Looking Back: The Ethics Alarms Monday Retrospective

I’ve been considering this feature for a long time, and it seems like as good a time as any to try it out..

There are nearly 30 Ethics Alarms posts in an average week, and when one throws in the four or five issues covered in the warm-ups and their equivalents, that adds another 30 or so topics to the mix. I even get complaints from readers that there is too much content here, particularly if a reader, having a life, skips a day or two. In this feature, I will make my selections of what I consider to be the five most valuable posts of the previous seven days, with the comment threads taken into consideration.

Here are my top five picks from last week:


5 thoughts on “Looking Back: The Ethics Alarms Monday Retrospective

  1. Thanks for this, Jack. I don’t actually have a life, but I do occasionally skip a day or two. This recap of most valuable topics is great.

  2. While you don’t monetize the blog – you could do yourself a huge favor and accumulate posts along similar ethics principles and publish a handful of anthologies of posts. The work is mostly done – strikes me as a great source of passive income even if they aren’t raging best sellers – the work is mostly done.

  3. I’ve missed some posts, so I must have missed Bill Barr. I haven’t seen a single comment on his betraying his client. That guy is one awful, awful human being. I’d say it’s a good thing he didn’t spend his career defending mafiosi. He’d be dead by now or at least ill advised to start any cars. Outrageous. Why can’t these people just keep their mouths shut?

    I’m sure the Beltway Greek Chorus will say “The AG is the head of the DOJ! He’s NOT the president’s personal lawyer. And Bill Barr (now our favorite hero du jour (because he hates Trump as much as we do!) did not represent Trump. He represented the American people! And the Constitution! And Democracy!” Assholes. Arrogant, smug assholes.

  4. What I like about this is that while I usually read the topics early on after they are posted I miss much of the valuable commentary. Having a “top 5” list will encourage me to go back and read the comments I probably missed (also one reason I really like the “comment of the day” feature).

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