Whoa! How Did I Miss THIS? “The Media Narrative Chart”

Conservative political writer, author, marketing consultant and all-around smart person Jon Gabriel developed that chart way back in 2015, and it has proven a reliable predictor ever since. It is at once mordantly funny, sad, and true.

Today’s mass shooting in New York will be a nice test: the suspect is believed to be a black male, 5 feet, 5 inches tall and 175 to 180 pounds.

6 thoughts on “Whoa! How Did I Miss THIS? “The Media Narrative Chart”

  1. ~15 years ago, the late, lamented Weekly Standard published an analogous guide to decoding reporting on Israel/Palestine and the “cycle of violence.”

    This one is in delightful and mordant (mordantly is exactly the right word) and in graphic form.

    Thank you, Jack.

  2. In fact, here we are on the Brooklyn shooting.


    As soon as I saw the headline, I knew the shooter must be a person of color or a Muslim. I knew, without clicking on it, that there would be no race or name mentioned of the so-called person of interest.

    Dude was prepared to cause massive casualties. Regardless of his motive, that sounds like a terrorist to me.

    It reminds me of the “Superman II” segment where Perry White tells Clark Kent that terrorists have seized the Eiffel Tower and taken hostages, threatening to detonate a hydrogen bomb.

    Kent: “Well, jeepers, Mr. White, that’s terrible!”
    White (dryly): “That’s why they call them terrorists, Kent.”

  3. The Brooklyn event was NOT being investigated as an act of terrorism, so said various officials. The black suspect has a history of psychiatric illness, so this will be a cry for mental health reform. He posted various rants on social media so there will be a call for censorship. But the good news is that the Brooklyn Nets held a moment of silence before proceeding with their game and will donate $50, 000 for the victim’s benefit. Keep in mind that their annual salary budget is $175,000,000 so all will be right with the world

    • I just read this story from the NYT:

      It’s interesting that we can know so much about his mental illnesses within 24 hours of the shooting. i don’t recall seeing these sad stories focusing on Dylan Root’s mental illness, who frankly is a monster who did a monstrous act.


  4. There isn’t just media narratives in play here. Compare the prosecution’s handing of the Timothy Simpkins school shooting to just about anything else.

  5. The media is perplexed by black on asian crime. They can’t make up their mind about the response:
    1. Ignore the race of the perpetrator, and hope nobody notices and focus on the race of the victim and blame anti-asian hate.
    2. Change the subject to the Kardashians.
    3. Blame it on white supremacy. White privilege made it happen.

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