“Jen Psaki’s Job Is Not An Easy One (Easy One!)”

Well! Jen Psaki has been hot as a firecracker lately! Before we get into details, however, let’s add a verse to that immortal Gilbert and Sullivan song above, shall we?

When Joe Biden utters something idiotic (Idiotic!)
Or he babbles what his puppeteers forbid (They forbid)
Jen Psaki must deny he even thought it (That he thought it)
And insist he never did what he just did. (What he did!)
Though her figurative pants may be on fire (Pants on fire!)
Do admire her for the tales she’s boldly spun. (That she’s spun)
It’s a chore to be Joe’s designated liar (She’s his liar!)
Jen Psaki’s job is not an easy one.


Since deceptive propaganda must be done, must be done.
Jen Psaki’s job is not an easy one…Easy one!

There, now that I’ve got that out of my system, Jen’s latest hits!

First, the “Putin Price Hike” lie…

This goes beyond mere lying, which is what Psaki does every day. The claim that gas prices and the skyrocketing inflation are the fault of the Russian Ukraine invasion is gaslighting. Funny, I seem to recall both gas and other prices heading up at today’s trajectory long before Vlad decided to become a war criminal. Must be my imagination…

How stupid does the Biden administration think American are? Very stupid, apparently. Psaki has been repeating “Putin Price Hike” for quite a while now: obviously it was decided upon by some focus group exercise as the Democrats’ best chance to hypnotize Americans into believing that spending trillions the nation doesn’t have and blocking energy production to make Greta Thunberg happy haven’t caused the price hikes in everything, because it’s all Putin’s fault (and greedy American corporations). Of course, polls showing about 40% of the public still thinking Joe is doing a bang-up job does encourage the “these people will believe anything!” conclusion.I also observe that the mainstream media, especially the Times, Post, CNN and MSNBC, are devoting a ridiculous percentage of their time and space reporting on the war on Ukraine. This allows them to bury other news (or ignore it), and to help Jen and Joe brainwash the public into thinking that everything going badly is about Putin and Russia.

My wife and I watched CNN this morning just to test my theory: until the NYC subway shooting, the Ukraine was virtually all CNN was talking about…interviews with mothers, military experts, Russia specialists…most of it wasn’t even news.

Am I unreasonably suspicious in thinking this is a pro-Biden, “Putin price hike” strategy, just as I strongly suspect that the Wuhan virus scaremongering and hysteria in 2020 was partially a deliberate strategy to take down Trump?

The amazing “emotional moment” and “important role”exceptions…

“Nah, rules and laws aren’t for the little people!”

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Psaki last week why Vice President Kamala Harris wasn’t wearing her mask in several photos and videos.  For example, Harris hugged newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson while maskless, and she has been exposed to several infected individuals lately.

“You mean when she gave her a hug outside?” Psaki said. “Yes,” Doocy said. “She was outside,” the press secretary said.

Yes, the White House’s paid liar is willing to let citizens believe that risky behavior during a pandemic is fine and safe in order to avoid admitting official hypocrisy. If you hug someone, the risk to both individuals is exactly the same whether it is inside or outside. Duh.

“Does the CDC say the people who are in close contact can give people hugs outside?” Doocy responded. Psaki’s response was an unspoken huminahumina. Caught!

Doocy then pointed out that Harris did not wear a mask on the Senate floor Thursday during the confirmation vote either.

Psaki: “She was playing an important role in overseeing the confirmation of the first black woman to the Supreme Court. The vast majority, as was on camera, Peter, as was on camera, let me finish my answer here because Fox — I don’t know that Fox carried it — but others did, saw that she was socially distant from people for the vast, vast majority of her time overseeing that confirmation yesterday.”

Really, Jen? Really? Virus health rules magically disappear when a black woman is being confirmed for the Supreme Court? This sounds a lot like the woke health community’s “Nobody can go to weddings funerals or churches, but if you’re rioting over George Floyd, masks and social distancing are not required.” I also like Psaki’s fascinating “As long as you follow the rules most of the time” health principle. “Hey, she usually isn’t drunk when she drives!” “The vast, vast majority of the time he doesn’t have unprotected anal sex!” Most of the time she doesn’t sneeze in people’s faces!”

I did not know health rules worked like that!

“So this isn’t a case of rules for thee but not for VP?” Doocy continued

“She had an emotional moment which is understandable,” the press secretary answered.

Ah! So emotion keeps the virus away! I didn’t know that, either.

Why couldn’t Psaki simply say, “Yes, the VP was wrong. It is as important for our leaders to observe the protocols and best practices as anyone else. As I’m sure you know, we all forget sometimes. That doesn’t make it right or responsible. I’m sure Vice-President Harris agrees”?

Why? Because she thinks we’re all stupid. Because this administration refuses to be accountable for anything. Because Psaki is a paid liar, so her first instinct is to lie.

And this makes her desirable to MSNBC as a commentator.

What does that tell you?

10 thoughts on ““Jen Psaki’s Job Is Not An Easy One (Easy One!)”

  1. Great! Please keep adding to the opus of William Schenck Gilbert. What a delightful way to make Psaki’s skillful alternative truth so apparent. “Mendacity!”

  2. Jack queries: What does that tell you?

    Tells me that Jen P-saki could talk her way out of cheating on her husband even if locked in a hot room under intense bright light and interrogated by seasoned unscrupulous NY detectives.
    Tells me the orange liar keeps a well-worn copy of Rules for Radicals on her night stand.
    Also tells me the price for deactivating her ethics alarms is career, power, ideology.
    In other words; perfect host for MSLSD.

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  4. From the I Know; Polls! department:

    Bedrock Conservative HuffPo–PEW Study: MSNBC Almost Entirely DOMINATED BY OPINION.

    Et tu, HuffPo?

    News Content: FoxNews 45 % MSNBC 15 %
    Opinion Content: FoxNews 55 % MSNBC 85 %.

    MSNBC has 55 % more Opinion content and a mere 1/3 the News content of FoxNews.

    The Former Serial Sexual Predator In Chief (01/18/2012): “I was just watching MSNBC, and they had a woman that used to work for me and a couple of other people on there, and they were talking about the Republican primary […] And I was laughing. I said, ‘BOY, IT REALLY HAS BECOME OUR VERSION OF FOX.’ ” (bolds/caps/italics mine)

  5. “Am I unreasonably suspicious in thinking this is a pro-Biden, “Putin price hike” strategy, just as I strongly suspect that the Wuhan virus scaremongering and hysteria in 2020 was partially a deliberate strategy to take down Trump?”

    No, you are not. This is exactly what happened. They only care about power. They will say and do anything to gain it and retain it. They will lie and count on their allies in the news media, the entertainment industry, academia and Big Tech to push the narrative.

    This party flaunted the stringent rules they were insisting upon for everyone else during 2020. Why should we be surprised now that this administration holds no one accountable for the same behavior they vilified in their opponents. It’s the narrative. It’s all the narrative.

    And that’s why they can’t be trusted to tell us what is safe and what is not.

  6. It tells me MSNBC is smack-dab in Psaki’s wheelhouse. I would have also recommended working for Michael Mann, who has likely lied more than anyone in this (or probably any) Administration.

    Love the verse!!

  7. I disagree. Her job seems pretty easy to me. Other than Doocy, not one of the White House press corps ever challenges her lies, no matter how ridiculous or silly they are. When you can say virtually anything unchallenged, the job is a cakewalk. Now, Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a difficult job. She had to lie to a pack of hungry reporters who were all on high alert for the teeniest misstep, compared to the somnolent audience Psaki plays to.

    Sanders wasn’t as good at the job as Psaki is, either. In the job of White House press secretary, “good” of course means psychotically, soullessly capable of saying anything required of her without consideration of any ethics or morals whatsoever.

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