Evening Ethics Cool-Off, 7/27/2022: “I Hate Being Right All The Time”

On this date in 1974, the last truly bi-partisan, Constitutionally solid Presidential impeachment was sought by the House of Representatives after bi-partisan House Judiciary Committee voted an impeachment resolution out for the entire House to consider. The first Article of Impeachment passed the House on the 27th; two more, one for abuse of power another for contempt of Congress, passed on July 29 and 30. When August 5 saw Nixon complying with a Supreme Court ruling requiring that he provide transcripts of crucial White House tapes, he was undeniably implicated him in the cover up of the Watergate break-in. Three days later, President Nixon announced his resignation.

That, of course, is how it’s supposed to work and how the Founders envisioned the process. The impeachment of Bill Clinton was turned, by Clinton, into a purely partisan process despite very valid charges against him. Then Democrats destroyed the procedure by all time in their fervor to crush President Donald Trump, essentially voting for two impeachments on flimsy pretenses, the second one without even sufficient hearings, because they had the votes to do so. This both debased the process and unethically transformed it from a rare and emergency fail-safe to remove criminal President, into an ideological weapon without credibility or teeth. Ironically, this short-sighted, unethical and undemocratic blunder, the result of Speaker Nancy Pelosi caving to the whims of her party’s most extreme elements, both strengthened the office of the Presidency (when his party has a majority in the House) and weakened it (when his party dominates the House and Senate.)

1. Now THAT’S Incompetence! “Leave It To Beaver” star Tony Dow’s representatives announced on his Facebook page yesterday that the sitcom star (he was “The Beev’s” older brother, and unlike Jerry Mathers, could act) had died after being so informed by Dow’s wife. This was immediately picked up by most media outlets, and obituaries appeared. Brother Wally, however, was still breathing. The representatives then posted an “URGENT UPDATE” on the Facebook page, writing, “This morning Tony’s wife Lauren, who was very distraught, had notified us that Tony had passed and asked that we notify all his fans. As we are sure you can understand, this has been a very trying time for her. We have since received a call from Tony’s daughter-in-law saying that while Tony is not doing well, he has not yet passed. Tony’s son Christopher and his daughter-in-law Melissa have also been by his side comforting him, and we will keep you posted on any future updates.”

I don’t care how distraught Mrs. Dow is: how hard is it to tell if her husband is dead or not? There’s the old mirror trick, for example. If she’s so “distraught,” why did Dow’s representatives not seek conformation of their client’s death before announcing it to the world? I recall many instances where the news media jumped the gun with a premature death announcement, but I’ve never heard of a celebrity’s family announcing the End by mistake.

2. Oh, good, maybe “The View” will have to pay up for its lies for once. Turning Point USA threatened ABC with a lawsuit after several of the loud-mouthed left-biased female fools on “The View” accused the college political organization of admitting and supporting neo-Nazi demonstrators at the organization’s Student Action Summit in Florida last weekend., when in fact the fascists were there in opposition to the group’s event and barred from entry. Both View Prime Idiot Joy Behar and its true star, one-time legitimate actress Whoopie Goldberg, both crossed the line into defamation when they stated as fact what was untrue as they criticized the group. Turning Point sent a cease-and-desist letter amd demanded an apology and a retraction, but got weasel words instead.

“View” regular Sara Haines, who had joined with Behar and Goldberg to claim that the neo-Nazis “felt invited” by TPUSA, delivered a written sort-of mea culpa for the gang yesterday, saying, “On Monday we talked about the fact that there were openly neo-Nazi demonstrators outside the Florida Student Action Summit of the Turning Point USA group. We want to make clear that these demonstrators were gathered outside the event and that they were not invited or endorsed by Turning Point USA.”

Haines and her pals had implied the opposite two days earlier. She went on, saying, “A Turning Point USA spokesman said the group ‘100 percent condemns those ideologies’ and said ‘Turning Point USA security tried to remove the neo-Nazis from the area but could not because they were on public property. Also, Turning Point USA wanted us to clarify that this was a Turning Point USA Summit, and not a Republican Party event. So, we apologize for anything we said that may have been unclear on these points.”

Uh-uh. They didn’t say anything that “may have been unclear” on those points. Whoopi and Joy deliberately were quite clear, and what they stated was false and defamatory. They unpugned college students as Nazis. TPUSA is not satisfied with “The View’s” weak statement, and I wouldn’t be either.

Now I get to follow Bing with Dr. Ian Malcolm for the last two items:

3. Update: What a surprise! So far, no mainstream media sources have shown any interest in the Cassidy Hutchinson text messages contradicting her “bombshell” testimony before Pelosi’s “Get Trump” exercise in Soviet-style show trials. Google is burying the story too. Meanwhile, we now are told that the justice Department will be seeking the apparently schizophrenic White House assistant’s cooperation in its criminal investigation of Trump, even though her testimony was discredited even before the Federalist’s revelations.

This tells us everything we need to know about the news media, the Justice Department, and the true state of democracy under the party that claims to be saving it.

4. And if that wasn’t enough... As I predicted (and as anyone could) the media is rushing to bolster the Biden administration brazen attempt to avoid the recession it is responsible for by pretending there isn’t one. Here’s the AP now…

..and here it is earlier this year:

Politico’s Ben White tweeted that “The White House is pretty obviously right that even two quarters of shrinking GDP would not show the economy is currently in recession,” even though he wrote last month that he was ” sorry to report that the conditions are ripe for a slide in gross domestic product growth that lasts at least two quarters, the technical definition of recession.”

This is called “circling the wagons.”

Then there is the New York Times’ house Nobel-winning economist…Paul Krugman, a pure Democratic Party propagandist, who begins his column today,

There’s a pretty good chance the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which produces the numbers on gross domestic product and other macroeconomic data, will declare on Thursday, preliminarily, that real G.D.P. shrank in the second quarter of 2022. Since it has already announced that real G.D.P. shrank in the first quarter, there will be a lot of breathless commentary to the effect that we’re officially in a recession.

But we won’t be. That’s not how recessions are defined; more important, it’s not how they should be defined…

They should be defined as recessions when Republicans are in power, but not when Democrats are. Got it.

Honestly, I don’t know how these people can sleep at night.


15 thoughts on “Evening Ethics Cool-Off, 7/27/2022: “I Hate Being Right All The Time”

  1. #2 – Whoopi doubled down even after the legal team’s CYOA letter was written. Does that change things from a legal perspective?

  2. Ironically, this short-sighted, unethical and undemocratic blunder, the result of Speaker Nancy Pelosi caving to the whims of her party’s most extreme elements, both strengthened the office of the Presidency (when his party has a majority in the House) and weakened it (when his party dominates the House and Senate.)

    I wonder why she catered to the party’s most extreme elements.

    I wonder why everything these leaders do seems to be designed to diminish outrage over the Capitol Riot?

  3. #1: “Well he will be soon, he’s very old.”
    “I can’t take ‘im like that, it’s against regulations!”

      • Having just last fall lost my brother in hospice to various cancers after a futile, painful, exhausting, humiliating, two-year-long battle affecting him and everyone else involved, I’m not surprised something like this could happen and I feel badly for the Dow family, and even their reps. It’s just the worst.

  4. Off topic but part of the Great Stupid.

    The Entomological Society of America has introduced a new common name for the murder hornet: the Northern giant hornet.

    Scientists hope to reduce negative and nationalistic associations with the insect that is turning up in the Pacific Northwest.

    Scientists announced Monday that the terrifying insects’ official moniker, “Asian giant hornet,” has been changed to “northern giant hornet” — in what they say is an effort to prevent anti-Asian hate crimes. Emphasis mine.

    “Amid a rise in hate crimes and discrimination against people of Asian descent, usage of ‘Asian’ in the name of a pest insect can unintentionally bolster anti-Asian sentiment,” the Entomological Society of American said in a press released.

    This action helps so much; soon all the words will be nice words and we will live in a utopian society.

  5. I tend to think they are shooting themselves in the foot by making legalese arguments about “technical definitions” of recessions. All they are doing is putting the “R” word in the spotlight, and making themselves look like fools.

    The only people they would “fool” already didn’t care the economy has been receding.

    • Can you imagine what the headlines would be if Trump were in office now and these data points were coming in? It would be The Great Recession 2.0.

    • I’ve noticed they do that a lot. Nobody writes long think pieces during boom times, arguing why we’re not in a recession. So when you start growing about not being in a recession, people immediately understand that we ARE in a recession, and that you find this ideologically unacceptable, especially if you’ve spent the last decade nuking your own credibility.

      Similar examples abound. The CDC declares monkeypox “isn’t a sexually transmitted disease” and “not a gay disease” because it’s only about 99% true. But of course nobody ever says the flu, or athlete’s foot, are sexually transmitted, or “gay diseases”. There’s no need. So when they say these things many people understand that the opposite is true.

  6. Maybe the economy is technically in a recession, but it identifies as being robust and growing. What matters is how the economy feels about itself.

    As for the Tony Dow thing, if you were truly “distraught” over your husband’s passing, would the first person you’d call be his publicist? Seems strange to me that she’d be in such a hurry to get the news out.

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