The Biden Ministry Of Truth Fiasco: “Disinformation,” “Misinformation,” And De-Information

The New York Times this morning had no reports whatsoever on the emerging truth that the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s ominous-sounding “misinformation and disinformation” board, Nina Jankowicz, has not only been a purveyor of “disinformation” (aka. “intentional lies”) herself, and also, in the blunt words of the editorial board of the New York Post, “a partisan hack,” but also a narcissistic whack-job, as the TikTok video above clearly shows.

The fact that the Biden Administration would be so dense as to appoint a woman like this to head an agency that was guaranteed to set heads exploding everywhere but in the anti-free speech community called Wokeville (see “evil” hidden in there? Huh? HUH??)is just one more indication that common sense and basic competence have left the building, the building being the White House. And Ethics Alarms mocked Trump for not hiring “the best people” as he had promised on the campaign trail! I owe Donald an apology. Even Omarosa, Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon weren’t any more untrustworthy than Jankowicz, and they hadn’t been put in charge of a censorship operation.

Now when an appointment like this has much of the conservative media, blogosphere and social media in maximum criticism mode, that’s news. Furthermore, an action that should cause not just ethics alarms ringing but “My god, Democrats really do want to stifle speech and use state power to do it!” alarms and “President Biden really is completely clueless!” alarms as well is per se news, and important news at that.

So how can the Times (and most other mainstream media outlets) in good conscience not report on the Jankowicz debacle at all? Well, first of all they have no conscience: it’s all “the ends justify the means.” How could they not report on the Hunter Biden laptop? It’s the same variety of fake news, “de-information.” Not reporting an event is the same as stating that it didn’t happen: it’s disinformation/misinformation by omission. How ironic! De-information about a woman who has engaged in disinformation and misinformation being put in charge of a new Star Chamber charged with preventing disinformation and misinformation. Wow. Imagine what Abbott and Costello could have done with that.

It is all part of the mainstream media effort to deny and and hide the utter incompetence, corruption and meat-headedness of the Biden clown car from the public for as long as possible, hoping that the average voter is dumber than the average meercat. Matt Taibbi, no conservative he (Matt was a progressive pundit for “Rolling Stone” until the lies got to him) , wrote regarding the news media’s de-information

There’s only so much you can sweep under the rug, and even if you cover it, the stench of the crap fills the room. It’s unavoidable. Joe Biden and his son did dirty deals. The emails shine a light on this web of deceit and corruption. Recently, we learned that Modest Joe is rolling in it with $5.2 million in undisclosed income. So many questions will rope in Hunter Biden and eventually lead once again to the emails on his laptop and the deals that were reportedly hashed out. You can’t keep this game up forever, guys.

But it is obvious that, just like the President whose back they have, they are going to try.

18 thoughts on “The Biden Ministry Of Truth Fiasco: “Disinformation,” “Misinformation,” And De-Information

  1. “[C]ommon sense and basic competence have left the … White House.” Au contraire, mon frere. These appointments and nominations are all part of the plan. These are the best people, as far as Ron Klain and all the other Obama holdovers are concerned. These are not unforced errors. This is lefties telling anyone who’s not totally on board to take a hike. These people are revolutionaries and true believers. If there were subtitles for these sorts of moves, they would read, “Fuck you, non-socialists.”

    • Bill
      I have to agree. Biden is not in charge. I believe he was selected for the role by the DNC because he could be manipulated through blackmail and his bouts and of non compis mentos. These figures can have him do their bidding and if the shit hits the fan when people push back they will use him as the scapegoat.

      It seems to me that freedom of speech has a corollary which is the right to hear other opinions. My freedom of expression is harmed when I am unable to obtain alternative perspectives so I would argue that every one of us has standing to file a civil rights suit against DHS.

          • I was wondering if a class action to force the dissolution of the DIgB would be possible. Very often attempts to take the government to court are tossed on not having standing because plaintiffs must show demonstrated harm. If we cannot get heard in the courts I am afraid that the stifled voices will be heard in the streets. I hope we can make it until November. If we don’t vote in people that revere the Bill of Rights we are destined to live in their totalitarian world

  2. A simple question to ask those who aren’t scared to death by this, or having a self-described Marxist being elected head of the American Library Association, or the failure of most main stream media to question anything touted by this administration, etc. etc. is “If all the words and actions were the same, but pushing a conservative agenda….how prominent would the stories be and what would the headlines say?”

  3. I read of António de Oliveira Salazar, the Prime Minister of Portugal from 1932 to 1968. After he had a fall and went into a coma he was removed from power. After he emerged from over one month of coma and unexpectedly recovered lucidity, his intimates did not tell him he had been removed from power, instead allowing him to “rule” in privacy until his death on 27 July 1970.
    Whereas in Portugal, Salazar was the only person who thought he was still in power, in the USA the Democrats are trying to con the whole world into thinking Biden is in power.

    • Can you imagine how great it is to wake up every morning and have that nice blonde lady (who they say you’re married to) break the news to you that you’re President of the United States of America? And to make it even better, you have all these nice people who do all the work and make all the decisions for you. I have to imagine Biden’s life is almost like a real life “Groundhog Day”…

      • If you haven’t read “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat,” you should. There are real life stories very similar to that. Tom Hanks was very funny in his continuing role as “Mr. Short Term Memory Loss” in various SNL skits, but after I read some of the horror stories about people who really had that problem, they weren’t so funny.One involved a war vet who can’t recall anything that happened to him since he was 19. If he looks in the mirror, he gets hysterical, but luckily forget about what he saw—an old man’s face—withing minutes.

        • I’ll look it up. I’m fascinated by the workings (and failings) of human memory, so this sounds right up my alley.

  4. The nearly simultaneous announcements of the Ministry of Truth and the new BATFE (“and sometimes Y”) interpretation of what constitutes a firearm (in regard to the so-called “ghost guns”) signal even rougher waters ahead for the first two items on the Bill of Rights. It is past time for conservative officeholders at all levels to start actually conserving our rights instead of sitting on the sidelines as the erosion continues.

    • Well, if they do, they might get called ‘Tea-Baggers’ again. You aren’t going to get such people unless you are willing to elect less-sophisticated, inexperienced politicians. If you aren’t going to support 200+ Lauren Boberts in Congress, you aren’t going to get that. To stand against the Deep State culture in Washington, you need to be a fighter. Fighters aren’t usually sophisticated, clear thinking people with clear visions they can articulate that stand up to all logical scrutiny (e.g. Donald Trump).

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