Comment Of The Day: “Signature Significance: Washington Post Editorial Board’s Fantasy,” And Thoughts About The Worst Presidents

Steve-O-in NJ was inspired by the EA commentary on the Washington Post editors’ batty contention last week that Joe Biden was a “huge” upgrade over President Trump to write this Comment of the Day. I was reminded of it—I had intended to give Steve’s opus COTD honors earlier, but got distracted— when I realized that MSNBC was pushing the same gaslighting, prompting the previous post. The historical truth is that Joe Biden’s White House tenure so far wouldn’t give him a claim to being as a “huge upgrade” over any President using objective standards rather than partisan ones, as in “all Republican Presidents are worse than all Democrat Presidents,” which is the kindest way to explain the Post’s absurd assertion.

I am always interested in the topic of Presidential rankings, so after Steve-O has had his say, I’m going to follow up with an examination of how to assess who is the Worst POTUS Ever. Remember, leadership is also an official area of concentration for Ethics Alarms.

But first, here is Steve-O-of NJ’s Comment of the Day on the post,“Signature Significance: Washington Post Editorial Board’s Fantasy”…


Just more proof that a lot of folks are so blindly partisan that they would not only vote for a ham sandwich if it had a D next to it, but wouldn’t vote for God Himself if He didn’t. Biden is so far headed for being 46th of 46. Grant probably no longer occupies the bottom of the ratings list. Harding was a corrupt, philandering son of a b****, but he had the wisdom to stand back and let the economy correct itself after the Panic of 1921. Obama was pretty feckless, but thankfully didn’t face any big new crises. Clinton was a pig, but the economy didn’t crash on his watch. So far, I can only compare Biden to Carter, the only president in recent history and even not so recent history who I can honestly and truly say has no strengths.

From pretty much day one Biden’s only success has been undoing everything that Trump did, without really considering the impact. His 2016 campaign manager said it best today when she said that spite is no way to run a presidency. Spite is not just bad policy, it is abuse of the office. The presidency is not and never has been intended as a vessel for a person or a party’s spite for the other side or one other person. A tyrant is a bad thing, and incompetence is a bad thing, and a petty vindictive person is a bad thing, but when you put them all together in one person, then you really have the worst possible leader. In fact, you have someone who should not be a leader.

I have talked a lot about history being full of heroes and villains. Heroes are just as often the right man at the right time as anything else, and villains are just as often the wrong man at the right time as anything else. However, history is also full of leaders who should never have been leaders, because they simply weren’t up to the task. Edward VIII should never have been on the British throne, he simply was not interested in the lifetime of service that comes with all the perks of being a king, as his subsequent life of sloth and vacuity bore out. Robespierre and that crew were the last people who should have been trusted with power. Then we can talk about characters like Caligula and Nero. It’s a basic principle of ethics that with great power comes great responsibility, but to folks like this and to Biden and his ilk, with great power simply comes great power and the ability to use it to fulfill your every wish.

On balance, Trump at least got some things done besides satisfying the desire for partisan revenge. The ordinary people of this nation were doing all right under him until the pandemic hit and the other side deliberately made it as bad as it could be. Yet they dare to call us traitors?

7 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Signature Significance: Washington Post Editorial Board’s Fantasy,” And Thoughts About The Worst Presidents

  1. Well done. The frightening thing is the near future with Biden still at the helm.

    And will he decide to run again? I think he’s 78 years old now, with what appears to be incipient dementia, so who will rise up to take his place? Not Harris. We will have to wait until ‘they’ tell Biden what to do.

    Have you noticed Biden’s very frequent reference to some unnamed ‘they?” “They told me not to answer that question.” “They told me not to call on ____ (name journalist).” On and on. If you can stand it, watch his press conferences. “They” are everywhere.

    He is clearly manipulated and directed by the amorphous “they.” And based on his behavior and actions, we know at least what they are, if not the particulars of who they are.

    • The problem with the democrats next generation is there aren’t any moderates who aren’t the swampiest and most corrupt of congress. The next few elections the democrats will have to decide between running losers or running their younger bench, which for all intents and purposes are communists. They, facing a demographic collapse will have to roll the dice and go whole hog unabashed Left Wing. And then the party realignment that we’re seeing only the initial shuffling of will go into full swing.

        • Their key leadership are all cold-war-era boomers – and we don’t need to do the math on that. The younger generation – those seemingly aligned with left wing politics don’t aggressively get out to vote. The minority blocs are behaving less and less like a bloc with each election cycle as they are waking up to the fact that the Democrats have been treating them as vote mines.

          To wake up the reliably-brainwashed youth vote before reality makes them a little more moderate or conservative, they’ll have to roll the dice on the only dynamic elements in the Democrat party – the young communists.

  2. Well done Steve. My concern is that even if the R’s take control in the mid terms will the replacements be in keeping with Jordan and Hawley or will they be swamp dwellers that are weak Romney types or worse establishment types the likes of Kinzinger or Cheney.

  3. I disagree that Clinton’s administration was marred only by his piggish behavior. It was his administration’s policy regarding mortgages that led to the collapse of the housing market in 2008. Mr. Obama, though feckless, did plummet the nation deeper into the mire of the racial divide.

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