Shackle-Tightening Update: Wikipedia Joins The Left’s Hunter Biden Cover-Up

The ongoing and frightening effort by progressives and Democrats to hide information that might let Americans know what’s going on in their government and nation (or what might be going on) killed another canary in the democracy mine last week.

Coincidentally<cough!>timed with the recent disclosure that Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s business partner, made at least 19 visits to the White House and other official locations between 2009 and 2015 including meetings with then-Vice President Joe Biden, Wikipedia editors eliminated its page for Rosemont Seneca Partners, the investment company connected to Hunter’s alleged multimillion dollar influence peddling schemes. The risible explanation for the removal was that the company was “not notable”—you know, like Anne Applebaum’s shrugging off Hunter’s laptop as “uninteresting.” Schwerin was president of the company, and President Biden has repeatedly claimed that he had no involvement with his son’s business dealings.

The Left’s efforts at propaganda and information air-brushing appear to be getting increasingly brazen as the mid-term elections approach, and with them the threat that the Democratic plan to transform America is facing imminent collapse. While their mouthpeices attempt to promote ideological censorship by bemoaning “misinformation” and “disinformation,” the would-be architects of a benign woke dictatorship are also trafficking in de-information, with the sleazy Hunter Biden a primary beneficiary, and, as a consequence, his father as well.

The Wikipedia editor responsible for trying to eliminate the crumbs for any interested American to follow in a quest for the truth had an explanation for his memory-holing of Rosemont Seneca: “This organization is only mentioned in connection with its famous founders, Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz.” He added that leaving it on the page would make the reference “a magnet for conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden.” The same disingenuous logic could have been used to remove any reference to Watergate before the metaphorical dam broke regarding the Nixon Administration’s activities around the 1972 election.

The job of Wikipedia is to make information available, not attempt to manipulate how people might use it.

Professor Turley neatly states how obviously unethical the latest effort to muddy the looming Biden scandal:

The bias in the reference to the “conspiracy theories” is glaring….the central role of the company in these dealings is no conspiracy theory. I have long criticized Hunter Biden and his uncle for engaging in raw influence peddling — a practice long associated with the Biden family….

Much like Wikipedia’s explanation this week, [the news media and social media] claimed the Hunter Biden laptop story was merely conspiracy theories and Russian disinformation before the election.

Then, after noting that we are ” approaching the midterm elections and suddenly Wikipedia is killing the page on this key company,” the professor returns to his cautious mode and writes that Wikipedia’s actions are “inexplicable.” He then warns that such conduct will “lose the trust of many.”

First, no one should trust Wikipedia, and no one who has used it often regarding something they know very much about does.

Second, blatantly political actions like removing Rosemont Seneca also gain Wikipedia trust—the trust of the powerful forces attempting to gain power by deceiving the public.


Pointer and Facts: Res Ipsa Loquitur

18 thoughts on “Shackle-Tightening Update: Wikipedia Joins The Left’s Hunter Biden Cover-Up

  1. ​It may come as a shock that this ain’t Wiki’s 1st rodeo.

    To wit: True Believer William Connolley personally created or rewrote 5428 Wiki Global Warming articles that weren’t, in his informed opinion, sufficiently…um…alarming.

    The talented Herr Connolley sports a ponytail, which ought allay any doubts of his intellectual bona fides, am I right?

    Anywho, not only that, but he personally removed ~ 500 articles, many by credentialed Climate Scientists…I mean…EVIL Science Deniers.

    It gets worse.

    ClimateGate: How The Cabal CONTROLLED WIKIPEDIA

  2. Crackheabd Hunter goes in half-day plane rides with vice-president dad to China and back, gets lavish gifts and multi -million $ contracts, but discusses nothing with “the big guy”. Financial advisor visits the White House multiple (19?) times. Nothing to see here; totally believable; not interesting.

    • The only bad thing Wikipedia has to say about Hunter is that he got kicked out of the Navy in less than 2 months for failing a piss test.

  3. Funny they never removed the Bain Capital page which has an entry about “heightened press scrutiny” during Romney’s political endeavors.

  4. It’s interesting to watch people talk about this. There are two possibilities at this point:

    1) That Hunter was fraudulently influence peddling, and acted as if Joe knew about it and supported it, but Joe did not actually know about it or support it.

    2) That Hunter Biden was Joe’s bagman.

    There are no other possibilities. We’ve known at least this much for years. The alternative is, for example, that Burisma hired an uneducated, inexperienced, unqualified dishonorable discharge who didn’t even speak the local language to the Board of a major Oil company and paid him seven figures. The fact that Hunter is Joe’s son is a complete coincidence. That could have happened to any wash out. Don’t you know multinational billionaires commonly trawl American detox centers for their upcoming best and brightest?! And yet, in today’s hyper-partisan world, that’s exactly what a not-insignificant portion of Democrats purport to believe, because everyone right now seems fundamentally unable or unwilling to admit that sometimes their guy screws up.

    This all-or-nothing approach to bad news and the truth is a double edged sword though: If you’d lie about Hunter, you’d lie about Joe. And maybe the only reason you’re lying about Hunter is because of Joe. And maybe that means that Joe actually did something. At the time Hunter’s laptop came out, I actually wasn’t sure. Hunter Biden is not a good person. He’s an addict with such serious impulse control issues that he couldn’t even keep his paws of his dead brother’s wife. I would not bet on his honesty, regardless of whether he was speaking publicly, emailing privately, or even just talking to himself in a mirror. Hunter could have been talking big and making bank. He could have asked for those keys to be cut for his office with Joe’s name attached to them for no reason other than to impress the landlord, as an example.

    But now there’s mounting and uncomfortable evidence that Joe either knew or ought to have known that something was up; Aside from the 19 visits from Schwerin to the white house, Joe wrote a letter of recommendation for the child of someone who paid Hunter, but Joe had never met either the “donor” or the daughter, and Hunter was paying expenses for the upkeep and utilities of some of Joe’s properties out of personal accounts. Again… To be as generous to Joe as possible; Maybe Hunter and Schwerin were putting on a play. Maybe Schwerin was just annoying Joe to make the appearance of connection! Maybe he was reporting to Joe on Hunter’s activities, because Hunter was such a fuck up Joe paid Schwerin to keep him from diving nose first into a pile of Bolivian Marching Powder. Maybe Hunter and Joe had a deal where he would pay those expenses as part of a personal deal! Maybe Joe just thought Hunter has turned his life around!

    What’s the narrative on the letter of recommendation?

    • The narrative I’ve encountered, although I can’t find it now and they seem to have fallen back on just stay quiet and hope it goes away, was that politicians write recommendation letters all the time and it’s no big deal and doesn’t matter. Basically, “everyone does it”.

      • I don’t know… Maybe this just isn’t the sea I swim in, but when I write a recommendation letter, I want to at least have met the person. Make sure they won’t completely embarrass me. Joe was the Vice President of the United States at the time, I’d like to think that my concerns scale up not down.

        I mean…. How does that conversation go?

        “Hey Dad, could you write a letter of recommendation for my friend’s kids?”
        “Sure, what’s your friend’s name?”
        “Jonathan Li”
        “Not a Republican then, good good. What are his kid’s names?”
        “________ and ______ ”
        “Perfect, perfect, just getting out the letterhead…. They’re good kids, right?”
        “They’re all good kids, dad.”

        • Francis Menton is very, very good on Biden corruption. He’s a retired civil litigator at Wilkie Farr and Gallagher, and I suspect he did some white-collar criminal defense and knows the applicable statutory scheme.

          A sampling: “The funny thing is that outside the sole exception of the Biden family, large payments to the children of powerful government officials by those with interests potentially affected by those officials’ actions are universally understood to be corrupt efforts to influence the officials. In cases involving people other than the Bidens, whether the official/parent “personally benefited” from the payments or “knew details” of the transactions are considered completely irrelevant.”

    • Our son has degrees in business and international studies; one SiL was a manager for Google and the tech center manager for Twitter (before their managerial bloodbath a few years back). Neither were aware of the Barisma opportunity, nor are either of them kicked-out-of-the-navy crackheads. (SiL says Twitter is advertising a “dir of infra engineering” opening (whatever that is), but “I doubt I’d go back”).
      Some people just luck out on those board member gigs, I guess.

    • That is such a beautiful encapsulation of the problem.

      Biden is the epitome of the swamp. He and his family have lived greatly off government largesse and “campaign contributions” for over 50 years, along with acquiring a ton of cash in backdoor, sweetheart deals with foreign governments, especially recently where Hunter has been the Biden Bag Man, where Joe, Et Al, have used him to siphon money from Chinese contracts.


      • I remember my torts teacher, a crusty solo turned academic, telling us in 1978 that there wasn’t anyone who went to Washington as a Senator or Congressperson and didn’t come back a millionaire. Adjust for forty years of inflation. One member of our class even took the Professor Booker’s observation as advice: Joe Donelly, (now former) Senator, D. from the Hoosier State.

    • Even given the President the benefit of the doubt, it just seems so far-fetched that someone who’s whole persona is crafted into his image didn’t know what his children were doing. I’m pretty sure those kids were being watched like a hawk to prevent any bad PR, to be fair, I think this about most politicians. It’s possible the President didn’t know about it, but Occom’s razor would suggest otherwise.

  5. How ironic. Anne Applebaum wrote the forward to the edition of Volume 3 of Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago” which I am currently reading. That she can’t recognize a memory hole is somewhat distressing.

  6. At this point, we all know Biden’s son was influence peddling. The only question is whether the action was illegal. There’s plenty of shady behavior that is technically legal. I assume most high level politicians do this anyway, so this type of corruption isn’t special in my opinion. We just get to see more of it up front.

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