A “Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Pop Quiz (Don’t Worry, It’s Easy): What’s Unethical About This NYT Quote?

Here is a paragraph from yesterday’s news article by reporter Jonathan Weisman in the New York Times:

In Missouri, Georgia, Ohio and now Nebraska, Republican men running for high office face significant allegations of domestic violence, stalking, even sexual assault — accusations that once would have derailed any run for office. But in an era of Republican politics when Donald J. Trump could survive and thrive amid accusations of sexual assault, opposing candidates are finding little traction in dwelling on the issues…

Now think about that for 30 seconds. What’s missing? Cue the thinking music…

Ready? Got the answer?While he was running for President in 2020, Joe Biden was accused by a former staffer in his Senate office of not merely sexual harassment and assault, but rape. The news media, particularly the Times, virtually ignored it. Another recent Democratic President, William Jefferson Clinton, was repeatedly accused of sexual harassment and worse, also by named alleged victims, and even settled a law suit by one of them. Yet the Democratic Party continued to laud him as a party celebrity, even making him a featured speaker at its convention honoring women, and nominated his accomplice, enabler and personal “fixer,” Hillary Clinton—who denied his scandal with Monica Lewinsky, knowing it was true, by attributing it to a “vast right wing conspiracy”—to run for President before Biden.

Let’s see, what else? Ah! In my own state of Virginia, Democrat Justin Fairfax, the previous Lieutenant Governor, was accused of recent sexual assaults, including one rape, by two women, also named. Both victims had significant evidence to back their accounts. Fairfax was placed on leave from his law firm, asked to step down from the board of visitors at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, and left his post as chairman of the Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association. Four of his staffers quit in protest. But the local media, including the Washington Post, and quickly dropped any coverage. He denied the allegations, and finished out his term. His party did nothing and demanded nothing.

But wait! There’s more! Keith Ellison, a former Democratic Congressman and co-chair of the Democratic National Committee, is now the elected Attorney General of Minnesota. He was accused of domestic abuse by two former girlfriends before he ran for the office, and was not only nominated to run for the office of Minnesota’s top prosecutor, but was elected by all those woke, feminist, Minnesota Democrats.

The quote above is a throbbing example of one pernicious version of fake news specialized in by the blue-biased mainstream media, of which the Times is a charter member. By telling only half the story (or less), such propaganda leads readers to think it is the whole story, thus achieving the reporter’s disinformation goal. It isn’t “Republican politics” that has rendered accusations of sexual misconduct all but harmless, but Democratic politics, progressive hypocrisy, and news media double standards.

Again: how stupid do Democrats (including the Times reporter) think the public is? Why would the conveniently surfacing and ancient allegations against candidate Trump resonate when his opponent was Hillary Clinton? How seriously can the public take Democratic howls about Republican candidates’ sexual harassment when the Democrat POTUS has a thick photo album of him harassing and assaulting women of all ages, as they wince and cringe?

The Democrats so flagrantly politicized and weaponized the #MeToo movement that neither accusations nor feminist outrage have credibility any more in political matters, even when they should. The co-founder and head of Time’s Up secretly advised Democratic Governor and serial harasser Andrew Cuomo on how to discredit one of those women that Democrats (like Hillary, hilariously enough) told us should always be believed! Do they expect the public to forget that Democrats dug up a woke professor to testify about a more than 30-year old “discovered memory” about a teenaged Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her at party nobody could remember at a place and time not even she could recall?

The Democrats signaled to the nation, if anyone was paying attention and could see through the media’s smoke and diversions, that contrived accusations of sexual misconduct were a favored part of their dirty tricks arsenal.

Yet none of the above is acknowledged or mentioned in the quote. This isn’t “Whataboutism,” it’s Stoplyingtousbyrevealingonlypartoftherelevantandmaterialfactsthatsupportyor agendaism.

How did you do?

5 thoughts on “A “Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Pop Quiz (Don’t Worry, It’s Easy): What’s Unethical About This NYT Quote?

  1. https://www.msn.com/…/msnbc-s-chuck-todd…/ar-AAWgGaU…

    This is another example of media half-truths. Check out this article. Of course they want their lapdogs in the media to bury this discussion deep, it would undercut their myth that Reagan was not only senile, but the ONLY senile old man ever to make it to the upper levels of government. It’s time for the GOP to “flip the script.” Biden’s going to be 80 in November? 😲 80 and he has access to “the button?” 😱 When my grandfather was 80 we wouldn’t let him touch the TV remote. 😃

    I saw a meme today that once people knew pro wrestling was fake, then the wrestlers themselves admitted it, but the audiences kept on watching. You also could see when the characters were using dirty tactics, but if the guy using the dirty tactics was a fan fave, it was ok. The Democrats are the media’s home team, the media’s babyfaces. Anything they do is ok. The GOP are the visiting team and the heels as far as the media are concerned and nothing they do is ok.

  2. I don’t and won’t subscribe to the NYT, so I cannot see the column as displayed in the paper. A quick glimpse of the article online, before the paywall jumps up, seems to confirm what I believe is the case, something that is a significant issue in news media — a failure to make it clear to readers that what they are being fed is not news, is not even news analysis, but instead is biased opinion.
    Weisman should not be called a reporter. He is a columnist. Column writing is a legitimate function of journalism, one that is quite distinct from reporting, and one that may be nothing more than biased and unsupported opinion. Serious readers know that and will read a column such as Weisman’s with a jaundiced eye, but many readers will not, and it is an ethics failure when the media do not alert readers accordingly.
    A pseudonym for the author also seems appropriate, given that misunderstandings might arise from the homonymity of Weisman.

  3. Another recent Democratic President, William Jefferson Clinton, was repeatedly accused of sexual harassment and worse, also by named alleged victims, and even settled a law suit by one of them.

    I remember a comment you made on another post on how the successfull defense of Clinton set the cause against sexual harassment back decades and it led to more abused women.

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