Apology Ethics: Proxy Apologies Don’t Count

The apology, if you missed it, is for the First Lady comparing her Hispanic audience to “breakfast tacos.”

This is pretty basic, and I’m surprised that the First Lady and the White House doesn’t know it: an apology must come from the individual responsible for the words or conduct being apologized for. Isn’t that obvious?

A relay apology by a lackey is itself an insult. It says that the aggrieved parties aren’t deemed sufficiently important for the alleged apologizer to address directly. Jill Biden’s dodge reminded me of the Sid Caesar-inspired character in “My Favorite Year,” who would regularly abuse his staff and then order his secretary to “send the guy something from me…like a new set of tires.”

To call this a perfunctory, cheap apology is being too kind. It’s cowardly, arrogant, and obnoxious, failing all of the goals a sincere apology should strive for.

5 thoughts on “Apology Ethics: Proxy Apologies Don’t Count

  1. Lefties only demand apologies, they don’t give them. This whole thing about minorities being offended is a mess of their making. Let them flop around in the mire. Good.

  2. My Favorite Year was (IMO) a très entertaining flick!

    Money quote; Lil (Selma Diamond) finding Peter O’Toole’s Allan Swann using the women’s loo: This is for ladies only!

    Swann (zipping up): So is this, ma’am, but every now and then I have to run a little water through it.

  3. She’s a type. These academics that believe their credentials in studying nonsense entitles them to respect always have a very rigid, entitled attitude. Her insistence on being called Dr in the public sphere (vs a classroom) told me she was a ridiculous person.

  4. I can’t help but notice the apology refers to the “Latino” community. Where’s the X? Is her flunky only apologizing to males? What the hell, Doc?

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