job, then do it, and see to your family’s welfare. This is as bad as my one friend who specifically won’t read my facebook feed lest she see a picture of a parading soldier or a fighter plane and have it disrupt her peaceful state of mind. Alfonso VIII of Castile, called the Noble or the Man of Las Navas, victor in one of the greatest battles against the Moors (although he had some able help from Sancho the Strong of Navarre and Peter the Catholic of Navarre) is supposed to have said that “If thou wouldst be a man, then harden thyself, for life is hard.” Now the elite want a society made up of man-bun sporting, skinny-jean wearing hipsters who are afraid of their girlfriends and would be terrified of someone like Putin, so they make everything about being at peace with the universe, not achieving.

    2. There’s a lot more we can do than pray. Catholic Charities, anyone? They’re starting a massive relief operation.

    3. For once technology trying to help those really in need of its benefits, not stuff the pockets of a wokester or just plain jerk (hello, Martin Shkreli) who’s gotten way too big for his britches.

    4. Dim? More like deliberately against its own nation’s interests. This is just shy of outright treason.

    5. Probably not, and he’s finding out, in spades, that Ukraine is not just going to be a speed bump.

  6. 1–Mind numbingly tone-deaf, misplaced priorities?

    While rarely agreeing with the local free Lefty weekly, (The Isthmus, which shut down operations in early March 2020 due to the pandemic) politically, I always respected their voice in the city I call home. Two copies (for us and my folks) were secured weekly, and I look forward to their return.

    That said, leave it to them to keep things in perspective.

    Tens of trillions in net worth had evaporated, small businesses and workers were suffering mightily (some never recovered), critical supply chains had been hopelessly disrupted, health care was stretched to its very limits and beyond.

    While the zeitgeist and collective sanity of Mother Gaia herself lay precariously in the balance, what was the compelling Isthmus concern?

    That the Brie, Chablis, & Wheat Grass Tea crowd’s raison d’être had been derailed:

    CANCELLED! Coronavirus Precautions Take Their Toll On The Arts

  7. The US and others agreed to help Ukraine in the 90’s, in return, Ukraine agreed to get rid of the Nukes. I don’t think this agreement has changed. Ukraine wanted to point them to Russia as an invasion deterrent. Now we have Ukraine citizens fighting an army with Molotov cocktails. I don’t think that’s how Ukraine expected the US and the west to help. We need to put on our big boy britches and say “the US keeps its commitments”. Any other option is a breach in the agreement. I don’t have to tell you we’re successful in part because we keep our contractual commitments. The second people question that, it’s trouble. This is one of the only functions the Federal Government really needs to be capable of completing is fulfilling past agreements it made with foreign countries.

    • Among the other nations in Budapest guaranteeing Ukraine’s borders in exchange for them divesting themselves of their nukes was Russia. I think it is safe to say Russia has not lived up to that agreement.

      Sheesh, I just read that some EU nations are talking about supplying fighter jets to Ukraine. Germany is talking about rearming. Who would have thunk it a week ago.

  8. The comment about NPR not seeing their audience as adults makes a ton of sense. Much of the modern left isn’t like the old time left. Americans used to be mostly united on the values of hard work, duty, faithfulness in marriage, etc. Political differences didn’t make a ton of difference in personal behavior. Now, the left is saying gender doesn’t exist, you can define your own existence any way you want, polyamory is good, there is no limit to welfare, and other types of ideas. They refuse to accept limitations on reality.

    If you think: Allow people the freedom to do almost anything (minus violence) and reduce personal responsibility to the bare minimum, the modern progressive movement makes a ton of sense. They aren’t as confusing if you just think like a teenager. I don’t mean to be flippant or insulting, but more and more they just want a consequence free society (unless you are a conservative).

    The progressives think they can destroy almost every part of traditional morality and then still maintain a great nation. That won’t work.

    I’m surprised the pacifists aren’t out saying Putin is just misunderstood.

  9. “This is overt pandering to a segment of Fox’s audience”

    Indeed it is. And it leaves that segment thinking and believing things about Fox News and its anchors and their personal beliefs that are probably not true.

    “If I want religious inspiration…I’ll check in with the Church next door or one of the TV ministries,”

    Please, please check with the church next door and don’t bother turning on the television. The television ministries couldn’t be further away from religious inspiration than “Inherit the Wind” which I would rather watch because the acting would be better.

    “Propaganda for religion doesn’t belong on the news until Jehovah smites the Russian army, in which case all the footage of those soldier standing frozen as pillars of salt will be legitimately newsworthy.”

    If Putin decides to invade Israel at some point, you may get your wish.

  10. #5, Shades of the Alamo?
    Reported exchange between Ukrainian border guards on “Snake Island”, and a Russian warship:
    ‘I am a Russian warship,” a Russian aboard the ship told the soldiers on the island. “I ask you to lay down your arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary deaths. Otherwise, you will be bombed.”
    One Ukrainian soldier responded, “Russian warship, go f–k yourself.” ‘

    First reports were that the defenders were killed, but there’s a possibility (maybe Russian propaganda) that they were captured.

  11. So, Putin has activated his nuclear forces at their lowest level of alert. Russia’s puppet in Belarus has “passed” a referendum permitting Russia to stage nuclear weapons in the country.

    And not one damn squeak from the media about the stupid “Nuclear Clock”.

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