Dazed And Confused Ethics Phantasmagoria, 5/28/2022

Almost nothing in this post makes sense to me, beginning with the video above on Disney+. “What’s going on here?” People are losing their minds, that’s what appears to be going on here. (Incidentally, I cancelled our Disney+ subscription. I did not realize that the “plus” stood for pro-gender identity crisis/pro drag queen propaganda. If that was going to be a theme, I believe Disney was obligated to inform me.

1. In a related vein: Mattel.

What is this? What the hell is a “transgender doll”? Is this “Ick” or unethical? Surely there aren’t a sufficient number of male-to-female trans kids in the market to make this new Barbie, modeled after excessively praised trans-gender actress Laverne Cox, profitable, even considering the weird Barbie collectors, who would snap up a T-Rex Barbie if there were one.

It appears to me, and don’t hold me to this in my current state of confusion, that Mattel is pandering to an unhealthy and an unethical cultural movement to make gender dysphoria both desirable and epidemic. That would be irresponsible, and thus unethical. Also profoundly stupid.

2. But that President Trump, he lied all the time you know…

President Joe Biden, once again despite multiple sources pointing out the falsity of the statement, once again claimed that the January 6th rioter in the Capitol killed police officers.

He said:

A mob of insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, the very citadel of democracy. Imagine what you’d be thinking today if you had heard this morning before you got here that a group of a thousand people broke down the doors of the parliament of Great Britain, killed two police officers, smashed and ransacked the office of members of the British Parliament or any other, what would you think? What would you think?

Biden has repeated non-fact for more than a year, but he keeps saying it, Big Lie style. How many Americans believe it? The only person killed during the riot was an unarmed rioter, who was shot under circumstances that would have set off Black Live Matter riots if the victim had been black and the shooting cop not been.  Biden even went to the extent of having Officer Sicknick, who died of a stroke days after the mob scene, lie in state in the Capitol under the pretense that he had been “killed.” Has Biden been banished from Twitter? What would his languishing “Misinformation”board do about such repeat deception?

3. Gabe Kapler’s full duncery: I wrote once today about S.F. Giants manager Gabe Kapler’s flagrant grandstanding by announcing he wouldn’t be standing for the National Anthem before games until he was pleased with the direction of the country, because, I guess, a single maniac’s actions in a small town in Texas illustrate government policy, or something. I found Gabe’s full explanation for his “logic,” which is well-written and full of assumptions, dubious conclusions and talking points accumulated from others. Read it, if you like.

4. How crazy has the Angry Left become? This crazy: MSNBC’s The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross on Saturday, Black Lives Matter-channeling  activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham  told Cross she believed that law enforcement’s failure during the Uvalde shooting means policing doesn’t work. That’s right: the performance of one police force in a tiny Texas town faced with a crisis “proves” that all police are worthless. To be fair, this is the sam logic employed to make George Floyd’s death the catalyst for The Great Stupid.

Cunningham said,

“I think, sadly, Uvalde is a terrible and tragic example of just how – not incompetent – but problematic the entire institution is. If the police kill, taze and maim unarmed people because they fear for their lives and they won’t stop armed people from slaughtering children, then clearly the institution itself is not sound. Uvlade provides 40% of their municipal budget to policing and I’m very sure that being tackled and handcuffed while you are trying to go in and rescue your own children is not what the residents of that town pay for. It’s certainly not what taxpayers across the country think they are paying for.  [Police]”have spent many, many years and a lot of money actually litigating the fact that they do not have to endanger their lives if they don’t want to, which is fine. That’s a challenging thing to ask of anybody. But what that means is that we should stop telling people that’s what they do. We should stop leading with this ‘serve and protect’ idea, because that’s frankly not often how they function. We have to recognize that there is a culture in media and in television and in film that has created this incontrovertible narrative that police are perfect and they are heroes and everything they do is done with authority that should be respected without question…Instead of the fact that we can look at other countries and recognize that at the very least, disarming police, demilitarizing police but really thinking creatively about how we abolish policing as we know it and really get to the meaning of public safety, that’s that’s what our communities deserve.”

Translation: Amazingly, Uvalde represents all of the United States, Uvalde’s police force is identical to all police in the U.S., and a single incident in a place most of us never heard of in proof that all policing is rotten.

This is the logic and language of bigotry when applied to other groups, but true to her practice and MSNBC culture, Cross didn’t challenge this madness in any way. Cunningham’s theory isn’t “misinformation,” it’s just pundit malpractice, designed to confuse the light of brain and the ideologically poisoned. In fact, it warrants a “Sidney Wang”:

I think I’ll leave this post on that appropriate note…

4 thoughts on “Dazed And Confused Ethics Phantasmagoria, 5/28/2022

  1. So far as I can tell, the left supports whatever “social issue” will cause the absolute most societal upheaval and chaos. The goal seems to be to hurt as many people as possible, and destroy as many children as they possibly can. The only conclusion I can draw is that the chaos is the point. They want to hurt people, cause societal friction and divide people. Why? Chaos is a ladder?

    • The authoritarian left realized some time ago that they cannot achieve their goals within the existing legal and political framework of the United States.

      Revolutions rarely occur in prosperous, tranquil, stable societies. Chaos, violence, uncertainty, and instability are much more reliable precursors to upheaval. The plan, such as it is, seems to be to make life so miserable that the people will demand something different, and for some reason, will turn to those who caused most of that misery to provide it. That latter bit is where the plan seems to require a bit of magical thinking.

      However, the “foot soldiers” of this movement seem to be less concerned with the big picture, and largely to be people who are already miserably unhappy and wish, childishly, to inflict such discomfort on others rather than address the shortcomings in their own lives.

      My current theory is that those who seek revolution stumbled into a lucky break with Biden/Harris – an administration so incompetent and ethically corrupt that it will do the work of destroying the system for them. Once the damage is done, the puppet masters get to blame all of the misery and chaos on their incompetent patsies, offering an opportunity for the “progressives” to swoop in and “fix” everything. That’s going to be a tough needle to thread (made more difficult by Biden trying to rebrand himself as some sort of populist leftist rather than a corporatist establishment Dem), but that appears to be what they’re attempting.

  2. I did not know what GLSEN was until today. I have no problem with organizations trying to reduce bullying but let’s be honest shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy were bigoted in their own right. The premise was that only gays had any fashion sense and straights were rubes.

    As for the GLSEN organization, I would be interested in finding out just how receptive they are to the idea that inculcating these ideas in the very you may create a sense of gender dysphoria that non-clinical people misinterpret as true gender dysphoria who then start to reinforce the ideas with their gender affirming care. If they are dismissive of that then perhaps, they are merely a gang that uses a different approach to bully their target into submission.

  3. 1) It is certainly Ick. But it’s absolutely unethical. To beat a dead horse – perpetuating the destabilizing lie of the “T” in LBGTQHIDKLG:HSI:NAK:A::A!!!!1 is a danger to children, especially those going through the most confusing period of their lives. Pushing people towards instability and exacerbating mental illness is self-evidently unethical.

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