The Popular Culture Embraces Emerson College As Emerson College Embraces Anti-White Racism

As frequent readers here know, I frequently hear more ethics alarms in seemingly small things than in the major stories everyone else is talking about. This is one of those situations.

Boston’s Emerson College [full disclosure: my aunt got her speech degree there) is being promoted in the 4th season of Netflix’s cult fantasy/horror series “Stranger Things.” One of the shows heroines, Nancy Wheeler (played by Natalia Dyer), ostentatiously wears an Emerson T-shirt: she’s attending the liberal arts college in the 1980s, where the Stephen King-referencing show takes place. Now Emerson is cool. Copies of the shirt are being sold to support the victims’ families in Uvalde.

Emerson College is an enthusiastic agent of anti-white racist ideology that indoctrinates its students accordingly.

Creative writing professor Kim McLarin became Emerson’s Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies in January. She is an avowed racial segregationist who has said that blacks and whites can even be friends. She even stated that she divorced her husband in part because he is white.

In 2019, her article in The Washington Post, explained,

“Generally speaking, it’s not that I dislike white women. Generally speaking, it’s that I do not trust them. Generally speaking, most black women don’t.”

Another article for The New York Times by McLarin stated that she will not date a white man. McLarin wrote another article for The Sun Magazine entitled “On White Violence, Black Survival, and Learning To Shoot,’ in which she wrote,

If a civil war breaks out, I say, if violent white mobs begin roaming the country as they have done in the past, I will not worry about precision shooting. I intend to sit on my porch with my legally acquired handgun and as much ammunition as I have and perhaps a bottle of Scotch and take them as they come. I say as much to my husband. My husband, understandably, is shocked. He’s not sure he believes me. I’m pretty sure he should.

In yet another article, she wrote  that “black-white buddy films, the Best Black Friend in sitcoms,” and most Morgan Freeman movies are tools for “White America … to remain at the center of black consciousness.”

That’s enough for me. She’s a bigot and a hateful anti-white racist. She’s proud of it. She’s a fick. What does it tell you about a college that it appoints such a divisive and unethical academic as a dean? What else could it tell you, other than proving that the school endorses black privilege and permanent racial division?

Now, even as the school is being endorsed by a madly popular TV series (you understand how the Cognitive Dissonance Scale works by now, right?”), Emerson is taking its racism to the next level. It has nominated Shaya Gregory Poku as the school’s new vice president for equity and social justice, which is like nominating Barry Bonds as Major League Baseball’s VP for PED Compliance.

Poku is one of the authors of the manual “9 Tips for Anti-Racist Child Rearing.” which instructs parents on how to raise their children via Critical Race Theory dogma. Not judging people by the color of their skin is “absurd,” readers are told. Parents should instruct their children to “acknowledge and celebrate differences in appearance” and to “describe people referring to their racial backgrounds.”  The parents should also prevent their kids from “socializing with other children who are being raised to have and perpetuate false and decrepit ideas.”  Race, says the publication, should play a factor not only in the people you surround yourself with, but also in the businesses you support. People should “patronize businesses owned by people of color” and buy less at white-owned businesses, the manual says.   It also says that parents should make certain that children understand the unjust “racial hierarchy.”

That’s one of the leaders of the college being promoted on “Stranger Things.” Colleges that have such leaders are anti-American and indoctrination factories. The alliance of the progressive and doctrinaire educational establishment and popular culture (not to mention mainstream journalism), is an existatential threat to the nation’s culture and core values. Tiny bits of subliminal persuasion like Nancy’s T-shirt are invading young minds (I never noted what her shirt showed) constantly. The propagandists are everywhere, and they are relentless.

I have to admit that I have no idea how to fight this.


7 thoughts on “The Popular Culture Embraces Emerson College As Emerson College Embraces Anti-White Racism

  1. Pop culture has been doing this for a long time and been celebrated for how sneaky they used sci-fi and fantasy programming to address political and social issues. Nothing that is seen on a television program or movie is an accident with the exception of the occasional continuity blooper. Every poster on a wall, every bumper sticker, every logo on a t-shirt is done for a reason. We have been subtly propagandized for decades.

    They pat themselves on the backs at their awards shows for how their creativity changed American attitudes about race and the War in Vietnam but avert their eyes and say, “Nothing to see here” if there are negative consequences that flow out of pop culture. And, in any event, they rarely acknowledge that what consequences emerge are negative anyway.

    Savvy viewers are what we have to be. We have to recognize when we are being given a message and what that message is.

  2. How do you fight this? I don’t know.

    Cancel your subscription? Speak out? Black supremacist racists have convinced white liberals who are filled with white guilt to buy into their sick ideology. That’s really what’s happened. Black lives matter just accelerated it all.

    I think conservatives need to focus on building counterbalances to cultural institutions dominated by liberals. There are Christian ones, but they aren’t appealing enough to people who aren’t religious. You need to focus on more general conservative principles that appeal to a broad audience, likely with libertarian leanings. As dumb as truth social is, it’s the right type of idea. Rumble, truth social, and such are the beginnings of actually counteracting the influence of the left. Musk buying Twitter could potentially be as well.

    I would also suggest an intentional fleeing from liberal states. If your state and state universities are run by liberals, leave as soon as possible. A business flight and a consistent counter in culture could potentially swing the tide a bit.

    The polls for Gen z and Millennials doesn’t look good though if their attitudes hold, but you know what they say about polls!

    • The only way to seriously push back on this is to work towards setting up a parallel economy and eschew all businesses, organizations, and charities that contribute to, glorify, or in any way support left wing causes in any way. Right now, that parallel economy does not exist. People have no alternatives. People are not going to stop using daily products or services when no alternative exists.

      • My concern about that approach is that it mirrors the progressive “cancel culture”, and will merely increase societal divides. It’s one thing to boycott and speak out against specific institutions that exhibit poor judgment and ethics blindness, but boycotting anything at all associated with those institutions feels like overkill. Sure, don’t donate or enroll in Emerson, and spread the word about their racist faculty, but I doubt anyone at Netflix knows or cares about Kim McLarin.

  3. Emerson appears to be trying to keep up with BU and Ibram X. Kendi.

    So called anti-racism is a separatist movement. The trustees of all these colleges and universities trying to placate these separatists should just throw in the towel and turn every school into a Historically Black College or University. That’s about all they want: control. These diversity and inclusion people are just little tin Pol Pots. I bet they’ll send the academics to the countryside to pick cotton.

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