Comment Of The Day: “Comment Of The Day: ‘Ethics Musings On The Transgender Problem'”

I always learn something when legendary Ethics Alarms commenter Mrs. Q rejoins the fray. This Comment of the Day, sparked by Null Pointer’s COTD on the post, “Ethics Musings On The Transgender Problem,” is especially enlightening and provocative.

I am also thrilled that the controversial T-Rex emoji, which Ethics Alarms discussed last week, has made it into a post!


“You have one group of people using another group of people for likes and specialness without regard to the effects it has on the group being used.”

This is why more and more groups of gays are separating away from the whole LGBTQ+ industrial complex. For too long the T has been piggybacking on the struggles of the LGB’s when the two issues are totally different. Worse, now the same groups that once advocated for gay/bi equality, like the HRC and other pride groups, are redefining gay to mean “same-gender identity attraction” rather than same-sex attraction.” According to these new LBG groups, this is gay erasure because it takes biological sex out of the equation.

One of the most concerning things about this piggybacking is that now we see acceptance for gays dwindling because gays are being conflated with trans and it’s assumed gays are okay with transing kids or exposing them to kink and pervy drag queens, or letting men win in women’s sports. I’m already seeing articles about how gay marriage started all this and that if we get rid of marriage equality, somehow that will magically make the insanity of the radical trans activists go away.

Then you have those T radicals who say that gays who don’t want to be a part of the rainbow mafia are TERFS or “cisgender genital fetishists” or transphobes. Younger lesbians especially are getting the brunt of these assertions and are being pressured to sleep with men who claim to be lesbians, in a show of solidarity or overcoming their “sexual racism” and “unlearning their genital biases.” Any woman who dares to bring up this phenomenon is immediately labeled a TERF and the consequences aren’t always pretty. 🦖

Then you have big tech and big pharma who benefit greatly from all this. According to Martin(e) Rothblatt, founder of SiriusXM, transgenderism is the stepping stone to “upgrading” and becoming “transhuman.” Tinkering around with the human body, under the guise of helping the so-called gender dysphoric, gives big tech a lot money and space to experiment.

Big pharma profits handsomely as well, as clinics aimed at “trans” youth make bank off the repeated corrective surgeries that come from “transitioning.” FtM surgeries have a 70+% complication rate and these people have to have something like 4-20 additional surgeries. Even then, some of these women will never experience sexual pleasure or have normal functioning anatomy again. For men, take a look at Jazz Jennings who didn’t have enough skin in his/her genital area due to hormone blockers and will never have a normal functioning body.

And don’t forget the puberty blockers, like Lupron Depot, not only stop the body from maturing but also the mind. The side effects of these drugs are in and of themselves causing permanent damage to youth including osteoporosis.

Gays are finally forcing this issue in the open and saying “no more” to this riding of coattails by what very much feels like a cult of wild-eyed heterosexual technocrats, toxic allies, hostile unhappy trans, and a few self-hating gays thrown in the mix.

Many bisexuals and gays are done being used by the radical trans lobby but their voices are being censored by big tech. I hope at some point people will start to see the two groups have little in common, before we see gay-bashing become a new hobby for fed-up straights and transgenders alike.

LGB Alliance
Gays Against Groomers
Lesbians United

14 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Comment Of The Day: ‘Ethics Musings On The Transgender Problem'”

  1. If only this excellent, to the point, analysis would make it into the mass media. Failure to understand the various self-interest motivations that lead to irreversible damage is truly evil. I guess this is just another example of how narcissism has become so common that it should be considered a rabid infection subjected to the same level of attention and treatment as Covid.

  2. It (obviously) doesn’t effect me, but I think the most pressing and damaging trend on this portfolio is the a general trend of predisposition on the part of “allies” to assume lesbians are trans. Gay and trans issues are different, the struggle of being gay is to accept yourself as who you are. To live in your own skin. The struggle of being trans is that your mind rejects your skin, and you actively try to escape it. The process for these, making no values judgements, is *different*.

    And while some of this latest trend might be legitimate, in practice, we’re fast tracking a generation of young lesbians into the boob-chipper. We’re giving them hormone cocktails that permanently sterilize them. And it seems so avoidable… You listen to the interviews held by conservatives (Chew on that: Conservatives giving sympathetic interviews to lesbians) on detransitioned FTM lesbians and the common thread is “no one listened to me, they all said this was what I needed. I didn’t.”

    And it scales up with age…. Dyke bars, as odious as I find them… icky lesbians ( ❤ ) are drying up. They're politically toxic, because the definitions are so fraught and they have this minefield of inclusion to navigate. Think I'm being hyperbolic? Look at the example of Doc Marie's in Portland Oregon: Couple of carpetarians from New York moved to Portland, and realized Portland's bar scene was… lacking. What's an entrepreneurial tribadist duo to do?! They decided to open a bar!

    How'd that work out? Well… They closed after a week. Not because the venue wasn't popular enough… They had 200 patrons a night the week they were open. No, they weren't woke enough, they weren't inclusive enough, they appropriated something, their wall art was inappropriate. Their staff, in a reprise of the Mina’s World fiasco in Philly, demanded that the pair figuratively pack their U-Haul back to New York and leave them they keys. They demanded the business be conversed into a co-op and turned over to them. Because of course they did.

    Lesbian erasure is being derided as "TERF" rhetoric… And it might very well be TERFy, but it's also self-evidently describing a real thing.

    • My wife (and I) were unaware there was such animosity towards lesbians by certain trans folks until it literally hit her.

      While we still lived in Portland, we didn’t go to bars much so we didn’t even know all the lesbian bars closed (and now most gay bars too). So one day, my wife was walking when a FtM shoulder checked my wife and called her a “fucking dyke.” We assumed it was some strange one off and that maybe this person was on just a little bit too much testosterone. Then it happened again with a different FtM later that week.

      Before she knew it, she was asked at work to join a transgender brigade that wanted to remove the sex designated bathrooms. Even though my wife is “butch” she had no interest in the group and politely said so.

      She began getting dirty looks and nasty notes at work but she didn’t feel she could complain to corporate without making things worse. And quite frankly, she knew they wouldn’t be on her side.

      That was our “peak trans” moment. I think if she hadn’t been harassed like that, we would have never thought much about all this.

      It’s really sad to see these young women afraid to be who they are as lesbians. And I do believe there is such a thing as true trans. And we’ve never had an issue with them. But it seemed some of these people had a problem with my wife for just being a regular old dyke.

      Btw…boob chipper…holy moly!

      • I’m a poet.

        It’s a real issue… I feel some of the pressure, not necessarily the assumption that I’m trans (and there’s probably some misogyny in the assumption that lesbians are just broken ftms, but gays can be gay, just saying), but in the constant pressure and assumption that I’m on the crazy people’s side. I’ve seen my lesbian friends pressured and questioned…. We’re old dogs now, so we’re not likely to learn new tricks, but imagine the pressures on a young generation of girls and women.

        And it’s bizarre to me. We’ve spent generations telling people that we’re just like them, that we’re not confused, that it’s not just a phase, that we aren’t doing any harm, and it’s like the new generation is looking to reverse as much progress as possible with the normies and be as awful and triggering to the breeders as possible and undo generations of work on tolerance. We fought for the gay bars because we wanted a place to go where we could know with some amount of certainty that the other people there might be pick-up-able. And now we’re letting them die because they aren’t inclusive. That. Was. Not. The. Point. They were *supposed* to be exclusive. We fought for the ability to have a devil may care attitude, and these snowflakes fall into vapors at the suggestion that someone might be anything less than enthusiastic with their acceptance, all the while deigning to decree that unless the lesbians adopt male pronouns, they’re worthy of scorn. For no other reasons. Someone might call that homophobic. I’m just saying.

        They are everything they call us. Every. Single. Time.

        • This is why Lesbians United has a campaign called Save the Tomboys. Because there is pressure on these girls to be…well…disembodied pseudo-men.

          I heard one story of a gal who at a work group, kept getting pressured to be her “authentic” self & come out as male-identified. When she finally said, “I think you all are uncomfortable with my just being a lesbian,” she was fired.

          One has to ask why lesbians are in particular, the first and worst targets of all this. I mean men saying they are lesbians is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to invading lesbian autonomy and spaces. But now these dudes (like Eddie Izzard, as Jack pointed out) are being celebrated as “brave” when I suspect most are just regular guys who want to take away lesbians’ gold stars. It’s an old frat-house style strategy that any dyke past 30 years old knows well.

          Lesbians have gone underground again but they will never go away. I’m glad Lesbians United is speaking up for them.

          • Once again, I don’t understand how this can be happening. I have had discussions with parents who have “tom boy” daughters, and they are furious that people, including teachers, are pushing the kids into thinking they should identify as boys. What happened to the feminist war against female stereotyping? How the hell did we get here?

              • You need to demonstrate how gay rights has anything to do with transgenderism before a claim like yours is worthy of consideration. One group is about being embodied and living regular lives as any other tax payer (you do want us to pay for roads and education right?). The other radical sect of transgendersm wants to be disembodied and have special designations that include made up words that deny reality.

                Conflating the two is wrong and
                that was my point. Did you even read the post?

  3. The old “You’re not helping/This is why we can’t have nice things” dilemma. How does a group disassociate itself from the most outrageous representatives of those who identify (or want to do) as belonging? Being inclusive can become a slippery slope, and it becomes more and more difficult to correct the problem the longer the issue is ignored or addressing it is put off. A clean break may be the only solution, as hard as it might be.

    Most of our gay friends are what would usually be considered politically conservative; they’re business owners, tend to vote Republican, own guns, etc. With the American left now being often not at all truly liberal, there should be more opportunity for gay people to identify and be a part of the libertarian-leaning right. Unfortunately, Republicans are often constricted by some of the same sort of inclusivity issues. Narrowly-focused religious absolutists could be one such. The left has made an issue out of Log Cabin Republicans being denied a booth at a recent Texas Republican convention. I wonder if that would not have happened if the group hadn’t been tagged with the “T” & etc,

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