From The “It Doesn’t Quite Speak For Itself” Files…

This sign was apparent seen on the Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis campus. 

What’s going on here?

Is Purdue taking a stand against the miserable treatment of free speech on so many other campuses? Is this a student prank? Is it satire? Should we find it depressing or encouraging? If it is the work of students, will Purdue remove it? If it is a statement by the school, will students or faculty protest?

4 thoughts on “From The “It Doesn’t Quite Speak For Itself” Files…

  1. Perhaps it’s associated with this survey?

    Undergraduate students should expect emailed Gallup survey on free speech; participation encouraged

    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Currently enrolled undergraduates at all public colleges and universities in the state of Indiana, including Purdue University, will soon receive an emailed survey seeking input on campus climates for free speech. The messages, and the survey itself, to be sent in early April, will come from Gallup Inc. and should be considered safe.

    The Gallup-Indiana Free Speech Survey is a directive of the Indiana Legislature. As part of a House bill that Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law last year, all public Indiana colleges and universities are required to survey their undergraduate students on the topic, with results due by the end of April. Data gathered will be shared with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education as part of a larger report on the protection of free speech on college campuses.

    Students should receive the survey on April 5. Individual student participation is optional, but students are strongly encouraged to participate. Surveys will be anonymous, and no identifying information will be shared…

  2. IUPUI is a commuter campus in Indianapolis where students can take courses from either Indiana University (located in Bloomington) or Purdue University (located in Lafayette).

    A good portion of its student body are adults taking classes during non-working hours to get put-off degrees, though traditional young adults from the surrounding urban setting go there, too.

    I’ve seen signs like that. Not sure what’s up with this particular one, but it could very well be a Don’t Tread on Me warning. Indiana is a very red state while Indianapolis itself runs blue these days. Maybe college administrators are making a point.

    On the other hand, this could be a designated sight for demonstration site. If so, the sign could serve as warning for those possibly thinking about confronting those engaging in said free speech. I guess it would be helpful to know who is using free speech here and for what.

  3. I’d be very surprised if it were put there by faculty, slightly less surprised if by the University, and surprised if it’s still there if placed by conservative students. Until known, Poe’s law fully in effect here.

  4. I didn’t see this until just now. Yikes! As a graduate of Indiana University (Bloomington) I may have to consider turning my B.A. to the wall – except it’s still in a box from our last year’s move. I’ll wait and see.

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