Ethics Observations On “Benny Drama’s” White House Video

WordPress won’t let me embed TikTok and Instagram videos (or I can’t figure out how to do it), so if you are unfamiliar with the with the collaboration by the White House and web comic “Benny Drama” to convince Gen Z-ers to take their Wuhan vaccine, the above overview will have to do. The video debuted in August, but Fox News pundit Laura Ingraham aired part of it—with a sneer on her lips—just a couple of days ago.

Ethics Observations:

  • I couldn’t tell whether Ingraham and her guest knew that the “Kooper the White House Intern” bit was a gag, not am I sure about many of the conservative websites that have criticized it. I have some sympathy for this: is the Kooper video that much more ridiculous than the Jonas Brothers video that featured Biden? Does anyone doubt that in its effort to have every minority group under the sun represented on the White House staff, someone like Kooper wouldn’t be taken on as an intern?
  • Why would such a skit be deemed an effective  way to persuade young Americans to get vaccinated? Why is the White House endorsing the toxic cultural power of “social media influencers” like “Benny Drama”? What credentials, experience and demonstrated wisdom does he have to justify influencing anyone?
  • Isn’t this obvious, patronizing and insulting pandering?
  • I’m confused: “Benny’s” flaming gay portrayal is what very recently was condemned by activists as negative gay stereotyping. It’s not any more? When did that rule change?
  • If “Kooper’s antics are now considered acceptable gay behavior by the woke mob, someone needs to disabuse young gay men entering the work-force of the illusion that they can act like that in public and get hired, or act like that in the workplace and stay hired. They can’t.  Being “who you are” is swell, but some personal quirks will never inspire trust or respect.
  • The video represents the White House as being a ridiculous place that would accept someone like “Kooper” running amuck. Whether Ingraham thought the video was real or not, her main point was, “No wonder our foreign adversaries don’t take us seriously.” I can’t argue with that.
  • Granted, Jen Psaki is a paid liar, but placing the official spokesperson of the President of the United States in a video where she is falsely portraying anything is self-defeating and irresponsible.

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