Morning Ethics Warm-up, 3/3/2022: Wow…Bias Really Does Make You Stupid!

Bias makes you stupid, and lets everyone know you are biased and stupid, except those who are also biased and stupid. It also destroys your credibility, and signals that you are untrustworthy. That simple meme above was briefly tweeted out by The Daily Show, which appears on Comedy Central, once a cable option that was devoted to making people of all backgrounds and orientations laugh…you know, like comedians used to try to do. But eventually progressives took over the media and entertainment, and as with the once bi-partisan late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live, decided that the only people who deserved to be made fun of were conservatives, religious Americans, Republicans and, most of all, Donald Trump, and the only people they cared about making laugh were the hard-biased woke, like these shows’ hosts, performers and writers.

Thus when the meme of the dying battery was issued during “Sleepy Joe’s” wreck of a State of the Union speech, fans of the show erupted in anger. “… how very republican rhetoric from you,” protested one user. What the fuck?!?! Who hacked this account?!? This is bullshit!!! @Trevornoah did you approve this?!?” read another  tweet, which referred to the show’s reliably progressive messaging host. 

So the meme was taken down. Bias also makes you a weenie, apparently.

I read about this after being thoroughly disheartened reading an exchange a very, very intelligent and informed college friend had on Facebook about Biden’s SOTU. One development that has been fascinating to observe is that after four years inwhich insulting and complaining about President Trump were my Facebook Friends’ daily pastime (and in which Facts Didn’t Matter, just raw hate and virtue-signaling), since Biden’s election there have been virtually no political posts at all regarding this President, favorable or unfavorable. No jokes, no memes, no observations.Thus this exchange really stood out, as my old friend expressed admiration for the speech and snidely offered that it was a big upgrade from “Drumpf.”

The verdict essentially echoed the mainstream media reviews in places like MSNBC and CNN, but they are paid to issue Democratic propaganda. How can anyone with two brain cells to rub together call that speech anything but dishonest, frightening and infuriating?

What–the hell-–does “go get ‘im” mean? How can anyone believe that the state of the union is “strong”? How can a nation spend its way out of crazy inflation? What sense does it make to lob verbal insults at Putin when you are still funding his invasion by buying his oil and making it clear that no military force will be used to stop him? Who but an idiot would find any of that impressive or reassuring?

Yes, Biden promised that the next time, Putin will really be in trouble. The next time. Sure. “And as I’ve made crystal clear, the United States and our Allies will defend every inch of territory that is NATO territory with the full force of our collective power — every single inch,” the President said. Like Obama defended the “line” he drew in Syria. Like Joe stuck by our commitment in Afghanistan.

And, of course,we saw and heard the usual signs of Biden’s mental decline, like when he tried to ad-lib and said, “We’ve sent 475 Million vaccine doses to 112 countries, more than any other nation. And we won’t stop, because you can’t build a wall high enough to keep out… a vaccine…the vaccine can stop the spread of these diseases.” Joe also called the Ukrainians “Iranians.”

To be fair, he did this kind of thing even before his mind started turning to oatmeal. Still, how much biased-fueled denial does one have to embrace to watch that speech and think, “Wow, that was GREAT!!! I am so confident in the three years lying ahead!” ?

1. Yet another unethical and incompetent Republican House Member…Van Taylor, a Republican U.S. Congressman from Texas,  dropped out of his re-election race after it was revealed that he had been in an extra-marital relationship with a woman whose previous marriage was to an ISIS commander. Taylor has a wife and three daughters. He paid his paramour  $5,000 to keep quiet about the affair.

All you have to do, once you are elected to Congress, is resolve not to get involved in sex scandals, adultery, child porn or sexual harassment for two short years. How hard can that be? If a politician can’t control himself or herself to that minimal extent, then they should be in another line of work.

In his apology, Taylor admitted to a “mistake.” This means that at some point he must have thought having an adulterous affair with a women connected to a terrorist organization while he was serving in Congress was a good idea. He has dead ethics alarms. He shouldn’t be trusted to sell hot pretzels on the street.

2. Where are those Democratic District Attorneys when you need them? While DAs in various Democratic run cities are declining to prosecute shoplifting, drug possession and defecating in public, two Cape Coral, Florida children are facing battery charges because they shot two other kids….with Silly String.

The two minor victims told officers two boys came up and shot them with the colorful plastic streams, The officers called the “victims'” parents, who decided to press charges. Each of the Silly String assassins are now facing a trial on two counts of battery.

3. “Conform or else” in Milwaukee. It isn’t just in Germany where not expressing the “right” opinion is dangerous to your career. Jennifer DeMaster, an assistant city attorney in Milwaukee, was fired this week after appearing on Russia Today TV. In her appearance, DeMaster argued that Putin was within his rights to recognize the breakaway Ukraine regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. She also opined that the Russian invasion posed no threat to U.S. national security.

The timing of her dismissal is highly suspicious, especially since one of the reasons given was that she was a “poor fit” with the office. Unless an office policy forbids attorneys from revealing their non-job-related opinions in public while being identified as city employees, this is punitive speech policing.

4. And speaking of censorship and speech suppression…Ilya Shapiro, still under suspension by Georgetown Law Center for daring to opine that choosing SCOTUS justices by first eliminating qualified candidates for not being the desired color or sex,  was scheduled to debate the issue with a professor at the UC Hastings College of Law in San Francisco. Instead, he was shouted down and not permitted to speak.

When he took the lectern, student activists dressed in  black and carrying signs denouncing Shapiro and the school administration for allowing him on campus chanted “black lawyers matter” and shouted  profanity and insults. Some students physically confronted Shapiro, who finally left the room to speak to the organizers. Administrators made perfunctorily efforts to quiet the crowd, but after about 45 minutes of abuse, Shapiro left.

Hastings then sent an email to students this morning reminding them that the heckler’s veto is a violation of the code of conduct.

Disrupting an event to prevent a speaker from being heard is a violation of our policies and norms, including the Code of Student Conduct and Discipline, Section 107 (“Harmful Acts and Disturbances”), which the College will—indeed, must—enforce. At the same time, we will continue our efforts to ensure that we equip all community members with the knowledge and skills to engage respectfully, thoughtfully, and sensitively with each other and with a wide array of theories, identities, political viewpoints, and perspectives. This project will be informed by our continued elaboration of principles of community, inclusion, academic freedom, and free inquiry.

This is known as “lip service.” Shapiro was still censored, and the students responsible will pay no penalty. As is usually the case, the university leaders showed themselves to be more committed to avoiding conflict than protecting crucial individual rights.

Hastings should have been prepared for the disruption. It should have been ready to clear the room, and to hold the debate without spectators, on video, if it was the only way to proceed. The school also should have taken names and photos, and been prepared to suspend the policy-defying activists.

Law schools, however, are increasingly run by weenies, and are training totalitarians rather than civil libertarians.

You’re on, Geena…

22 thoughts on “Morning Ethics Warm-up, 3/3/2022: Wow…Bias Really Does Make You Stupid!

  1. The Economist (AKA “The Ecommunist”) evaluates the SOTU:

    Joe Biden’s state-of-the-union address fails to impress
    Ukraine aside, a gaffe-laden speech does nothing to turn Democrats’ problems around

    EVERY WOULD-BE president daydreams of the moment: the very first state-of-the-union address to Congress, the chance to be at the centre of the annual American pageant. After 50 years in Washington, and having attended a fair few of the spectacles himself, President Joe Biden will have fantasised about his turn at speechmaking more than most. The reality, however, was hardly triumphant.

    After a little more than one year in office, Mr Biden is in a slump. Setback has piled atop setback. After months of agonising negotiations, the signature legislative agenda of the administration—a gargantuan safety-net and climate-change spending package called Build Back Better—is in effect dead. High inflation, exacerbated by the large fiscal stimulus that Mr Biden signed, has wrecked his standing as an economic steward. Having promised to manage the pandemic better than his predecessor, Mr Biden has found himself at the mercy of covid-19 variants. And even his supposed core competence in foreign policy has looked in doubt since the chaotic withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan (though his handling of the crisis in Ukraine has so far been more adroit)…

    Although never regarded as a gifted orator, Mr Biden was in especially poor form, at times stumbling through both his scripted lines and ad libs. He spoke of the “Iranian people” when he meant Ukrainians and confused the word “vaccine” for “virus”. After the perfunctory closing line “May God protect our troops”, the president felt compelled to shout a mystifying postscript into his microphone: “Go get him!” (or perhaps, as some transcribed it, “Go get ’em!”)…

    …For much of the first year of his presidency, Democrats have been hobbled by internecine squabbles. Conservative Democratic senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have played spoiler to the president’s agenda, to the increasingly evident irritation of progressives. If Republicans were to capture one of the chambers in Congress at the end of the year, this acrimonious debate would be rendered academic. The current polling suggests this to be the likeliest outcome. Over his hour-long speech, Mr Biden managed to give no new reason to think otherwise.

    When you’ve lost The Economist.

    • And even his supposed core competence in foreign policy has looked in doubt since the chaotic withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan (though his handling of the crisis in Ukraine has so far been more adroit)…

      To say Biden is handling Ukraine better than Afghanistan is to say nothing at all. All Biden needs to do is keep Russia from shooting a missile into Poland, and he will have successfully leapt over that broken hurdle lying on the track.

  2. In other mass rush to cancel all things Russian, a sort of news aggregator or publisher, not sure, they aren’t a big operation, virtue signalled by announcing they’ve cancelled Russian client’s subscriptions to reading their news articles.

    I asked them – if every western news agency did the same thing, Russians would only have access to Russian state news. Is this a good scenario or a bad scenario?

    I received no response.

    Everything Russian – from Putin down to the lowest Russian ex-pat is soon to be hated by everyone across the world at this rate. I recall once upon a time Trump suggesting we sanction China for releasing a bioweapon on the world or at least slow down traffic between the two nations and I also recall everyone on the Left hyperventilating about how low brow Americans would take this as marching orders to assault and harm average Chinese nationals in America and even Chinese-American citizens.

    I don’t see the same vapours this time now that the Left wing apparatus is the one leading this charge..


    • I too am confused by the Left’s sudden support for everything Ukrainian. Since when are borders important? Aren’t they just a means to punishing people of color? Shouldn’t the Russian soldiers be free to migrate to Ukraine? Isn’t migration a human right? Are the Russian soldiers illegal or simply undocumented? And what’s with this Ukrainian nationalism thing? Isn’t caring about your nation fascist and unacceptable? Aren’t we all citizens of the world? Didn’t the Ukrainians steal their land from some previous occupiers? And what about diversity? Won’t the Russian soldiers enhance Ukraine by providing a different lived experience? And aren’t Ukrainians CAUCASIAN? I mean, come on, man. Aren’t we all supposed to Coexist as the bumper sticker says? Shouldn’t the Ukrainians be giving peace a chance? Will the Clintons’ speaking fees be seized as Russian assets? Where’s Code Pink on this anyway? And heck yeah, let’s keep the Russian oil flowing into the US. You want gasoline prices to go through the roof and have the Democrats lose both houses of Congress, just to what, save a few Ukes? Come on, man. Ukrainians aren’t coming here in sufficient numbers to turn any elections. And anyway, lots of the ones that are here are Jewish and wear those weird black hats. They’re probably even pro-Israel. Sheesh.

      Cue Kevin Klien: Assholes!

          • But is it really sarcasm?
            Sarcasm: NOUN
            the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
            Irony, yes. Contempt? More wonderment. Incredulity? Preposterousness? Shock? It may even be too obvious to be considered irony? Goose, meet gander?

          • Maybe “satire” is the word I’m looking for. To my ear, “sarcasm” (and “cynicism”) carry an unearned overtone of meanness and nastiness deployed to discount the point being made or shame the person making it.

      • All excellent considerations, OB! Those very questions may be tumultuously churning through SloJo’s head and causing his current state of befuddlement. Or he could just be trying to work out if it’s still OK to ask the White House bartender for a Black Russian…’cause, you know, black, right?

      • A weird amalgamation of tribalism – this is Biden’s disastrous administration that the Left is desperately finding something to call a win – with a weird hope that they can smear Republicans as being against Ukrainian independence – with literally the perfect distraction from the disastrous destruction of the American economy due to COVID that was unnecessarily worsened by Democrat enthusiasm to make Trump look bad.

        I for one, as an American, am genetically predisposed to root for people fighting for their independence and I’m sure with some Democrats there is a bit of that impetus lingering in there somewhere even while they boost at home the most anti-democratic political junta in American history.

        • It has struck me as the first honest to God war not involving Muslims since, what, Vietnam? The funny thing about the Left’s situation is that their worldview is so inbred and critical of the West, it has no tools for responding to an old-fashioned war among two western countries. This weird phenomenon just does not compute. If all you have is a hammer and something appears to not be a nail, you’re stuck.

  3. The final paragraph of the State of the Union was so… vague? Obtuse? Grandiose? I don’t even know… it’s ridiculous on its face. He wants to solve 1. The opioid epidemic 2. Mental health 3. Veterans affairs issues and 4. Cure cancer. I’m sure 5. Would’ve been world peace. It sounded like a Miss USA pageant Q&A. It’s so far from actionable as a whole as to be impossible and ridiculous, particularly after the other grocery lists of “things I want to do as POTUS”. It’s alarming how many speeches have been pageantry instead of remotely applicable. Even Elon Musk’s singular vision of going to Mars seems simple and turn key ready by comparison.

  4. @demeter. ” I’m sure 5. Would’ve been world peace.”

    Or in his case “whirled peas” – it’s what’s for dinner.

    • Don’t be silly; Kamala told him item 5 should be ‘Fweedom!”, but he forgot. It’ll be on there next year when she gives the address.

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