Ethics Hero: FINA (The International Swimming Federation)

Now do cycling, weightlifting, wrestling and running.

The world governing body for swimming voted to bar transgender women from the highest levels of women’s international competition, bringing expertise, authority and common sense to a debate that had been distorted by the Mad Left’s inexplicable commitment to radical transexual ideology.

FINA administers international competitions in water sports, and now definitively prohibits transgender women from competing unless they began medical treatments to suppress production of testosterone before going through one of the early stages of puberty, or by age 12, whichever occurred later. This is now one of the strictest rules against transgender participation in international sports, and with any luck and some courage elsewhere, it will have the necessary effect on other sports as well. Going through male puberty gives transgender women a massive physical advantage over most athletes born female, as the pool exploits of University of Pennsylvania’s unethical swimming champion Lia Thomas made obvious.FINA also says it will establish a new  “open” category for athletes who identify as women but do not meet the sport’s requirement of what a female swimmer is. Ethics Alarms has advocated a trans category for years. The options are, and have ever been, either have that, or make all sports teams and competitions open to all sexes and everything in between. The latter, of course, would essentially destroy most women’s sports.

“We have to protect the rights of our athletes to compete, but we also have to protect competitive fairness at our events, especially the women’s category at FINA competitions,” Husain al-Musallam, the president of the federation, said in statement.

Yup. But never mind: the primal screams of the “Reality is what I say it is” extremists are already echoing through social media:

  • “This is horrific. FINA has chosen to disregard science and bow to political pressure brought about by vicious anti-trans propaganda. No young trans woman would meet this criteria without access to proper health care, which, itself, is being banned in many places. Ludicrous.”

Right. Suppressing male puberty before the age of 12 is “proper health care.” Who are these people? One of them is uber-woke soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who tweeted,

  • “Show me the evidence that trans women are taking everyone’s scholarships, are dominating in every sport, are winning every title… Get a grip on reality and take a step back.”

Well, heck, Megan, I guess we’d have to see evidence that cheaters are dominating every sport and winning every title to ban cheating! Thanks for another reminder that athletes are celebrated for their bodies, not their minds.

  • “FINA’s new eligibility criteria for transgender athletes and athletes with intersex variations is discriminatory, harmful, unscientific and not in line with the 2021 IOC principles. If we truly want to protect women’s sports, we must include all women.”

Whatever they are. This is from the LGBTQ athlete activists Althlete Ally, and from this, we know not to take seriously anything else they may say in the future. Is keeping men out of women’s sports discriminatory? Then neither is banning trans athletes who have the advantages of men. “Harmful” to whom? The FINA decision is definitely scientific, and who cares what the 2021 IOC “principles” are?

And of course we have this reflex response:

  • “i’m not arguing w people clapping up the FINA decision. y’all know you’re transphobic. this is the same crowd that thinks transitioning at age 12 is child abuse. it has never been about making things “fair” for anybody. it’s about exclusion THAT has been made very clear.”

If they can’t argue using facts or common sense, accuse your adversary of racism, bigotry, hate of discrimination. To be fair, this strategy has worked awfully well for more than a decade


5 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: FINA (The International Swimming Federation)

  1. What I don’t think the progressive left understands is that while there are always some nuts that you could pick, by and large the people who don’t think it’s right for Lia Thomas to be in women’s sport just aren’t similarly upset at the idea of trans-men breaking into men’s sport.

    I’m just going to put it out there… There are three possibilities:

    1) Trans men don’t feel the same drive to compete that trans women do.
    2) They’re discouraged by the reality of the field that they will be less competitive in. Or
    3) They’re competing, and no one cares.

    Because outside the singular case of Mack Briggs, I can’t think of another case study. (Mack became famous because after he had transitioned FtM, he was still forced to compete against non-transitioning (read: not juiced on T) women, who he ragdolled around the wrestling ring. Honestly… The story would have been less sensational were he to be wrestling against boys his age.)

    These fact patterns are better understood outside a strict transphobia narrative. It’s not whether we want to affirm trans people as “real” men or women, it really is a fairness question, and no amount of spinning will change that. What is the purpose of women’s divisions? If we’re going to let biologically male bodies compete in women’s sport, why not just do away with gender divisions altogether? The point wasn’t to gatekeep womanhood, the point was to give women a field to play on, and if we’re not going to do that, what’s the point? Do away with the divisions: Trans women can settle to the middle of the men’s brackets where they belong, and women can watch from the bleachers. Great fucking victory, right?

    This reconciliation was a long time coming, it’s not done, but it is a portfolio where on a long enough timeline, progressives just lose.

    • HT
      Your take is far more adult than my snarkiness below. The problem is in that battle of ideas the left always identifies its foes as being bigots against whatever it wants to affirm in order to diminish whatever idea that they object. It seems that the only way to get a legitimate point made is to reduce everything to the absurd.

  2. Fastest way to fight this is to have every white male self identify as a black women and the watch the heads on the left explode.

    Imagine a Drag Queen story hour with those claiming themselves to be black women show up looking white and wearing mens clothes. Who are they to decide what I claim to be. I myself will declare I am a transition female lesbian. It may take years before I choose to get that gender affirming care but in the meanwhile just call me by my preferred pronoun, Ishmael.😝

    I know Ismael is a proper noun but if I can declare myself a lesbian why cannot I change grammar as well. Hop aboard the crazy train.

  3. Hopefully this is the beginning of a shift in the trans craziness.

    The next step is to revoke the medical license of any doctor that prescribes puberty blockers to children or any psychologist that says a 5 year old can be transgender.

    • It’s a good start. And a great relief to realize not every organization in this country is weenie-stupid enough to play audience to the trans-Godivas.

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