“Rob Reiner, Are You That Smart?’

Yes, Rob Reiner, son of the late, great Carl and director of some of my favorite movies (“The Princess Bride,” “Stand By Me”…) as well as a serviceable character actor when he’s got good material, and one of the most combative and seemingly immune from reality of all Hollywood progressives, tweeted that today.

I was, earlier today as I watched the chaos at the border start exploding again,  saw the latest price of coffee at the CVS, and reflected on Joe Biden’s sage recommendation to deal with the gas prices that he is at least partly responsible for (get a $60,000 electric car) going to again express my amazement on Ethics Alarms regarding the people on my Facebook feed, in polls, and a few other locales where Facts Don’t Matter, who still adamantly claim that President Biden is doing a wonderful job. At what? What is it they are so pleased with? The crime? The inflation? The worsening societal divisions? The government’s embrace of sexualizing and racializing education below the age of 12? His government using agents in the private sector to chill free speech and the freedom of association?  The looming nuclear war? The mask mandates? The casual racial and sexual discrimination? The exploding national debt? Something else? Which?

And then I saw “The Meathead’s” tweet, as well as the 52.7 “loves” it attracted, and all I could think of was poor Dana..

This is April 1. The tweet would be a deft April Fool’s joke, except that the tweeter is  Reiner, who never says a cross word about any Democrat (except Senators Manshin and Sinema, whom he views as traitors), especially Joe Biden. Do those “loves” come from people who think he’s being satirical, and thus slyly critical? Do they come from people who actually agree that Biden is having a successful—SUCCESSFUL??—Presidency? (You know…Morons.)

All I could hear was Wilford Brimley’s voice echoing through my brain, in his iconic scene from “Absence of Malice”: “Mr. Gallagher, are you that smart?” Except in this case, it’s “Mr. Reiner.” Is he so smart that he sent off this tweet knowing that could plausibly claim it was an April Fools joke if someone made the easy case that the tweet was idiotic, and made many of the people who read it even dumber than they are, yet at the same time he could pander to the hopelessly biased knee-jerk partisans in Hollywood and elsewhere who will cheer anything Biden does, thus maintaining Carl’s son’s woke credentials?

Could he possibly be that smart?

I don’t think so. I think he’s a deluded, Trump-deranged, fool.

5 thoughts on ““Rob Reiner, Are You That Smart?’

    • I subscribed to The Economist some 20 years ago, but my free time for being able to digest the weekly dose of some very granular news that, at the time, seemed to be center-right well resourced articles of the world outside of the United States.
      Since letting my subscription lapse in 2005, either I or The Economist has undergone a substantial change.
      As I read the article, I was reminded of the Der Spiegel reporter asking President Biden at a NATO gathering a couple of weeks ago. This reporter from Der Spiegel used his only question to ask what Biden was doing to make sure that Trump did not get elected in 2024.
      Never mind the Russian invasion of Ukraine; Trump’s the greater concern.

  1. He lives in a bubble, his followers live in a bubble. They do not view several of the concerns you mentioned as problems at all and blame Trump/Conservatives/Republicans for the ones they can’t ignore as problems.

  2. As you all know, my life revolves around ag, I must say they’ve been excellent at trying to be non partisan. To do that the talk show, agritalk, has people from the Cabinet chat when they can get them on. On Friday afternoon’s show, (it might have been an earlier episode as I use podcasts) he was so excited that the Biden admin has created 450,000 jobs consistently since he’s been in office.
    Never mind that missed the expected targets, never mind he was in an artificial job slump, never mind we still aren’t back to pre pandemic job numbers last I checked. Never mind the phrase of the media is “the great resignation”. It was horrible, but I can see how people would happily accept the premise that he is “doing good” if that’s all I heard and anyone who questions the numbers is “attacking”.
    I guess we will see if they can fool some of the people all of the time.

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