Not “The Great Stupid,” Just Good Old Fashioned American Stupidity That Lets Bad Ideas Take Root And Demagogues Prosper…

Yesterday on her MSNBC show, Tiffany Cross featured Fernand Amandi, a Democrat pollster and adviser, and a regular on hers’s over-heated far-left hysteria orgy. Just think, the New York Times spent 6+ full pages today calling for the metaphorical life boats because Tucker Carlson’s monologues criticizing the Times and its pals for their anti-democratic efforts are getting longer, while Cross is part of an entire network that deals in toxic narratives and bias from dawn til dusk that the Times barely never criticizes at all.

This time, her frequent guest went quickly from gaslighting to totalitarian strategy.

First the gaslighting:

The Democrats have a wonderful story to tell! And I think it could be distilled to something as simple as: the Democrats saved your life. They saved your job. They saved the economy. And now they’re trying to save democracy from a Republican party that no longer believes [in] it. 

Isn’t that great? Who besides Rob Reiner could say something so ridiculous on television and not have to leave with his head in a sack? Yes, Democrats really are going to continue arguing that if you vote Republican you’re going to die, that a tanking economy is a great economy, that the pandemic deaths (or deaths attributed to the pandemic to achieve maximum fear) under Trump were “blood on his hands” and the even greater number of deaths under Biden’s watch were still “blood on Trump’s hands,” and that the party trying to crush free speech, cripple the rule of law, weaken the integrity of elections, pack the Supreme Court and criminalize Democratic opposition is going to “save” democracy.

The bet is that progressive-dominated educational institutions and news media has left the public so ignorant and incompetent that this might sound reasonable.

Then Amandi provided the totalitarian strategy: to beat the GOP in the coming elections, all Democrats have to do is arrest them!

[I]t’s one thing to try and disqualify a Republican party that no longer believes in democracy, but you need a little bit of help. If the Department of Justice, and the Attorney General Merrick Garland, do not start issuing indictments, not to the front line of Proud Boys and picknickers of January 6th that led an insurrection, but to the perpetrators of the crime, the Members of Congress who we now know through text messages were plotters, the ringleaders at the top echelon of the Republican party, up into an including the Republican president, Donald Trump, voters are not going to believe that, they’re gonna just think that it’s political back-and-forth. The Justice Department needs to hold the perpetrators accountable….If these Republicans gain control, they will not give it back. We will lose democracy. And if you lose democracy, it’s not the sort of thing that you get backYou may not see it again in your lifetime in this country. 

Why of course! Why didn’t we think of that before! The way to win elections is to arrest the leaders of the opposing party! That will save democracy!

And Tiffany Cross said, ” Yeah! I think that is the message that voters need to hear.”But Tucker Carlson is the real danger…

That was just an introduction to the question of just how stupid the typical American voter is? How many viewers of Cross’s show hear that insanity and slap their foreheads, exclaiming, “By Jove! They’re right! Round them up!”?

I am not optimistic. I read the comment sections of news commentary websites that don’t moderate the entries, and am horrified and depressed—and those are the engaged citizens. Back in 2014, I wrote about tell-tale signs—literally, in some cases—or rampant idiocy in my neighborhood:

Just a few blocks away from us is the intersection known locally as Stupid Corner, where for decades the Waffle House there has sported a sign reading “WAFLE HOUSE.” The sign immediately lowers the IQ of anyone nearby: there mothers push their baby carriages into traffic, and pedestrians mysteriously forget where they were headed. (I just made four typos even writing about it.) When they repainted the traffic lanes—I’m not making this up—there was an arrow turning LEFT painted in the far right lane, an arrow point RIGHT in the middle lane, and an arrow pointing STRAIGHT ahead in the far left lane, when in fact no lane could go straight, since the road ends there. It was like a Stephen King story. “The Stupiding.”

More recently, as I’ve noted before, a neighbor has been displaying a huge “Black Lives Matter” sign along with a suit of armor and rainbow flags. (I recently reported that she had taken the display down. She put it back up.) I have also found a website that collects signs and other displays from recent years that demonstrate American carelessness, sloth, negligence, ignorance and stupidity. Here are a few. They are funny only if you don’t consider that these people may be watching MSNBC or paying attention to “The Squad”.

(I’ll eschew commentary. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong…oh-oh.)

(One note: I’ve actually been at an establishment where the ordering pads were placed just like that.)

7 thoughts on “Not “The Great Stupid,” Just Good Old Fashioned American Stupidity That Lets Bad Ideas Take Root And Demagogues Prosper…

  1. “The bet is that progressive-dominated educational institutions and news media has left the public so ignorant and incompetent that this might sound reasonable.”

    It occurred to me today while driving that the fascist Left puppeteers are patiently playing the long game. They will continue to poke and test the enemy, aka, we the people, until they decide the time is right to unleash their full arsenal of totalitarian maneuvers. They figure that time is on their side because of the years of effective indoctrination. The goal, plan, strategy, is that eventually the indoctrinated will occupy enough positions of power to make a complete take over feasible.

    Trump interrupted the flow and momentum that Obama established and that is unforgivable.
    The poor bastard will be paying for that as long as he lives.
    Wokesters are vengeful and insist on complete obedience, or else!

    However, resistance is anything but futile and these f#ckers are in for a rude awakening as they continue to reveal their true fascist nature. There are considerably more patriots, independents, and moderates, than brain washed wokesters, at least for now.

    “It isn’t a conspiracy theory if it keeps coming true.”

  2. This talk of arresting the leaders of the opposing party should make everyone nervous. It’s the first step in the blueprint for tyranny and ultimately genocide. History will bear this out. I do not think it would be untimely nor an exaggeration to remind everyone here about the Reichstag fire and what followed. Hitler, already chancellor, use this as an excuse to arrest and jail the Communist members of the legislature plus a few others who he blamed for the fire. This left his cronies in the Nazi party with no effective opposition. The next thing you know, they were passing sweeping legislation with no opposition empowering what followed, and we don’t need to go there.

    However, Hitler was just the latest and most efficient practitioner of this kind of political thuggery. Only about 2 decades before, the Young Turks had begun the great purge of other ethnicities in the tottering Ottoman Empire by arresting 600 Armenian leaders and an unknown number of other leaders, as a preparation to move against these populations. We all know what came next. It didn’t end with Hitler either, as we now know exactly what the Soviets did pretty much every polish officer or prominent citizen they could lay their hands on in the Katyn Forest, paving the way for easy Soviet domination of Poland, which two decades before had defeated the red armies rather handily in communism’s first westward thrust. However, this idea of simply eliminating your opposition certainly is not unique to the 20th century. All the way back through history, from the destruction of the French Protestants in the Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre, the Guelphs and Ghibellines trying to wipe each other out, any number of power struggles that followed succession crises in England, France and elsewhere in Europe, that frequently ended with the losing side facing execution, and going all the way back to the persecution of the early Christians by the pagan Romans, who thought the way to keep their power was to burn their churches and throw their leaders into prison, the most basic and brutal way of getting and keeping power was to kill or imprison those who stood in your way.

    CS Lewis paints a very grim picture of this kind of power struggle in Prince Caspian, the second published book of The Chronicles of Narnia. It’s pretty grim for a book ostensibly written for children. The tyrant Miraz, uncle to the eponymous prince, who is the true heir to the throne, initially murders his brother, the prince’s father. He doesn’t call himself king, but only Lord protector. As the years pass, somehow all the nobleman who would support the prince’s claim to the throne either die or disappear, and not by accident. Some are accidentally shot during a hunt, others eliminated through dangerous assignments, still others locked away as madmen, many executed on trumped-up charges of treason, are and finally the seven greatest are sent away on a fool’s quest to find new lands. Predictably, none of them ever return. Then, when there is no one left to stand up for the prince, Miraz’ flunkies ask him to become king and he “reluctantly” accepts. He’s quite content to keep the prince around while he has no son of his own, because might as well keep the throne in the family, but, when that situation changes, he is about to murder the prince as well. Because this is Narnia and not Westeros, others intervene, the prince gets his proper succession, and the tyrant gets his own in violent fashion. In reality, the right is not always so lucky. It’s actually somewhat scarier than villains like the White witch of the first book, since these tyrants are all too human and all too real. A lot of similar ideas pop up in the last book of the series in which a corrupt ape dresses a donkey in a lion skin and uses him to demand absolute obedience from the nation, while its enemies conquer it from within. Also all too believable. I guess it was art imitating life.

    Well, art and life tend to repeat themselves if we don’t learn better, and that’s just what we’re seeing now. Except, in the past, some of these crazy ideas would never be accepted here. Probably why they wouldn’t be accepted is that the ways of spreading them were limited and available to everyone. Newspapers usually were respectable enough not to print crank letters unless they were crank publications themselves. If you ran for office, maybe your speech might make the evening news, maybe not. Most media at least pretended to be somewhat objective, even as respectable journalists like Edward R. Murrow resorted to political hit pieces. Mind you, I’m not defending McCarthy, he was another would be tyrant, but, the fact that the news media could essentially train its best resources on him with the intent of bringing him down and succeed should have given everyone pause, because what’s done to someone else today can be done to you tomorrow.

    That’s been different the last few years, and only now is it changing back. I don’t know when last I bought a newspaper, and I’m guessing almost no one here has looked at a physical newspaper or magazine lately, except maybe while waiting for a medical appointment. The way of spreading news is digital, and a very few players all of a relatively similar mindset had almost absolute control of this until recently, and a number of them had become increasingly and brazenly partisan. To hear that one guy from MSNBC who was recently cited here, you’d think they were guarding against the possibility that anyone use their outsized power to boost one side while suppressing the other and so tip the balance decisively one way. The fact is that that guy was either lying or stupid, and the left knows damn well what they were doing. They’re just upset that they got caught. They’re also upset because their lies have been exposed together with their incompetence.

    History also teaches us that the most blatant, brutal, and desperate tyrants are the ones who have been exposed as tyrants before their subtle work was complete, and the next most so are those whose work is in fact complete and who do not need to pretend to be other than tyrants anymore. Phocas of Byzantium, Caligula, and Robespierre were among the former, and could not retain their power once it became obvious but they were doing and determined resistance arose. Hitler and Pol Pot were among the latter, and they would have been unstoppable but for outside intervention. Stalin was also among the latter, because he was a master at behind the scenes work when everyone’s attention was somewhere else, although he got his when his senior lieutenants withheld medical attention just long enough to ensure that he would die, knowing that if he had lived, his next targets were them.

    Thankfully, I think we are still in the former stage. And there are still enough Americans who are clear-headed and clear-eyed enough to see through what the other side is trying to do, and enough Americans with enough determination and energy to say no. The Democratic party would be foolish to attempt a political purge at this point, and especially to attempt one all at once, by mass arrests of Republicans. It is one thing for them to turn a blind eye to the crimes of “mostly peaceful” BLM rioters while bringing the full weight of the law down on 300 or so idiots who never had a prayer in the world of accomplishing anything. It would be quite another for them to start arresting congressmen, GOP party leaders, and state and local officials and charging them with treason on the thinnest of records. It would be still another thing to do this as we get closer and closer to midterm elections that are projected to be a disaster of 1994 proportions for them due to two years of tyranny and mismanagement preceded by 4 years of attempting to undermine and out and out stymie a duly elected president.

    I think that the only thing that is ultimately going to stop them from going ahead with this is the nagging thought that whatever they do might not last forever and that they would set a really bad precedent by doing this. The statute of limitations is not up for the various democratic governors, mayors and other officials who turned a blind eye as black lives matter tried to rip this country apart and weaponized a pandemic that they should have been attempting to control and contain. I think inwardly they tremble with fear at the thought of a reascendant President Trump or a President DeSantis, or anyone of a few other Republican presidents, maybe with an attorney general Christie by his side, turning their own tactics against them and throwing THEM into jail for 10, 20, or 30 years as traders who were loyal to nothing but their own power.

  3. Your advertising signs prove to me that by all means we should leave the education of our children to our teachers. Clearly, their have done a great job, not only in spelling but in critical thought.

    More on Steve-o’s comment later, when I stop laughing…

  4. I’m 90% sure the small town store awning is intentional, if crass, advertising. Not too clever, but I wouldn’t call it stupid.

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