Stop Making Me Defend Tucker Carlson! This Time, Everyone BUT Carlson Is The Ethics Dunce…

Hmmm...I wondered where a determined conspiracy theorist here got the idea that we couldn’t know if the Ukrainian military killed the photographed “war crimes victims,” deposited them in mass graves and then blamed Russia. The commenter’s unlikely fantasy may have been based on an argument attributed to Tucker Carlson–in a fake quote circulated by Ethics Alarms-certified Fick Joe Walsh, the former GOP Congressman, on Twitter.

On April 4, Walsh sent the tweet above to his inexplicably numerous followers, seemingly showing that Carlson was repeating Russian propaganda in its denial of war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine. Just about everyone who wanted to condemn Carlson quickly assumed Walsh’s tweet was accurate. (I wouldn’t trust Joe Walsh to tell me the right time of day.) Newsweek did a partial rundown:

  • On Reddit, a screenshot of Walsh’s post got nearly 60,000 upvotes, with thousands of comments attacking Carlson for something he never said. Democrats and their henchmen in the media particularly embraced the tweet, like
  • Former Trump impeachment prosecutor Daniel Goldman,
  • MSNBC host Joy Reid,
  • “Daily Beast” columnist Wajahat Ali
  • Obama White House deputy chief of staff Alyssa Mastromonaco. And more…
  • “It should trouble every American that the right wing and Trump are in absolute sync (and have been) with Putin,” tweeted Luke Zaleski, legal affairs editor and fact-checker at global media company that owns The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, GQ, Teen Vogue and other publications. “Their talking points and anti-democratic actions and agendas are antagonistic to the rule of law and ongoing–and have led to two impeachments and an attack on congress.”
  • Richard Ojeda, the spokesman for a PAC which helps elect Democratic candidates in rural areas, tweeted: “I understand freedom of speech but in WWII they shaved the heads of women who crawled in bed with the enemy. I think it’s time to pull out the clippers. PISS ON TUCKER CARLSON!”

The despicable and reflexively unethical Reid really let loose, accusing her Fox News competitor of “getting his show scripts straight from the Kremlin or the GRU,” Russia’s foreign military intelligence agency. Trump-Deranged activist and writer Amy Siskind demanded that Fox News take Carlson off of its schedule. Trump-hating Republicans also assumed that Joe Walsh spoke the truth. Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger, who voted for two unconstitutional partisan impeachments, wrote, “I gotta say, if [Carlson] is not a Russian asset he should be, he is absolutely over-qualified for the job. Is he a Russian asset? I don’t know, just asking questions.”

Not only didn’t Carlson say what Walsh tweeted that he did, he couldn’t have: Walsh sent out the tweet many hours before what he called “tonight”s” show. Later Walsh tweeted a clarification:;

 “I tweeted this out this morning. I was predicting what @TuckerCarlson would say ‘tonight.’ Here’s what’s funny: So many people read this tweet & believed Tucker had already said it. Which is understandable becuz it’s EXACTLY the kind of thing Putin-lover Tucker would & has said.”

Let me reiterate: Joe Walsh is a Fick. He’s unethical, and is proud of it. His excuse is pure Al Sharpton a la Tawana Brawley:  “It could have been true, so it’s as good as true.” No, you asshole, it’s not. His tweet was either deliberately misleading, or so reckless and negligent in its wording that it is a microfilimant away from libel.

Carlson gave a better “clarification”:

The problem is the quote that got Adam Kinzinger so aroused and Joe Reid and Ted Lieu is not real. It’s completely made up. We didn’t say that we didn’t say anything like that. We didn’t even address the topic on the air in any way. So everything about Joe Walsh’s tweet is a manufactured lie. It’s pure disinformation as they now say. Here is the funny thing, Twitter let it stand. The tweet is up now. Now, we might have responded to Walsh on Twitter, but we couldn’t do that because we’ve been locked out of our own Twitter account for more than a week.

Twitter, meanwhile, hasn’t made Walsh take down the tweet or disciplined him in any way.

10 thoughts on “Stop Making Me Defend Tucker Carlson! This Time, Everyone BUT Carlson Is The Ethics Dunce…

  1. The Babylon Bee, which is having its own problems with Twitter, posted a mock video of a Twitter trainer speaking to two new employees about censoring hate speech; he defined “hate speech” as “speech we hate.” Makes sense to me.

  2. This is an example of exactly why the oligarchy of the new “public square” should either be required to adhere to free speech principals as the open platforms they pretend to be, or be liable and subject to lawsuits for their content.

    • The only way that might happen Willem is if the disinformation campaign tilts against the radical fascist Left, so only when forced.
      Not sure why there wasn’t a more concerted effort towards that end when republicans controlled the Prez, Senate, and House.

      • Most Republicans feel that most private companies should have as little interference from government as possible. Just because we don’t like someone else’s conduct isn’t a reason to interfere. Twitter squishing the NY Post about Hunter’s laptop was normal mainstream media conduct.
        When the President was kicked off of all social media platforms and Amazon shut down Parler, it was a wake up call.

        • I agree about the gov’t being generally hands-off. When the ones controlling the flow of speech approach monopoly and also have a sweetheart deal with said government protecting them from consequences, that changes the considerations.

    • And won’t that be hilarious. Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post and the crowd nods sage approval. If Elon Musk gets control of twitter, it will be “a threat to Democracy” and the end of free speech.

      • Oh you should see the comments already on some sites from the very sort who put blue and yellow flags on their tweets and virtue-signal with the own Teslas. Suddenly Elon is now a terrible boss who stole all his ideas and is destroying the environment…He’s the Devil.

  3. Presenting a quote as a quote without saying it’s a quote is definitely unethical.

    On another note, all sides engage in propaganda in war. I’m not saying Ukraine killed people and then blamed Russia, but I’m sure they have used manipulated photos and presented more carnage than perhaps has actually happened (though there is still definite, real carnage). Every war has propaganda. It’s much easier to see this propaganda with the internet. You can even compare propaganda by both sides!

    Russia is obviously the aggressor, but that doesn’t mean believing everything Ukraine puts out either.

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