Comment Of The Day: “Ethics Musings On The Transgender Problem”

Before I present Tom P.’s Comment of the Day, one of several excellent reader reactions to the post, indulge me as I respond in detail to a slur on me by the now-banned commenter who claimed that associating transgender individuals with a “problem” evoked a fascist mindset and the genocidal intent of Hitler’s “final solution.” It was this repeatedly nasty commenter’s doubling down on his accusation that finally moved me to ban him after multiple warnings from me and his repeated defiance of appropriate discourse here.

The guy was a relentless progressive troll, though a relatively smart one, and fair debate was not on his agenda. What has become a routine tactic among such partisans here and elsewhere is to attempt to constrain language in order to make coherent arguments against Leftist cant more difficult, and also to play cognitive dissonance games by attaching sinister and discredited figures, positions and rhetoric to legitimate discourse that the ideologues don’t want to deal with fairly, or can’t.

Of course I wasn’t thinking of “the Jewish Problem,” as it was characterized by Hitler and his minions when I titled the post “Ethics Musings On The Transgender Problem,” but even if that abuse of the term “problem” had popped into my mind, it wouldn’t have dissuaded me. One dishonest and dastardly use of language for propaganda purposes cannot and should not restrict the legitimate use of the same words by others.

Germany had no “Jewish problem.” Germany’s Jewish community was among the most productive, loyal and successful ethnic groups in the nation. Hitler slandered these innocent citizens with the false claim that their religion, race and culture made them a threat to civilization, and did so with the specific goal of creating popular supports tor exterminating them. This history, I was told, meant that anyone assessing any group of any kind as a “problem” is unethical.

This is all part of the now familiar race-baiting, dog-whistling, political correctness “gotcha!” strategy used by various interest groups on the left to stifle legitimate discussion and to brand adversaries as unfit for the public square. I won’t play. If I was going to criticize the title of that post, it would be on the basis that the headline suggested that the problem discussed in the essay, the difficulty of determining whether trangenderism should be regarded as abnormal, was the only “transgender problem.” There are, of course, many. Problem: How do we ethically integrate true transgender individuals into gender-segregated sports? Problem: How does society simultaneously eliminate the stigma attached to individuals coping with serious gender identity issues without encouraging gender confusion among the young? There are others.

As for the blanket assertion that it is unethical to designate any group as a problem as far as public policy and ethical treatment goes, I reject it completely. Too many groups pose serious and difficult problems for society to mention them all, but some that come to my mind immediately, remembering that even problematic groups have members who present possible solutions to the problems or who may make valuable contributions to it, are:

  • Illegal immigrants.
  • Corporations
  • Koran-obeying Muslims
  • Unmarried parents
  • Black Lives Matters members and supporters
  • Trump supporters
  • Ideologues
  • Racists
  • Billionaires
  • The homeless
  • Alcoholics
  • Drug addicts, users and peddlers
  • Ignorant citizens
  • Stupid people.
  • Sexual predators
  • Incels
  • White supremacists
  • Journalists
  • Teachers, professors and school administrators…

I could go on and on. The fact that I regard these and other groups as creating problems (perhaps it would have been better have used “challenge” rather than “problem”….but it was only a headline) for American society today does not mean that I advocate wiping them off the face of the earth.

Here is Tom P.’s Comment of the Day on the post “Ethics Musings On The Transgender Problem”…


The whole furor surrounding transgenderism is multifaceted. This is true of virtually all polarizing issues. Pick any polarizing issue and within the pro and con camps, you will find the following subcamps: radical activists, passionate true believers, opportunists, virtue signaling supporters, go-a-longs to get-a-longs, and casual non-vocal supporters.

Typically, the activists and believers start the ball rolling with some polarizing or inflammatory statement(s) and or actions. These statements would wither on the vine without publicity. This is where the opportunists play a critical role. The opportunists provide the bellows to create a fire from the spark created by the activists and or believers. Most media outlets and politicians regardless of bent are opportunists. The last three subcamps’ roles merely add fuel to the fire.

The media needs a constant stream of controversy and sensationalism to capture and maintain the attention of the masses. Or direct them toward or away from an issue.

For politicians, polarizing or wedge issues are gifts from on high. The politician uses these issues to garner campaign contributions, and votes and distract the electorate from talking about the issues that significantly impact the whole country and that should be addressed for the good of the country.

If we look at transgenderism, it truly only directly impacts an extremely small segment of society. It is the opportunists that are making it a large issue. So, while society is talking about transgender issues it is not talking about inflation, gas prices, employment problems, immigration, etc. All of which impact a large portion of our society. Politicians don’t want people talking about these larger issues because that might cause the electorate to demand the politicians fix those problems. And if a politician failed to fix specific problems, then the electorate might hold them accountable and not reelect them. The one politicians abhor is accountability.

21 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Ethics Musings On The Transgender Problem”

  1. With the greatest humility, might I add *Troll* to your list?
    Is it just a coincidence that most of them lean far Left?

    • Jack, do you think eliminating stigma around transgenderism would create more trans kids?

      As in…let’s say the currently 1 out of 10,000 kids are trans (not simply out as trans)

      Would eliminating the stigma around trans create more trans kids?

      Obviously more kids would feel comfortable coming out as trans, but that’s not what I’m asking you.

      • Easy: yes. Right now, the climate is that being trans not only has no stigma, it’s “cool.” Kids who want to change their lives now see a gender swap as an attractive option. Our culture doesn’t have language or a category for “conduct we don’t want to encourage but that we don’t want to stigmatize those who engage in it either.”

          • I don’t think that, I know that. Kids are choosing to be trans right now because they are being convinced they are trans.There have been cases of individuals undoing earlier transsexual surgery. That’s a choice. There’s no established set standard for what determines when an individual “is” transgender (as opposed to intersex, which is a biological certainty.) Being gay is not a choice—living as a gay individual is a choice, and many gays choose not to do so. To be trans you have to take some action, and it is by definition action that is disruptive to one’s life.

            • Wait why do you think being gay isn’t a choice but being trans is?

              Do you think someone can choose not to be trans? And they aren’t born that way?

              • Let me be clear: I know there are genuinely trans-headed individuals who are psychologically wired for the opposite sex than that represented by their anatomy. The trans individual whom I know best is such a person: I have known her, now he, since she was a child. Her decision to have treatments and surggery to become male was not a surprise to me or anyone who knew her. That’s a genuine transsexual, and no, there was no choice except to express and become who she, no he was.

                I know others choose to be “trans” for reasons like peer pressure, emotional instability, low self esteem or body dysphoria. And some regret their choices later. If it’s not a choice, then you don’t regret the choice, do you?

          • Yes. Lia Thomas is a perfect example. He was an above average male swimmer but as a supposed woman he has little to no competition and is taking advantage of the current political winds and trends to avoid scrutiny.


          • Commenter zoebrain posted this link awhile back: In a nutshell, you’ve got men in a hardcore Middle East conservative culture acting like homosexuals, even though they adamantly deny BEING homosexuals, and the numbers are too high for them to all have been “born that way”. The theory is that most of these guys were indeed not born homosexuals, but since the sexes are so intensely segregated in their culture, the men look to each other for satisfaction. So I think the case can be made that not everyone claiming to be on the LGBTQ spectrum was born with the wrong wiring, but influenced by various other factors. And if that’s the case, then they could choose different influences if they are self-aware enough to do so.

            Others have pointed out the parallels with anorexia. No one is born with it (wouldn’t live very long if they were), and no one wakes up one day and says “I think I’ll starve myself to death.” But it is a culturally influenced condition. And ultimately they have to get past it by choosing to eat.

      • The most fundamental truth that everyone always seems to avoid any mention of is that there is no such thing as a transgender. No one can transition from one the other because it is an absolute biological impossibility. Accordingly, any that think they’re living in the wrong body are either mentally deranged, brainwashed, or con artists. I would challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

  2. I think people like Nate play an important (yet necessarily brief) part in this community. I mean, I get to see a firsthand smack down of an array of BS arguments I hear and read everyday from various progressives. Which would, admittedly, get boring after a while but is nice to see from time to time just to remind me…

  3. Jack,
    Thank you for the recognition. I think it is vital that we spend less time talking about inconsequential BS and, as a country, focus on the problems that are true existential threats to our republic. It is unethical and suicidal to do otherwise. For me these threats include:
    • Simultaneously having open borders and a generous welfare state
    • Unrestrained deficit spending by politicians
    • Unilaterally implementing environmental policies which are feel-good acts but provide little to no environmental benefit and are costly to our businesses and people. i.e., crippling domestic oil production and then importing oil from countries run by dictators, potentates, and reprobates.
    • Legislating via executive order, judicial fiat, or bureaucratic decrees
    • Critical Race Theory Indoctrination

  4. Honest question: when was the last time a trans issue didn’t involve marketing to children or the power disparity between former males being leveraged against always females?

    Am I simply not paying attention to the plight of this community or is the only suffering they are experiencing is a lack of young membership and a desire to pummel women?

  5. Being cool has a tremendous effect on the culture. Remember the hula hoop, pet rocks, bones farm wines, the boom box, etc, etc. coolness should not be measured by our adaptation of fads. It should be measured by our ability to be serene in tense situations

    • Boone’s Farm Wines! Hahahahahaha. Do we really HAVE to remember them? Can’t we just call it a day at, oh say, Almaden? Lancers’?

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