Unethcal Website Of The Month: The Post Millennial

Emily Bridges and Lilly Chant, two biological men who “identify” as female, won the first and second place slots at London’s ThunderCrit cycling last week. That’s the third place finisher with her baby on the right. The Post Millennial, a conservative website, used the photo above and this one…

…to show how absurdly unfair the competition was, with the diminutive biological female dwarfed by her victorious trans competition. The headline was, “Biological males win women’s cycling event, kiss while third place female cares for child.”

And it almost fooled me. I was going to post the photos above as a “Res Ipsa Loquitur” stand-alone feature, but this time the pictures didn’t “speak for itself.” Here are the uncropped photos…

No wonder the trans-women dwarf the third place finisher! They are standing on higher platforms.Bridges was cycling and winning competitions in male categories as recently as February; last October, Chant posted on social media that it would take 11 months of hormone treatments for him to reach acceptable levels to compete in a women’s race, but Thundercrit allowed him to do so in June anyway. Allowing trans athletes who only recently “crossed over”to compete against competitors born female is sufficiently unethical that it doesn’t need artificial and deceptive photo enhancement to make the point.

This is how websites get banned as sources on Ethics Alarms.

It is increasingly difficult to find websites on the Left or the Right that play the news and their reporting and headlines straight. For example, here is the supposedly respectable professional legal publication, the American Bar Association Journal, headline over the story Ethics Alarms reported on last week: Georgetown Law Center’s reinstatement of suspended conservative professor Ilya Shapiro:

Georgetown Law retains incoming scholar despite his ‘lesser Black woman’ tweet

As reporter Sally Field describes the misleading story that causes death and career destruction in the Paul Newman film “Absence of Malice,” the ABA headline is accurate but untrue. The tweet that got Shapiro unjustly tarred as a racist indeed included the phrase “lesser black woman” but it did not suggest that any black female judge was inherently “lesser.” The point of the tweet was that by limiting his SCOTUS choices to black, female judges, President Biden would end up with a nominee that was less qualified than a male judge “of color” Shapiro favored. The ABA Journal headline was despicable, deliberately distorting Shapiro’s meaning, which had already been clarified by the professor and others.

But that’s the state of journalism today, especially on the web.

6 thoughts on “Unethcal Website Of The Month: The Post Millennial

  1. “Allowing trans athletes who only recently “crossed over ”to compete against competitors born female is sufficiently unethical that it doesn’t need artificial and deceptive photo enhancement to make the point.”

    Absolutely, and the crazies in the debate use articles like this to try to explain away legitimate concerns about trans women competing in women’s sports. Lying or being manipulative is not the way to win an argument.

  2. Immediately I saw the top photo I realised that they were standing on a victory dais lined up as they were with the highest in the middle and third place on the right holding their winner’s prizes, so I don’t think the photo was necessarily meant to be deceptive at all.

    • Agreed… Seeing ankle socks in line with knees plus many (all?) prior races finish on this style of tiered platform made me curious what an equal ground appearance would be.

      The third place finisher being furthest away from the camera also biases the comparison, but the photographer understandably would take this photo from this position even if all competitors were biologically female. Arguably the image editor would have cropped the image the same way too. Probably the only thing that would be different is the Post Millennial would not have run the story.

      It’s not ‘fake but accurate’ territory… Definately accurate but exaggerated.

    • I agree, Errol. The bike tire leaning against Emily Bridge’s leg in the first photo makes plain that the podium finishers are not standing on level ground. The most-cropped image is a little dicier, but even there the height difference appears too monumental to be real. If the purpose of the cropping was deception, it failed.

      This race is what’s unethical. For both “Lightning” rounds (A & B), males took two out of the top three spots. In addition, all three winners for both “Thunder” rounds (A & B) were male. In other words, 10 out of 12 awards at the 2022 Thundercrit went to male athletes. So…yay for inclusion, I guess?

      • “If the purpose of the cropping was deception, it failed.”

        The purpose of the cropping was deception. It’s clear from the text. The fact that it failed is irrelevant to the ethics of the attempt.

    • Did you read the article and the related tweets? “She’s pictured holding her child and standing in diminutive regard to her biological male counterparts.” It’s pretty clear they are referring to how small she looks in comparison to the “guys.”

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