11 thoughts on “THIS Is The Great Stupid: Res Ipsa Loquitur

  1. And here I was thinking that government’s response to drug addiction couldn’t possible get worse than S.F. (where hotel rooms were provided along with alcohol, weed, and tobacco to some homeless addicts supposedly as a way to encourage isolation during the coronavirus lock downs).

    The quote from “Florence” is spectacularly dangerous: imagine some depressed working stiff, riding the subway to some stressful job and thinking “hey, I can take these street drugs in a safe, responsible, and controlled manner — I can be empowered!”. Talk about a recipe for disaster.

  2. A good place for an “I did this” sticker. Did SloJo do this directly? Of course not, but he’s the leader if this insanity, and the dems need to be tied to every bit of it, in the minds of the public, before the elections.

  3. Yes, this ad speaks volumes. What a fatalist attitude toward drug usage. But, what should we expect when we decided it was too much trouble to educate teens about the consequences of engaging in sex before marriage. Why is it that we spend billions to get kids not to take up smoking cigarettes and then spend even more money working to make sure they can light up a joint? I am beginning to believe that there is a plan to turn the young into simply worker zombies who will provide the money to the government elite so they can remain in power over them. What else could explain this BS? This is getting to be like a B movie horror flick.

    On another note, is it racist to always use minorities as the poster children for ads like these. This and the AIDS drug ads all feature blacks.

    • CM,
      I suspect that this is run by the same wizards that put together the safe use kits, with crack pipes, clean syringes & spoons, and votive candles or lighters for drug users in the DMV area that received the safe use grant. I acknowledge that I may be using too broad a brush stroke on this, but though I may have erred on some details, I think the grant was funded through DHHS. Either Mayor Adams came up with a publicity push with the same goals or the once-proud NYC Health Department went after their own grant.

  4. Oh I need an explanation all right, but not one this site is likely prepared or able to give.

    Why would anyone, not already high on drugs, think this was a GOOD idea?

  5. Times sure are different; ads like this are going to cause more harm. I used a lot of marijuana in my late teens and early 20s and was going nowhere. This commercial actually had an impact on me and helped me see what was (or wasn’t) happening to me.

    Perhaps I would have moved on from marijuana regardless; however, this commercial, at a minimum, made me think about where I was headed.

  6. I maintain that the opioid abuse issue is self-limiting. Stop with the gallant efforts to save abusers by providing free Narcan and inane instructions like these. Yes, they will die, but that is the result of the choice of their actions. Isn’t choice a fundamental right, so why should we limit their rights?

  7. Yes junkies, you TOO can be part of a “community!” Congratulations! Now that’s change you can believe in!

    (Aren’t Republicans idiots for not going after the junkie vote? The Dems really know how to build a big tent.)

    How does one use heroin “safely?”

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