Presenting A Statement In Today’s New York Times That Only Could Have Been Published At The Peak Of “The Great Stupid”

The statement appears in today’s article, “How Did a Two-Time Killer Get Out to Be Charged Again at Age 83?” as if it’s the most natural observation in the world. Before reading the whole story, you should know that “Ms. Leyton” is a murder victim whose dismembered body was found inside a shopping cart in East New York, stuffed in a bag. The “Ms. Harvey” referred to is the individual charged with her murder, since investigators found a bloody mop, a tub full of towels and a box for an electric saw in the alleged killer’s apartment.

A homeless shelter worker and people close to Ms. Leyden questioned whether, despite her gender identity, Ms. Harvey should have been placed in a homeless shelter for women, given her history of attacking and murdering them.

Gee, ya think?

“Ms. Harvey” had already been accused of rape and convicted of murdering two other women. The article is about how it came to pass that the parole board  released the repeat killer on parole after decades in prison, “first for shooting a girlfriend dead in 1963, and then for stabbing another in 1985, stuffing her corpse into a bag and leaving it in Central Park.”

The “Ms Harvey” identity is respectfully described, respected and never challenged in the Times piece. The first two murders, and the rape, all occurred before the convicted killer “identified” as female. [That’s the “female” in the photo above, being arrested.] The article simply calls Harvey “a transgender woman who transitioned at some point after her release from prison.” What “transitioned” means in this case is never explained.

I suspect that “Ms Harvey” might have been welcomed onto the University of Pennsylvania swimming team.

Please read the article, and then explain to me what the hell is going on. Among the things in the story I need explained is what this following statement by the reporter has to do with anything and why it is relevant, except as a desperate attempt to rationalize a ludicrous set of official decisions:

But transgender people are far more likely to become victims of violence, not perpetrators, and data from the National Center for Transgender Equality suggests more than half of transgender people who stay in shelters encounter harassment.

Well, enough: the more I think about this thing the more likely I am to go screaming into the night.


5 thoughts on “Presenting A Statement In Today’s New York Times That Only Could Have Been Published At The Peak Of “The Great Stupid”

  1. What’s happening here is that the reporter is rationalizing the murder of an innocent homeless woman at the hands of a repeat predator of women because said predator would have been more likely to have become a victim of violence if Harvey had been placed at a men’s shelter rather than a women’s.

  2. Isn’t it quite the blessing of History that we get to live through our own reboot of Bolshevism/Maoism, but this time with a less bloodthirsty but more idiotic cast of characters?
    Just think about the person who wrote this article: You know they went to a fancy school and have a fancy degree and think of themselves as committed to some basic journalistic principles, such as commitment to intelligible language and the conveying of facts etc, but once they sit down to work all of this gets jettisoned and replaced by a single idea: must follow and push the Narrative/Doctrine at all cost.
    Our Social Justice betters have made it absolutely clear that they certainly don’t care about truth or honesty or honest good-faith democratic discourse, and they certainly don’t care about women’s health or safety, not to mention the overall safety of our cities.
    They only care about one thing: expressing fealty to their Holy Dogma, inserting and inflicting it at every opportunity, weaponizing it to win every argument and hopefully injuring their political opponents while providing themselves with a sheen of public righteousness.
    And the sad part of it (or one of many) is while there are many fanatical True Believers, you know the NYT/NPR media class are all just Good Germans who will push any approved Narrative, say whatever the Left hive-mind demands in the moment, just so they can keep warm at the center of the digital herd and keep advancing up the career ladder.
    Team Blue has poisoned itself by injecting the toxic ideology called Critical Theory and I don’t know how or when they can ever recover.

  3. If I recall, this story initially came out a while ago. My understanding is the woman he killed (sorry I’m not going to pretend on this one) lived in LGBTQ housing like he did.

    The reason I bring attention to this is because it’s clear the rainbow bureaucracy along with progressive orthodoxy, is in large part fostering unsafe people in shared public accommodations with regards to women.

    Please excuse this link coming from a feminist site but more mainstream sources don’t report this stuff. In Canada, a woman’s rape crisis shelter was vandalized with a dead rat nailed to the door and KILL TERFS written on the door too. Why? The shelter staff insisted on biological women only. The shelter also lost funding from the government for so-called bias.

    A little before that in 2018, at Naomi House, a Fresno California homeless shelter, several women were harassed in the showers by a male who identified as a woman. Per HUD rules, the accommodations were designated by gender identity. Lawsuits thus ensued by the victims.

    The ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, and woke lawmakers don’t care about the women who are basically told to shut up and take it from a man because he’s the real victim. And yes, every person who identifies as a gender different from their sex deserves safety too. However creating space for the trans-identified seems like a fair compromise for all. Yet this isn’t good enough for the brigade of the downtrodden and their menacing allies who will likely never deal with the fallout from such policies themselves.

    Mark my words, we’ll see more women die, get raped, and become abused by male tyrants in skirts. All so illusions and feelings are spared. Now that’s what I call equity!

    • Addendum. I got a detail wrong.

      The killer and the woman he killed did not live in the same LGBTQ housing. She did but he had his own apartment. My sincere apologies for not researching better before commenting.

    • Perhaps it is time to reconsider the DSM declassification of gender dysphoria as a mental disorder, aka mental illness.

      Trans activists and trans community: please do not firebomb my house or kidnap my children.
      I am just the messenger.

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