Gallup Finds “Media Confidence Ratings at Record Lows”…Well, Good!

Why “good”? It’s obviously not good that the trustworthiness of journalism has declined so precipitously. What is good, since the news media has proven itself to be so biased, irresponsible, dishonest and untrustworthy, is that the public is waking up and no longer trusts it. That minimizes the damage. It does not solve, however, the existential danger to our democracy of having a propaganda system instead of objective and reliable reporting.

Sure, this is a poll, and polls themselves are biased and unreliable. Gallup and Pew, however, are the most reliable of the pollsters, and this one at least seems right. 11% trust in TV news is essentially no trust at all: that number represents the moron component that shows up in every poll. (The 16% trust level in newspapers is irrationally high.)This is an impossible time for defenders of the news media to claim any credibility at all. The British commentary website Spiked writes in part under the headline, “Hunter Biden and the corruption of the liberal media”,

Everything you need to know about the modern liberal media is contained in the following fact…Fake news about Trump carries more weight than real news about the Bidens in today’s messed-up media…it’s about the media’s abandonment of objectivity in response to the populist moment, and their craven willingness to bury stories that have the potential to harm the political elites….

When the New York Post first reported on Hunter’s ‘laptop from hell’ in late 2020, shortly before the presidential election..most of [the news media] turned a blind eye to the original laptop story. ‘We don’t waste our time on stories that are not really stories’, said NPR. Even now, following further revelations of questionable behaviour in the Biden camp, the media are mild at best, silent at worst, in their response. Rumours about Trump were enough to send the liberal media into a frenzy; truths about the Bidens cause them to feel nothing at all. This is how politicised mainstream journalism has become. It now clearly conceives of itself, not as the pursuer of truth, wherever that might lead, but as the defender of the professional managerial elites against the questions and concerns of the populist throng. This is why the Hunter Biden story matters. Not because one sad, unsettled man took some drugs and hired some prostitutes – we can forgive that – but because the media establishment has made it clear to the world that it is more interested in protecting power from truth than speaking truth to power.

Bingo. And thus it is distrusted. Good.

Meanwhile, NPR has blithely announced that it is launching a “disinformation reporting team.” Disinformation…you know, like the Hunter Biden laptop story. Oh yes, Twitter trolls are reminding NPR of its quote above, but the state funded propaganda agency literally doesn’t care. Like most of the news media, it sees its job as advocacy and protection of its favorite politicians, policies and party. The critics just don’t understand.

Then we have this gaslighting from the Washington Post: “How media coverage drove Biden’s political plunge.” Perry Bacon, Jr., a Post op-ed columnist, actually wrote a piece arguing that the news media has been too tough on President Biden, and the Washington Post, showing no respect for its readers, reality, truth and the ethical values of responsibility and accountability, published it as if this was a legitimate point of view instead of what it obviously was; one more desperate effort to blame someone, anyone, anything, for the abject failures of pet Democratic fantasies and conceits, along with the fading and manipulated old man the party, with the crucial complicity of the media, installed in the White House.

Bacon’s case is a continuation of the Don Lemon justification for slanted news coverage: Republicans are evil and a threat to democracy, so the job of the news media is to bolster Democrats by any means necessary, while working to vilify conservatives. “Now, Biden is polling worse than Trump was in July 2020, when thousands of people were dying each week of covid, a situation much worse than the real and serious problem of high inflation in the Biden era,” Bacon writes. “You can’t credibly argue that Trump, with his constant inflammatory statements and incompetent management, was a better president than Biden. These poll numbers reflect something gone wrong.”

The poll numbers reflect the fact that Abe was right: you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, which is what hacks like Bacon try to do. The claim that Trump was to blame for pandemic deaths was part of the Democratic Party/mainstream media anti-Trump campaign; you would think that the fact that more Americans died of the virus under Biden might have discredited that deliberate lie, but apparently propagandists like Bacon are sticking with it.

Leaders are judged not by how outsiders (or insiders with an agenda ) view their management style, but by results, and Presidents get credit or blame for what happens on their watch. The only argument that Biden has been a better President than Trump is that progressives don’t like what Trump achieved because he achieved it. (No, “inflammatory statements” don’t cancel out substantive achievements like reduced illegal immigration, energy independence and reversing destructive Obama policies, like prompting colleges to abandon due process in sexual harassment accusations.)

A column like Bacon’s is self-indicting: the news media is biased, and so biased it will even blame itself to confuse citizens about reality. This is why nobody trusts it.

5 thoughts on “Gallup Finds “Media Confidence Ratings at Record Lows”…Well, Good!

  1. ….and this one at least seems right.

    This fits a principle in anthropology called the the criteria of embarrassment. Most persons or groups will only record information that makes them look favorable. Victories, achievements, etc. Some people, historically, have even been known to bend the truth to make themselves look good (shocking, I know!).

    Therefore, when historians look at recorded information that makes the group look bad (ie, embarrassing information), they tend to give it more credibility. There is little incentive to lie to make one look bad. The failure, therefore, must have been significant enough to note.

  2. I really doubt that 16% of Americans even read a newspaper just once a month, much less on a regular basis. How can they trust a news source they don’t use? Or, to flip it around, if they trust newspapers, why don’t they read them? That 16% poll result is bogus.

    I can’t remember the last time I even looked at the website or a physical copy of either the daily fishwrap or “alternative” weekly rag in this town. The last numbers I saw, the daily paper was bragging that they had 25,000 or so digital subscribers – serving a tech-heavy metro area with two million people in it.

  3. It wasn’t too long after the Iron Curtain clanged down that everyone behind it figured out that what was in the paper and on the tube was propaganda. They watched it because there was nothing else to provide background noise during meals or give them the box scores in the morning. We’re at the point where the only people reading and watching this crap and actually giving two grains of salt are the true believers, and the true believers on the blue side of things grow fewer and fewer every day. Even the true believers start getting tired of skyrocketing prices and a government that takes them for granted. Eventually even the most gullible lonely guy knows when he’s being scammed by the woman from SE Asia who professes her love for him while in the same breath asking for $100 more over the $1000 he’s already sent her, despite her efforts to prevent him from seeing sense. You have to wonder if someone who wants to prevent you from seeing sense is looking out for your best interests The media is clearly trying to prevent this nation from seeing sense, so…

  4. Jack when I first read your post and commentary on Gallup’s poll I too was encouraged. I thought at last the American public was recognizing the media’s propaganda campaign.
    However, as is my custom I make it a habit to trust but verify. I followed your link to the Gallop site. Gallop provided multiple graphs depicting media confidence by political affiliation. To Gallop’s credit, they allow you to download the data associated with most of their graphs.

    What I found was a less encouraging picture. Analyzing the data by political affiliation from 1981 to the present we see a consistent downward trend in newspaper confidence for both republicans and Independents. The democrat trend line was almost flat showing only an extremely slight downward trend. The data shows that the Democrat’s opinion has been basically consistent over the years. So don’t expect the print media to change any time soon.

    I didn’t do a deep dive on the broadcast media, but Gallop shows an across-the-board drop for each political affiliation. Of note during the Trump years bashing the Dem’s approval of Television news had a significant uptick.

    My guess is with the midterms coming up don’t expect the media to veer away from its Pravdaesque reporting any time soon. This is beyond sad. The media and progressives will continue their quest to kill the golden egg-laying goose. They are idiots because utopia will not follow the demise of the USA.

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