Should Fox News Broadcast The Prime Time Hearings Of The House’s Partisan Jan. 6 Committee? Of Course Not. And Neither Should Any Other Network…

The mainstream media and the usual suspect in the world of punditry are having a particularly silly meltdown over the decision by the Fox News management not to treat the hyped Jan. 6 Committee hearings as anything other than what they are and have obviously been from the beginning: an unethical, biased, last-ditch effort to salvage the November mid-terms by painting the GOP as a threat to democracy—because a bunch of morons and assholes stormed the U.S. Capitol in response to President Trump’s irresponsible claims that the election had been “rigged” and “stolen.”

Meanwhile, Democrats and their legions are trying to intimidate the Supreme Court, undermine the Bill of Rights, legalize racial discrimination,, and bomb anti-abortion organizations. Yeah, these are the people who will “save democracy,” all right.

The Jan. 6 inquiry became illegitimate from the moment Nancy Pelosi rejected any Republican House member who wasn’t already on record of being a Trump-hater. I have watched House and Senate Committees in action for decades, and the party’s whose President or other official is under the microscope always has members actively defending him or her, raising questions or relevance or fairness, and generally making sure the effort isn’t a partisan hit job—except this time. This time the investigation was rigged. If it was a jury, Rep. Adam Schiff, for example, would be dismissed for cause. He was the main figure in Congress perpetuating the Russia collusion lie and both contrived impeachments. Then there’s Liz Cheney, who is supposed to make the kangaroo court look “bi-partisan.” Trump stupidly farted in the general direction of the Bush-Cheney power axis when he was running for the GOP nomination, and these are nasty, bitter, vindictive people.

There is no good reason for any political event, including state funerals, inaugurations, and Presidential addresses to be on more than one broadcast network anyway; this is always been ridiculous and faintly totalitarian. Don’t force me to watch something: if I would rather watch “Family Feud”—or in this case, paint dry, I’m damn well going to do it. But this stunt—and a stunt it is–particularly fails the sock drawer test.

“Jan. 6 Hearings Give Democrats a Chance to Recast Midterm Message,” reads the New York Times about the hearings. The Times, of course, thinks it’s a good thing that government resources are being used for blatantly partisan purposes, or at least is avoiding the criticism this Star Chamber deserves:

“With their control of Congress hanging in the balance, Democrats plan to use made-for-television moments and a carefully choreographed rollout of revelations over the course of six hearings…to persuade voters that the coming midterm elections are a chance to hold Republicans accountable for it.”

In fact, no network should be aiding and abetting this nakedly partisan campaign tactic, for which they have even hired a prominent commercial TV producer. It’s a continuation of the 2016 Post-Election Ethics Train Wreck, astoundingly still going on six years after Donald Trump dared to humiliate Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. The effort is ironic, because it supports Trump’s contention that his political foes were working to deny him a fair chance to, first, govern at all, and then to be re-elected. Next they impeached him without evidence, and have been trying to destroy him ever since.

Even fake Times conservative David Brooks sort of grasps reality, writing,

Using the events of Jan. 6 as campaign fodder is small-minded and likely to be ineffective. …Sorry, boomers, but this is not the Watergate scandal in which we need an investigation to find out who said what to whom in the Oval Office. The horrors of Jan. 6 were out in public. The shocking truth of it was what we all saw that day and what we’ve learned about the raw violence since. We don’t need a committee to simply regurgitate what happened on Jan. 6, 2021. We need a committee that will preserve democracy on Jan. 6, 2025, and Jan. 6, 2029. We need a committee to locate the weaknesses in our democratic system and society and find ways to address them.

What Brooks doesn’t say in his column—I don’t know why, but there are many clues: he works for the Times, he has Stockholm Syndrome and won’t seriously criticize the Left, he’s a NeverTrumper himself—is that a mob of Machiavellian Democrats and NeverTrumpers is not the committee to do any of that—far from it.

Meanwhile, it is screamingly obvious that this was no “insurrection,” that the U.S. government and the election was never in peril, that Trump, whatever his strange mind was wishing or hoping and whatever text messages and emails were flying around, did not direct the idiots to do anything but protest, that the whole thing would have been averted if security measures had been even half-competent, that the single day riot was less disruptive to government than the Black Lives Matter riots the same year, which were cheered on by most of the Jan. 6 committee’s members, and that if this “Get Trump” charade is going to convince anyone of anything, it is likely to show how willing to abuse power this particular party is.

I salute Fox News for having the guts to walk right into the inevitable accusations that it is refusing to cover news that runs counter to its biases. Maybe that’s the real motive: hell, I don’t know, and I certainly don’t trust Fox News.

Even if that’s the case, this is an example of doing the ethical thing for the wrong reasons.

15 thoughts on “Should Fox News Broadcast The Prime Time Hearings Of The House’s Partisan Jan. 6 Committee? Of Course Not. And Neither Should Any Other Network…

  1. So the Speaker of the House who is at the moment a Democrat appoints not only the Democrats who are to be on the Committee but the Republicans as well? What a corrupt system!

    • Can’t wait for the wailing and gnashing of teeth when Republicans set up some committee to investigate Fauci, or something of that nature, with no Dem input. Oh how the norms will be broken, and democracy will be in peril. God forbid there’s a committee on Hunter Biden. Putin himself will be the committee chairman!

    • That is technically true, but it is also misleading. The two appointed Republicans were not, as is the general rule, among those recommended by the Republican minority leader, but rather two Republicans known for their opposition to the President.

      While it is debatable whether or not Pelosi violated the organizing resolution by her deliberate exclusion of Republican input and failure to appoint the required number of members, there is no doubt that this committee was not actually organized to find all the facts. Only the most partisan and biased person could conclude that it was anything other than an illegitimate exercise of congressional power to try to gin up evidence that could be used to support legal action against the opposition party and former president Trump.

      Thus, nobody should watch or care about this sham. Whether or not it violates the resolution, it is a transparent and illegitimate use of the House’s investigative power to harm their opponents while shutting out the other side of the argument, and it is done to a degree that has never before been seen. I’m sure the Republicans are taking notes for their inevitable return to power, which makes this all the worse — the last thing we need is to escalate partisan rancor in this country, yet the Democrats have been determined to do so at any cost with this “committee.”

      Might as well name it what it wants to be; the Committee of Public Safety.

  2. Ironically, the ads for the CNN circus coverage are honest: “The January 6 Hearings; Assault on Democracy.” They are indeed.

  3. My only subscription to an MSM publication is to “The Economist”. I do like the international coverage, but just the title of this article has me seriously considering cancelling:

    “Why America’s probe into the attempted coup last year is needed, before it’s too late”

    Subtitle: “The enemy of democracy is complacency”

    The United States section of the publication, to a large extent, is garbage.

  4. Say hello to America’s own attempt at a Reichstag Fire, and subsequent attempt at one-party, if not one-man, rule.

  5. “With their control of Congress hanging in the balance, Democrats plan to use made-for-television moments and a carefully choreographed rollout of revelations over the course of six hearings…to persuade voters that the coming midterm elections are a chance to hold Republicans accountable for it.”

    That comment alone should be disqualifying for both the January 6th committee and the New York Times.


  6. Senate leader Chuck Schumer made a public statement about Fox’s choice not to air the hearings live as Fox being afraid to face the truth. Since this was on Twitter and had less than two-dozen comments, I pointed out that at least three OTA networks (CBS, ABC, & PBS) we’re going to be available made to anyone with a TV antenna. It also felt like a great time to remind people about C-SPAN; it was carrying it live and should be promoted to anyone that is more interested in how our legislature works than a scripted piece of propaganda. I expect alternatives that I have to pay for, i.e. Fox News.
    This was the first of a six-part miniseries. With most of the TV audience already familiar with how this ends, I hope the next five episodes will be limited to C-SPAN.

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