Unethical (And Head-Exploding) Quote Of The Day: V.P. Kamala Harris

“We will work together, and continue to work together, to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements, that we will convene to work together…We will work together.”

Vice-President Kamala Harris, babbling on about something or other.

I had foolishly assumed that nothing this idiot could say at this point would make my head explode, but that quote did it. Her existence as the #2 elected official in the United States is a profound embarrassment to the nation, the public and the democratic system.

That such a clueless dolt was chosen purely because of her gender and race insults that gender and those ethnic communities unintentionally complicit in her creation.

That the news media refused to enlighten the public about just how incompetent she is proves its uselessness.

That Harris and her supporters have the astounding cheek to cry “racism” if criticism is aimed her way, when she routinely insults the public by presuming that first-grade level verbal pablum is good enough to feed them because she doesn’t have the capacity to offer anything better, impugns everyone responsible for her presence in place of someone minimally responsible and trustworthy.

31 thoughts on “Unethical (And Head-Exploding) Quote Of The Day: V.P. Kamala Harris

  1. And she wonders why Biden staffers are increasingly seeing her as a liability? My guess is that Biden (assuming he is physically able), will choose another VP in 2024.

  2. I was just thinking she’s sure been invisible (and silent?) for the last few weeks.

    I’m beginning to think the Dems will run Ron Klain as Joe’s VP in 2024, and then have Joe step aside and let Klain be president. Or, could they run Obama as Joe’s VP and then have Joe step aside and put Obama in? Is Obama allowed to get in as VP and then ascend to president upon removal of a sitting president?

    • The 22nd Amendment limits election to the presidency, but does not proscribe ascendency (from VP or other positions in the chain of succession) for what would be a third term. Your hypothetical would be an obvious circumvention of the Constitution, but there are those who see the Constitution as an obstacle to be gotten around.

      • It would be a very interesting–and technically Constitutional–way around the 22nd Amendment to continuously re-elect a popular former President beyond 2.4999 terms: If the candidate is elected as Vice-President and the elected President steps down within a few days of being sworn in, this process could be repeated every four years for as long as the electorate is willing to go through the motions.

        It would never happen, of course, for several reasons. But it might make a good plot for a book!


  3. I’d want to know the context. Are these off-the-cuff remarks? Or something more formal? If the former, they’re pretty forgivable, certainly nothing worse than we heard from President Trump on an almost daily basis. if the latter, that’s a different story.
    Harris is indeed a babbling incompetent, but this tidbit doesn’t necessarily even add to the case. I’m sure I’ve said worse at least 1000 times over the course of my career, but I can be reasonably coherent when I put my mind to it in more formal settings.

  4. Make a list of the sentences or sentence fragments from Harris’ various pronouncements. Mix and match them in random sequences and see if they make more or less sense than the original statements, or if there’s no discernible difference.

    “There is such great significance to the passage of time. It exists next to another country called Russia. So, basically, that’s wrong and there is such great significance to the passage of time when we will work together, and continue to work together, to address these issues.that we will convene to work together”

  5. Caped Crusader, it’s never a good sign, but explained it must be. Please don’t leave us (of lesser imagination) hanging. Still don’t get it.

  6. At first I thought you’d posted on this before, but then I realized this is similar to her speech where she repeated “passage of time” over and over.

  7. Harris is, not to put too fine a point on it, bad at this and universally hated.

    Biden (or his team) thought he needed a black woman on the ticket, but he didn’t have to like her. When’s the last time they were seen together? There was a story not too long ago on how he’s not even taking her calls anymore. She’s pure baggage. She’s being isolated. Regardless of whether Biden runs in 2024, I doubt Kamala will be on the ticket. And with that fact pattern, how much do you spend in resourcing for her? There’s a not insignificant chance that she’s one of the only politicians in America actually writing her own speeches… And that’s what she’s giving.

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