Unethical Quote Of The Month: Ex CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo

“I saw a lot of brave men and women deciding to take somebody on who had a tremendous amount of power and who had come at them by name too and that’s a scary thing.”

—-Disgraced CNN star Chris Cuomo, celebrating himself and CNN for slanting new reports in order to oppose Donald Trump.

Cuomo could not have made a stronger case against the left-biased news media if that had been his objective. Many of his statements to Bill Maher in Cuomo’s appearance on HBO’s “Real Timewould serve as well as the above to prove just how arrogant and unethical Cuomo’s previous profession has become. For example, there is this:

We were faced with something that the media has never seen in this country before. Where somebody weaponized the truth and won pretty much every fight he got into by ultimately blaming the system that people have rejected, including the media and unprecedented risk is going to require an unprecedented effort. I don’t think it was about moving to opinion, meaning not relying on facts and analysis, but they had to take it on. I felt very much that way, not everybody did it to the degree I did, it was risky to do what I did.

Articulate as ever, Fredo. Cuomo has been in Julie Principle territory for a long time now, dating back to when the alleged lawyer tweeted that “hate speech” wasn’t protected by the First Amendment, or told CNN watchers that it would be illegal for them to read the online Wikileaks leaks of classified material, but he could read it and explain it all. Chris couldn’t explain how to boil water. I almost feel badly about highlighting his ethics void and intellectual deficits. Almost.

Who anointed this bozo to decide what politicians, public figures and elected leaders warrant an “unprecended effort” by the news media to bring them down? Who gave any of these self-righteous, minimally equipped jerks in broadcast news that assignment? Their sole job is to relay facts without spin, bias, or manipulation, while being accurate, articulate and neutral at all times. The real “scary thing” is when mediocre minds in the throes of the Dunning-Kruger Effect presume to mess with the workings of democracy because they have concluded, in their self-identified wisdom, what is the right course for the nation, who are the “good” leaders, and what information the public deserves to hear.

Maher, as usual, proved himself in his conversation with Cuomo to be an inept interviewer and, as a pseudo-pundit, a throbbing hack when he isn’t making jokes. Among his trenchant questions were, “Are you happy?” and “How is your brother doing?” He never challenged Cuomo’s per se unethical characterization of what journalists are supposed to do, and, amazingly, never confronted Cuomo directly about what got him fired: the obvious conflict that saw him advising his brother, then the New York governor, on how to avoid accountability for serial sexual harassment episodes, using his CNN contacts in the process, and lying about it to the brass.

At least Maher has never claimed to be a journalist, and has never pretended to care about integrity, which is fortunate, since he has none. Cuomo’s posturing, in contrast, is infuriating. “It was risky to do what I did,” this creep had the nerve to say, as if he’s a brave truth-teller. Cuomo was paid many millions of dollars to spread propaganda under the banner of a corrupt news organization, and couldn’t even do that competently.

More pathetic still, Cuomo doesn’t know how ridiculous he sounds to anyone familiar with his record.

4 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month: Ex CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo

  1. I’m sorry, did you say “weaponized the truth?” That was the great enemy you bravely fought against, the wielders of truth?

    • That’s how I took that statement. How insolent; Trump was using the truth to discredit the institutions working to undermine him. From there I had a hard time understanding his point other than we had to get him but others were less compelled than he.

  2. Cha-ching! Trump files suit against CNN for defamation, and here we have one of their main operatives/”reporters” admitting to the world that they were out to sink the man and his administration come hell or high water. Looks like Trump will win another fight by using the truth.

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