Looking Back: This Week’s Ethics Alarms Monday Retrospective (I Know It’s Tuesday)

Last week was a very lively one on Ethics Alarms; you’d hardly know it was an “echo chamber.” The uptick in quality may or may not have been the result of not having to argue with a now self-exiled commenter who kept complaining about the process here (and explaining why the New York Times wasn’t really biased because not all of its articles were biased), and having to correct a now banned knee-jerk progressive who believes every bit of spin and fake news that warms the hearts of progressives.

Here are five highlights that you might want to check out if you missed them, but you could just read all the April 7 posts…

From 4/4: A COTD instant classic.

From 4/5: More bang for your metaphorical buck: 10 ethics stories instead of just 5. (Special attention should be paid to #5,#9, and #10)

From 4/7: In which some Democrats and journalists advocate defying the Supreme Court in the interests of democracy. I’m not kidding!

From 4/9: No, AOC, you idiot, nobody believes corporations are people….

From 4/10: Student questions expose the embarrassing hypocrisy of a “disinformation” conference.

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