“Transgender Day of Visibility” Ethics Duncery

Did you know yesterday was “Transgender Day of Visibility”? That’s funny, it seemed to me that this tiny minority in the U.S. has been disproportionately visible for years. Here’s the Presidents’ obsequious pander:

“To everyone celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility, I want you to know your president sees you, Jill, Kamala, Doug, our entire administration sees you for who you are. On this day and every day, we recognize the resilience, strength, and joy of transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people. We celebrate the activism and determination that have fueled the fight for transgender equality. We acknowledge the adversity and discrimination that the transgender community continues to face across our nation and around the world. Like never before, they are sharing their stories in books and magazines; breaking glass ceilings of representation on television and movie screens; enlisting — once again — to serve proudly and openly in our military; getting elected and making policy at every level of government; and running businesses, curing diseases, and serving our communities in countless other ways. Despite this progress, transgender Americans continue to face discrimination, harassment, and barriers to opportunity…I call upon all Americans to join us in lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people throughout our Nation and to work toward eliminating discrimination against all transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary people — and all people.”

To state the obvious, there is nothing for legitimately transgendered individual to “celebrate.” there is nothing to be ashamed of, either, but one of the many social maladies we have is that everything has to be one extreme or another. Theirs is a disastrous misalignment of body, sexuality and mind that is painful and expensive to correct, to the extent it can be corrected. The problem, that does require a solution, is to be regarded with understanding and compassion, but “celebrating” it is like celebrating being bi-polar. This is pure propaganda.

Among the “discrimination” examples Biden cited was objecting to biological men like Lia Thomas throttling biological women in women’s swimming events. And that is justification for discounting anything he, or his ventriloquists blather on the topic.

The day before, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Population Affairs (OPA) released a document titled “Gender Affirming Care and Young People.” A similar release came from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), which titled theirs “Gender-Affirming Care Is Trauma-Informed Care.”

These releases confirmed that the Democratic Party-controlled federal agencies are using their power to push extreme Democratic constituency agendas on American society and culture before the know what’s happening

The OPA document classifies puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and gender-affirming surgeries for children as “gender-affirming care.” You know, like their cherry-picked “experts” claim. Though the effects of these medications can be irreversible and can pose other health risks, none have been subjected to randomized controlled trials or longitudinal studies, or approved by the FDA. The fad of letting, or persuading, or applauding minors changing their sex hasn’t been around long enough to study: this is how really bad ideas are inflicted on the culture.

We are told that “gender-affirming care” improves the mental health and overall well-being of “gender-diverse children.” None of this is science; it’s advocacy. This is why courts in the U.K. recently banned puberty blockers and hormone therapy for children under 16.

Writes John Sexton,

The NCTSN recommends adults simply believe whatever children tell them about their gender identity and affirm it without question…For some reason, these agencies want children to be in charge rather than guided and questioned. 

If you find this stuff ill-advised, irresponsible, and dangerous, you are just an anti-LBGTQ bigot, that’s all. That is the current progressive line.


I resent that. Many of my very best and most cherished friends are gay; perhaps even more than I think. Among them are some of the finest, smartest, most generous and wise human beings in my life. Some have changed and influenced my life for the better in significant ways. I have two good friends who are tansgender, one male and one female. I’m pretty sure that puts me in a select minority. I don’t think any less of these individuals than I would of anyone else, unless they try to use their special condition to, say, cheat in sports. I would trust either with my life. For all of these, and my bisexual friends (and family members) too, I want nothing but happiness and success for them, and would do nothing to stand in the way of that.

However, the strong-arm tactics of LBGTQ activists, including such abuse of government power, parental rights and children’s welfare or not in anyone’ best interests, including my friends’. They are simply cynical bids for uninformed votes by a party (not the only one) that doesn’t care what damage its policies do, as long as they win elections

[Incidentally, when we discuss this topic I miss the perspective of house expert zoebrain greatly.]

19 thoughts on ““Transgender Day of Visibility” Ethics Duncery

  1. I dread the mental health issues of these poor kids when they are adults and were transitioned by over-zealous adults.

  2. I think you can love and care for someone, think they are a decent person, and still think that there is mental illness afoot. Being transgender is a body morphic disorder just like any others, such as anorexia. I think the question we should be asking is what the appropriate treatment is.

    Does transitioning solve the issue, or is there something else going on? Some people transition and regret it, and others don’t regret it (or at least don’t claim to). There’s also mixed evidence whether transitioning actually improves the high depression and suicide rates in the transgender community.

    But what shouldn’t be happening is kids being manipulated by political ideologues. Being trans isn’t like being gay. It’s not an orientation you realize when you hit puberty like my brother. My brother is gay, and he said when he hit puberty, he knew he was gay. Believing you are the “wrong gender” is a whole different ballgame.

    Someone who does believe that wouldn’t be able to make any real decisions about what to do about it until that person is old enough to understand every step of the process. A 10 year old does not understand puberty blockers or hormones or anything like that, and some of this stuff can cause infertilely in people if yo udo it while you’re young. I cannot imagine being 10 years old, saying I was transgender, and being given puberty blockers and ending up infertile. We are basically experimenting on kids, and there is no excuse for that.

    The left has no boundaries anymore. Almost anything seems to be okay now. We can’t even ask basic, rational questions without getting an ism thrown at us.

    • What? Believing in the essential beneficence of the United States isn’t OK. Enforcing laws isn’t OK. Not holding radical leftist beliefs isn’t OK. The Bill of Rights isn’t OK.

  3. I do grow weary of people asking me to help them out by doing exactly what they say so they can more easily shout down the people who don’t like them for whatever reason. I’d prefer they make use of my expertise to express themselves more effectively so as to be listened to, understood, and taken seriously.

    Is it fair that they have to make an effort to persuade people to treat them with basic respect? No. That’s why I decided to do humanity’s difficult intellectual work on the subject for them myself. I chose to be effective in my efforts rather than justified in disengagement. Unfortunately, I can’t absolve humans of the remaining responsibility.

    How might we protect gender/sexual/romantic nonconforming people from those who wish them ill, without turning nonconformity into another way to conform?

    My approach in this case would be to remind people that asserting their concerns is not incompatible with basic respect and decency, nor with constructive negotiation.

  4. When it becomes ok for adults to encourage young children to express their sexuality or influence these kids through “gender affirming care” then we must logically repeal ALL laws on child porn or pedophilia.

    If the argument is that these kids are emotionally intelligent to understand the myriad issues pertaining to human sexuality then it stands to reason that a child who has reached the ripe old age for being in elementary school is competent to consent to a sexual relationship with adults. Is that where we want to go.

    I read that a teacher stated that 20 of her 32 4th grade students “came out” to her. She did not elaborate what came out meant but I doubt that nearly 63% of her 9 year old students even know what gay or any of the other letters mean. Someone else claimed to have Tran an pansexual prepubescent children. These kids are being manipulated.

    I bet if you asked a youngster who they preferred to be with little girls will say other little girls and little boys want to be with other little boys. That does not mean the prefer their own gender for sexual purposes; young kids are not focused on sex unless they are trained to be so.

    I am beginning to believe that this push to sexualize kids is just another way to drive a wedge between their parents and the authority figures that the kids are subjected to for 180 days of the year.

    • “Someone else claimed to have Tran an pansexual prepubescent children. These kids are being manipulated.”
      That was one of the Disney division presidents who was pushing to stuff their products with as much LGBTXYZ content as possible. I wouldn’t doubt at all that she is grooming those kids as badges of her wokeness.

  5. It seems that this is not really about supporting transgendered people as it is about extending government power, and transgendereds are a pretext to that end.

    If gender is really fluid and a social construct, then why are women a protected class in employment, education, and under Title XI? And, why is abortion solely a woman’s right to choose?

    This is government by crisis, creating an issue to conquer by government action. There’s no different between this issue and climate change.


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