Andrew Sullivan Finally Can’t Take It Any More: Ethics Quote Of The Day

“This is the poisonous heart of CRT: that white people, by virtue of merely existing, are all morally problematic and always will be. Even if all the systems have been repealed. Even if you’d never racially discriminate yourself. Even if you spent your life fighting racism. That is why Bond called the Abolitionist movement indistinguishable in terms of its racism from the KKK! Why? Because whites are only ever whites…Absorb that for a moment. This foul race essentialism, this view of white Americans as a single, undifferentiated blob of hate existing through the centuries as a force for the oppression of non-whites is simply the inverse of the old racism. It’s replacing hatred of blacks with hatred of whites; it’s replacing discrimination against blacks with discrimination against whites and Asians and others. It’s being used to make even more money for rich white people, to provide some elite whites with a weapon to destroy their career rivals, and to help build a new racial spoils system that leaves any notion of colorblindness or individual rights behind.”

—Blogger Andrew Sullivan, after being metaphorically mugged on comic Jon Stewart’s new TV show on an episode titled “The Problem With White People,” where Stewart and another guest called him a white supremacist.

If Sullivan’s substack newsletter were Ethics Alarms, his intense post called “The Trouble With Jon Stewart” would be tagged as a “Popeye,” as in “That’s all I can stands, ‘cuz I can’t stands no more!”

Andrew is at heart a moderate conservative and an intellectual. He started playing a progressive on TV when he decided to elevate being gay above all of his other priorities and values, but he wore the mask uncomfortably. A wonderful writer, Sullivan had never aimed both barrels of his solid knowledge and logic at the George Floyd Freakout and the resulting rush to embrace anti-white racism in the schools, private sector and government, but apparently his mugging at the hands of Stewart, and especially Stewart’s woke guest Lisa Bond, a white woman who runs an organization called Race2Dinner that charges other white women $2,500 per dinner to be harangued for their racism, was a tipping point.  (You gotta admire her entrepreneurial brilliance for that one! P.T. Barnum would be proud of her.)

As Bruce Willis would have said to Sullivan in the actor’s better days, “Welcome to the party, pal!”

Sullivan writes,

Lisa Bond is unequivocably a racist — and a sexist. She said the following on the air in front of Stewart: “I did not come on this show to argue with another white man. That’s one of the reasons we don’t even engage with white men at Race2Dinner, because quite honestly if white men were going to do something about racism, you had 400 years. You could have done it.”

When I tried to explain that I immigrated in 1984, and that a white man in 2022 cannot possibly be held responsible for something that happened four centuries ago, she replied: “I’m going to shut you down.” Stewart was enthralled. Then she spelled out exactly what she meant: “All white people do this. I don’t care if we say we’re Abolitionists, I don’t care if we say we’re Progressive, I don’t care if we are literally members of the KKK. Every single white person upholds these systems and structures of white supremacy, and we have got to talk about it.”

Sullivan, like a lot of writers, is much better on the page than on his feet. His essay is one of those “what I should have said if I hadn’t been so upset” pieces, but I forgive him for that: if his mistreatment by woke race-baiters sparked this superb dismantling of the “systemic racism” narrative, it was worth the experience. I’ve don’t think I’ve seen better.

Read it all, but here are a few of the essay’s many highlights:

The entire dynamic of the show mirrored, it seems to me, the dynamic of the imposition of critical race theory across our society. You can see the technique everywhere. You start with the obscenity of slavery; you talk constantly of history; you lay out Reconstruction, lynching, Jim Crow, segregation and the other brutalities of the past. So far, so good. That’s vital work — and we should pay tribute and close attention to it. But the point of CRT is not to educate people about how appallingly African-Americans were once treated in this country, to construct an account of the progress since then, to note the Americans of all races who helped make a difference, and then to propose specific policies that might help move us further forward, into a more perfect union.

No, the whole point is to insist that this history is still the reality, that the structure of American society is no different in kind than in 1619, and that its democracy was designed from the beginning to brutalize non-whites forever.


In a section in which Sullivan admits that he fumbled the moment, he writes what he should have said, but didn’t…

So when I asked Stewart to delineate “structural racism,” he reflexively listed a bunch of “systems” that no longer exist: post-war redlining, the GI bill, and so on…my core point is that in America in 2022, the only formal legal systems that openly advocate race discrimination are discriminating in favor of African-Americans, not against them. Affirmative action was only supposed to be a temporary diversion from liberal principles. It’s now a permanent system of race discrimination to favor blacks over every other demographic, disproportionately harming Asian-Americans. The federal government now enforces it across every department.

Then Sullivan brings out the big guns, also known as “reality,” but sadly in a debate in which Facts Don’t Matter:

Or take the impact of family structure. A very solid finding in social science is that the key ingredient for success in America is being raised by two parents in the home, and getting married. It logically follows that when 84 percent of Asian kids grow up in a two-parent household, and only 33 percent of black kids do, you don’t need some abstract notion of “white supremacy” to explain why Asian-Americans, even the poorest, have sailed past African-Americans in educational success.

Is the poor family structure itself caused by the impact of white supremacy? The data show that the black family was actually more intactbefore the Civil Rights Movement than after it. And marriage in general was more valued:

From 1890 through 1940, black women tended to marry earlier than white women did…. In 1950, black women aged 40–44 were actually more likely to have ever married than were white women of the same age. Racial differences in marriage remained modest as recently as 1970, when 94.8 percent of white women and 92.2 percent of black women had ever been married.

And again, the importance of family structure isn’t limited to black Americans, of course:

Being raised in a married-couple household led the poverty rate for black children to go down 73 percent compared to mother-only households and 67 percent compared to father-only households. And as evidence of the power of family structure to transcend race, 31 percent of white children raised in mother-only households live in poverty, versus just 12 percent of black children living with their married parents. That is a stunning realization.

Except that most of the American public doesn’t realize it, because the mainstream media and the education establishment is allied with the BLM race-hustlers. When conservatives mention the statistics, it’s because they are racists, trying to blame the victims of America’s racism. On this, Sullivan writes,

I raise these points not to argue against the reality of racism today; it’s still among us, of course. It’s just far, far less common than in the past. In 1958, for example, four percent of Americans approved of marriage between blacks and whites; today, it’s 94 percent. If you think that’s evidence of the permanence of “white supremacy,” I don’t know what to tell you. I’m also not denying persistent wealth and educational gaps. But let’s not go overboard in our gloom. In 2019, the black unemployment rate and black poverty rate reached all-time lows. (For more optimism, read these comprehensive pieces by Coleman Hughes and Wilfred Reilly.)

Nor do I want to ignore the historical legacy of public and private discrimination. I’m just saying any explanation for racial disparities today is much more complex than simply intoning “white supremacy,” and implicitly dismissing any notion of other factors, or any black agency at all.

Andrew, a virulent anti-Trump zealot, can’t bring himself to mention that the all-time lows for black unemployment and black poverty miraculously occurred after 75% of Trump’s term, as he was being called a racist by Sullivan’s progressive pals at the time.

Well, nobody’s perfect. Sullivan has written a terrific take-down of the whole CRT lie. I bet you have friends who need to read it too.

13 thoughts on “Andrew Sullivan Finally Can’t Take It Any More: Ethics Quote Of The Day

  1. Andrew Sullivan wrote:

    Lisa Bond is unequivocably a racist — and a sexist. She said the following on the air in front of Stewart: “I did not come on this show to argue with another white man. That’s one of the reasons we don’t even engage with white men at Race2Dinner, because quite honestly if white men were going to do something about racism, you had 400 years. You could have done it.”

    Pure poison. This may be the worst exposition of foulness I have had the misfortune to read in recent memory. It is full of racial loathing and pregnant with white elitism. Apparently, self-awareness in Bond’s business is a liability. She is a white grifter trading on black fears and stoking racial division with malice aforethought, and that’s the nicest thing I can say about her.

    Attention must be paid, and while I approve of Sullivan’s takedown, we need more than this to defang the serpent of race essentialism that strikes at the very heart of our country’s ethics. That anyone stating such an opinion would be greeted with anything less than the very strongest rebuke leaves me shocked and dismayed. I’m looking right at you, Jon Stewart.

    This is a horrible, horrible woman with no obvious redeeming qualities. Her opinion should be broadcast far and wide, and those who approve of it have blots placed in their copybooks at minimum.

  2. “I bet you have friends who need to read it too.”

    Sadly, the people who most need to read it, won’t.

    I have a friend who’s been poisoned with this shit and 4th-wave feminist nonsense almost to a crippling degree. There’s no way I could convince her to read Sullivan’s essay with an open mind.

  3. “It logically follows that when 84 percent of Asian kids grow up in a two-parent household, and only 33 percent of black kids do, you don’t need some abstract notion of “white supremacy” to explain why Asian-Americans, even the poorest, have sailed past African-Americans in educational success.”

    As Ben Shapiro would say, that’s because “it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture.” A culture, I might add, that has the full stamp of approval of the welfare system.

      • Yes, it’s toxic. It’s also insidious and evil when a government program incentivizes and encourages men to abandon their responsibilities.

        Perhaps I’m preaching to the choir: but I can’t imagine what it does to a man’s psyche when one’s government tells you that they have no confidence that you’ll step up to the plate and, in fact, they’d prefer you just didn’t.


  4. It’s things like this that lead me to believe that the state of racial relations in this nation may be hopeless. Zoltar used to chide me for believing that the right and the left in this country are separated by a gulf that has gotten wider and wider over the past few decades that it is now uncrossable, like the great gulf between Gehenna and the bosom of Abraham in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Unfortunately, the existence of a wide gulf combined with a desire to make it wider and that it NOT be bridged will eventually get you to that state of affairs.

    There is an Italian proverb, actually I think the idea is in a lot of languages and cultures, but this is how I learned it. “Chi cerca il male, il male trova.” Who seeks evil, evil finds. If you look only for the bad things, you will only ever see the bad things. Eventually the bad things will come to dominate your thinking, your actions, and your worldview to the point where you won’t even be able to see the good things even if you try. A good part of academia is already there – those who turn history into nothing more than a parade of villains and leave their students guilt-ridden pessimists. It’s probably not unfair to say that the right sees this country as a work in progress that has been of its times, stumbled occasionally, lost its way occasionally, and even made some bad choices now and then, but is still moving each day toward the best it can be, while the left sees this country as a series of failures, cruelties, and villainies that started bad and has generally stayed bad, although occasionally, mostly in the time from 1967-1980 and 2020-2022, there have been glimmers of some kind of hope. Generally, as far as the left is concerned, this nation is not anything to be proud of, rather, it is something to be ashamed of.

    Something most folks don’t know about post-WWII Germany is that the allied army of occupation did a lot more than tear down swastikas and a few statues of Nazi leaders (which there weren’t very many of to begin with, they were not really Hitler’s thing). The Allied Control Commission issued orders following the war demanding the destruction of all monuments and museums that were “patriotic, nationalistic or idealizing German culture.” The idea was that these guilty ex-Nazis had to be not just defeated, but broken, in the hopes that they would forever lose the will to fight. Well, the Allies didn’t get to every monument in Germany, but by 1949 the new Federal Republic was eagerly carrying on trashing its past, until the formation of NATO and the realization that West Germany was going to be needed in the Cold War led to psychological breakage going on the back burner. The Soviet overlords of East Germany carried on for a while, also plunking down a few monuments of their own, but eventually they moved on to taking out the trash and getting the trains to move. Thankfully some cultural treasures, like Mt. Kyffhauser’s monument to Frederick Barbarossa and Herford’s statue of Widukind, escaped being torn down, but you can still walk past buildings scarred where Nazi symbols were ripped off or blown off, and streets named for pre-Nazi German rulers and military figures are thin on the ground. This is deliberately that way, so that all Germans will every day see tangible reminders of what their country once did, feel like they have a part in that collective guilt, and never again think anything vaguely nationalistic or militaristic. Of course, this also meant that West Germany couldn’t properly secure the Munich Olympics, and we all know what happened there. It also meant that the Bundeswehr had no special forces capability until after 9/11, when it was decided it was necessary after all. It also means that to this day Germany has an army of just under $63,000 soldiers, just over 12% of the size of the US Army, while their population is just over 25% of ours. They are a broken nation that is happy to remain broken.

    That’s before we even talk about Japan, whose Constitution renounces the right of war forever and prohibits the development of armed forces. As a result, the Japanese military call themselves the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, and are not supposed to be deployed or deployable outside the immediate defense area of the country (this has been bent a few times). Japan is also quite happy to stay a pacifist country reliant on others to guarantee its safety among the nations, and that’s part of why the immediate area that the atomic bombs hit has not been redeveloped.

    As a footnote I could briefly talk about Costa Rica, which abolished its military in 1948 in the wake of a civil war there and whose supreme court has ruled that the right to a “peaceful life” gives citizens standing to oppose the mere docking of any military ship from any other nation. However, they are but a postage stamp in a hemisphere dominated by the US and they self-broke, as opposed to being broken by others.

    Why am I talking about all of this? It’s because the American left wants to see the American white race, except for their own elite, of course, reach this stage of brokenness and then some. They blame the American white race for every current problem those who are black and brown in this country have. As far as they are concerned, every white person in this country, except the lefty elite, has the racial equivalent of original sin. Actually, it’s worse than original sin, since original sin can be washed away with baptism or a similar religious rite. There is nothing that can take this incubus of slavery and oppression away from the white race. So, because the white race is tainted, everything they did is tainted and can’t be honored, in fact, it should be a source of shame.

    That’s why statue-toppling can’t stop with Confederates and can’t be compromised by movement of problematic monuments someplace else, or even by seamless replacement. It’s not enough to take a statue of Christopher Columbus from the public square and move it to in front of a traditionally Italian church or the Knights of Columbus headquarters (and speaking about that name, Knights…), it needs to be melted down or otherwise destroyed. It’s also not enough to move a statue of Andrew Jackson aside and replace it with a statue of Chief Red Stick, there have to be really obvious, really big, really unavoidable signs telling what happened, so that everyone, and especially every white person, who sees this, knows exactly what happened and is reminded yet again that “you are not worthy of honor,” just in case you forget for a minute or two. That’s also why policing, especially white policing, needs to be reduced or zeroed out, because it’s tainted too, it all started with slave catchers. That’s also why we need to start putting low-income housing in every suburb, to change it from a suburb to an extension of the cities, so there can’t be any communities where white people, especially white men, are in charge. White men had their chance, and they blew it. Now it’s their turn to be afraid, and we’re going to make sure they’re afraid. Every time they see that empty stand where the traffic cop used to direct traffic from, every time they see that police precinct that’s now a black culture center, every time they see that empty pedestal where their guy used to be, or that new statue with the sign that tells them “ha ha, your guy’s gone and you can’t do a thing about it,” every time they see Malik with the shaved head and Masai with the dreadlocks and Jamal with the cornrows giving them the stare that says “one false move, mothafucka, and we’ll give you the beat-down of your life,” they’re going to know it’s not their world anymore, and they’re going to keep quiet and do as they’re told, thankful we let them live one more day in this world.

    That’s also why the left and the blacks need critical race theory in the schools, so they can make sure the next generation of white people grows up cowed, scared, and self-loathing, and won’t even bother trying to stand up for itself.

    The problem is, it’s looking like they may yet fall short of this goal, since their chosen president is showing himself to be a total incompetent and the focus is moving off racial justice while the reckoning slips further into the past. What can they do to relight this fire? It better be soon, or 2 years from now might see the return of he who must not be named.

    • man, this is why i love the internet, 1 comment on 1 blog just taught me so much!
      also, just to add to what you said, the critical theory Soc Just movement has taught me how guilt and shame can be weaponized and used as a means of social control.
      my friends are mostly Gen X NY/SF/LA arts and culture types and i’ve noticed in the past few years how they can never say “Thanksgiving” without mentioning the genocide of the Indians, can never mention “July 4” or any Founding Father without bringing up slavery, and more recently, they all parrot the whole “Just Say Gay” thing without even needing to read the bill or hear the justification.
      it’s like the academic leftists have erected an electrified fence in their brains and they’ve been trained and conditioned to only spout approved dogma when any sensitive victim-adjacent topics arise.
      it really is a very impressive brainwashing project that’s unfortunately been wildly successful.

      • I was thinking more like electric collars or like the metal mesh caps that were placed on the heads of humans at the age of 14 in the Tripods trilogy (The White Mountains, The City of Gold and Lead, The Pool of Fire) to keep them obedient. Either way, it’s the same general idea, keep people obedient, and use some ostensibly benign force as their jailer.

  5. Reading the whole Sullivan article I noticed he erroneously thought Stewart would moderate a a civil debate. There has never been evidence that Stewart’s intent has ever been anything other what it is – endless repetition of the left’ cant. Sullivan points are historically accurate but accuracy has never accepted by ideologues who deemed themselves and are deemed by others to be demigods. Anti whiteness is now a sociably acceptable disease suffered by many. Obama is biracial yet we never heard of his half whiteness, Kamala is a descendent of slave traders married to a white Jewish man but that is never touted.
    Does a white man need to be publically lynched to bring this idiocy of CRT to its needed end.?
    I will circulate this but i

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