Good. Now Do Female Gymnasts, Swimmers, Child Models And Actors

The international governing body for figure skating, the International Skating Union, announced yesterday that it will gradually raise the minimum age for Olympic-level competition from 15 to 17.  Thus no skaters younger than 17 will be allowed to compete in the 2026 Milano Cortino Games.

The body suddenly figured out that there  young athletes competing in sports at a high level faced unacceptable risks, not merely physical injuries due to their immature physiques, but also “psychological injuries” which can have devastating effects on their mental, cognitive, and emotional health in the short and long term. Of course, they knew this before, and didn’t care as long as child champions brought revenue and visibility. But the ugly scandal resulting from Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva’s positive doping test at the last Winter Olympic Games in the Nation That Shall Not Be Named mandated a Barn Door Fallacy reaction. Valieva was given a child’s pass that allowed her to compete unfairly against adults, became the center of controversy, and crumbled under the criticism and scrutiny. Ethics Alarms discussed the matter here and elsewhere.

A figure skater had to turn 15 by July 1 of the previous year to be eligible to compete in senior and Olympic level events, but that rule will only stay in effect until next year, when the age increase will start. For the 2023-2024 season, figure skaters will have to turn 16 by July 1 of the previous year, then it will increase to 17 for the 2024-2025 season.

It is disgusting that it required the world watching a young girl falling apart on international TV only to be shunned by her team for “failing” to trigger this long-overdue reform. In related news, star gymnast Simone Biles and dozens of other women who say they were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar are seeking more than $1 billion from the FBI for failing to stop the now imprisoned sports doctor/sicko after the feds first received allegations that he was sexually abusing young women and girls. The women’s gymnastics governing bodies similarly have plenty of evidence that coaches abuse the young athletes that irresponsible parents place under their control, but have done nothing to keep children out of high-profile competitions.

After all, the little gymnasts are so darn cute, and look at them flip!

8 thoughts on “Good. Now Do Female Gymnasts, Swimmers, Child Models And Actors

  1. The new limits get phase in over the next two years? Huh? If it’s a problem, why take so long to fix it? To whom is that fair?

      • Makes no sense. If it’s bad, implement it to protect those girls as well. The phase in is to protect the coaches of those kids. Nasty.

  2. And of course, there’s also the over-sexualization of the girl competitors. See Mikala Maroney with her carved up and made-up face and slinky outfits. Pretty sad.

  3. Yeah, suing the FBI for not doing its job good enough isn’t going to go anywhere. Biles et al. aren’t entitled to FBI protection to begin with. Then, they’ll probably have to prove that whoever was in charge of the investigation flubbed it with malicious intent, or something of that nature. Good luck proving that. I get the emotional appeal behind this stunt. The govt is only liable to you, if you’re under their custody, i.e. arrested or involuntarily committed. Also a Flint water scandal could be something the govt would be liable. Though I don’t think anyone went to jail for that one.

    • The government should be liable for the Flint water crisis because they INSISTED on it. The water treatment plan Flint got from the consultants was submitted to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the state agency insisted the corrosion treatment (the part that keeps the lead pipes from leaching lead in to the water) be eliminated. They insisted on eliminating the part that keeps the people from getting lead poisoning. The Flint water department was clearly incompetent since they weren’t even checking the pH of the water, but the plan they initially submitted probably would have prevented the tragedy even under their implementation.

      Most of the people charged and convicted in this scandal were MDEQ employees. During the investigation, they found that MDEQ covered up an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease. The chief medical officer at MDEQ threatened to cut off all funding to the Flint Community Health and Partnership if they didn’t stop investigating the Legionnaire’s disease outbreak. The head of MDEQ lied to police about the Leigionnaire’s outbreak and failed to notify the public or even the governor for a year after he had knowledge of the outbreak. The governor was charged with these crimes because he was the only Republican they could find in the entire chain of command of this disaster.

      The government is now planning on a $1.5 billion plan to fix the problem instead of just putting some limestone in the outflow of the treatment plant.

  4. The most horrifying part of the Larry Nassar scandal is that the parents were in the room and witnessed the abuse. Despite witnessing their daughters being abused over and over again, the parents did not pull their children from the program.

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