It’s Come To This: Desperation To Discredit Any “Facts” That Don’t Bolster Biden’s Image

Once again, we have a real story that looks like a Babylon Bee satire.

Earlier this week, viral video provoked forgettable jokes because it appeared to show something icky falling onto U.S. President Joe Biden’s shoulder as he was speaking at an event in Iowa. Naturally, the assumption was that the gunk was bird droppings, since that’s what such episodes usually entail. (It’s happened to me!) Obviously having a bird poop on you isn’t a reason for shame, but the two most partisan and unreliable U.S. “factcheckers” felt that it essential, as the loyal, progressive patriots that they are, to debunk the notion that Joe Biden had been forced to live through a recreation of the scene from “High Anxiety,” Mel Brooks’ Hitchcock spoof.

Here’s Snopes:

On April 12, 2022, a video went viral on social media that supposedly showed bird poop falling onto U.S. President Joe Biden’s shoulder as he was speaking at an event in Iowa. We examined that video and photographs from the event, and collected statements from White House officials and journalists. Here’s what we learned: What landed on Biden’s lapel was more likely a corn byproduct than bird poop. We examined photographs from Reuters, The Associated Press, and Getty Images to get a closer look at this corn/bird poop. Upon closer examination, the “bird poop” appears to be somewhat yellowish in color (like corn) and looks more like dust (i.e., from corn processing) than a liquid (i.e., bird poop).

Of course, absent chemical analysis, the Snopes conclusion is still opinion, not “fact.” But them most “factchecks” are opinions.Now here’s the equally biased PolitiFact:

A Facebook claim said that a bird did its business on Biden’s jacket while the president was delivering a speech in Iowa. Something did stain the president’s suit during his speech, but it was distillers grains, according to reporters in the room and the White House. A video clearly shows particles flying around from a giant, nearby grain pile. We rate this claim False.

As the bigoted Juror 10 complains in “Twelve Angry Men,” “What you want to believe, you believe, and what you don’t want to believe, you don’t.” Why would either outlet feel it is important whether Biden jacket was messed up by bird poop or corn poop? Answer: with Biden’s popularity and public trust dropping like bird poop, these “factcheckers”  are, like the news media itself, desperate to do anything that might even slightly help the President look better.

After all, they would have done the same “factcheck” if a bird pooped on President Trump. Right? Right?

This performance by Snopes and PolitiFact is funny, sad, and signature significance. Serious, trustworthy and professional “factcheckers,” if there even are such things, don’t devote time and print to such trivia.


Pointer: Paula Bolyard


10 thoughts on “It’s Come To This: Desperation To Discredit Any “Facts” That Don’t Bolster Biden’s Image

  1. Having viewed the clip, it does look awfully dusty to be bird shit.

    Of course, in the post woke world, humor, satire and laughter are disinformation. Unless they’re aimed at Republicans.

  2. “desperate to do anything that might even slightly help the President look better.”

    Well, if by “look better” you mean to cut off his being the butt of certain jokes. They are not improving his image, but are trying to do damage control to shield him from ridicule.


  3. So all those fact-checks discrediting the meme that suggested Trump had his pants on backwards never happened?
    Isn’t this just another example of lousy priorities rather than “desperate” partisanship?

    • Is that a fair equivalence, though? The claim that Trump had his pants on backwards was an obvious (i thought) lie, and could be debunked completely. It also was part of a narrative to claim Trump was mentally failing. If the same meme were “factchecked” regarding Biden, I’d support that. In contrast, whether it was corn gunk or bird gunk that fell on the President has no implications for him at all, except the latter makes for an easier mean joke. Is the proper role of the factcheckers to guard the President from mean jokes?

  4. Someone with a normally functioning brain would have laughed and made a joke of it. Maybe along the lines of “Republican birds”, or maybe “How did he get past the Secret Service?”… and go on with the speech.

  5. Having spent brain cells on this, it might well be “corn poop”.

    They might have “factchecked” it happening to Trump as a way to show they “weren’t” biased. Well, I think they’d try to prove it’s poop, and settle for brownie points after all the effort showed it was corn dust.

    I got to say, my first thought was where did the corn come from? This may be the oddest presidential photo I’ve seen.

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