Ethics Nightcap, 8/16/2022: Bias, Ignorance, Contrived Ignorance, And Just Plain Dumb

To no one’s surprise, Rep.Liz Cheney lost her primary in Wyoming. Good: she deserved it. She is a “bias makes you stupid”—also ridiculous—case study. Nothing is more ridiculous than someone who repeatedly behaves in an undemocratic manner and then claims that she is fighting for democracy.

In many ways, her fall, though so, so deserved, is an ethics tragedy. She’s smart and serious, but placed her family loyalty above her duties to her state, the public, the House and the nation, and all because she hates Donald Trump for personal reasons. He dared to insult her father and the Bushes, repeatedly and nastily, by declaring their Iraq War a “disaster,” though it certainly was. Cheney has been full NeverTrump ever since, but even that bias isn’t justification for voting for two contrived and hyper-partisan impeachments, especially the second one, which went forward to the Senate without evidence, inquiry or due process supporting it. Then Cheney facilitated the January 6 witch hunt, which was so obviously a Democratic “Get Trump!” exercise that Nancy Pelosi didn’t allow the traditional and sensible party balance that investigative House committees have always had before.

You can tell if someone is Trump Deranged if they express admiration for Liz Cheney. Here is a Republican who joined with Democrats in a their effort to use unethical means to hold power. That Democrats asked their party members in Wyoming to temporarily switch parties so they could vote for Cheney was the perfect embodiment of what that party has become: the fact that they support Cheney and she has supported them proves mutual corruption.

1. Why we don’t trust the news media, Reason 765,988, 204: You can still read news reports saying that the motive for the nearly fatal attack on writer Salman Rushdie is “unclear.” This is the same false media narrative circa. 2001 that Islam is a peaceful religion and only bigots have concerns that radical Muslims aren’t as rare as pigeon teeth. The Washington Post’s op-ed about the attack doesn’t even mention the attacker, but somehow compares it to the Trumpites’ rioting against the 2020 election. The attack was political, you see, not religious. (It was religious.)

A fatwah was put out on Rushdie calling on Muslims to kill him decades ago because he was blasphemous regarding Mohammad. The man’s been in hiding until only recently, and a would-be assassin named Hadi Matar stabbed him. Not Joe O’Brien. Not J. Leroy Washington. The chances that the attacker was motivated by Islamic fanaticism are greater than the chances that O.J. is guilty, but CNN still says that “police are working with the FBI and local authorities to determine the motive.”

What a mystery!

2. How seriously should we take videos like this?

My answer: a little seriously. We don’t know how many people were interviewed to find these cheerful morons. It is certainly unfair to use this tiny sample to characterize “Generation Z.” Still, one must wonder how anyone can get out of the Sixth Grade and be this ignorant.

3. Speaking of ignoramuses… This is how the Republicans can blow the November election. North Carolina congressional candidate Robert “Bo” Hines revealed during an interview that he thought the the term “banana republic” as it was used to impugn the Justice Department’s raid on Mar-a-Largo referred to the retail chain “Banana Republic.” At least the manager of Banana Republic, unlike our president, knows where he is and why he’s there and what he’s doing,” Hines quipped on the“John Frederick’s Show.” The ex-North Carolina State football player was endorsed by Donald Trump.

4. Nah, there’s no reason to think the mainstream media is just a mouthpiece for the Democrats...Donald Trump stated that his passports were illegally taken in the raid. A stonewalling Deep Stater had CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell call Trump a liar for the Justice Department:

With almost 40,000 likes and nearly 13,000 tweets, O’Donnell’s dutifully relayed lie went viral on social media. The passports were indeed taken, and were not supposed to be. O’Donnell has yet to correct her false tweet.

Of course, Twitter hasn’t suspended her account for it either. But be fair: all she’s trying to do is save democracy!

29 thoughts on “Ethics Nightcap, 8/16/2022: Bias, Ignorance, Contrived Ignorance, And Just Plain Dumb

  1. 4. And she’s just SOOO adorable!

    Something about Norah O’Donell really bothers me. So self-content, self-important, entitled. Definitely the queen of the cool girls.

  2. 2) Oh good grief! What year was the war of 1812?

    What is amazing is that the guy kept a straight face throughout. Of course they might have had to edit out the times he broke down giggling…….

    • “What year was the war of 1812?” is an improvement over the old “Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?” gag. That one was really a trick question, because the answer is the General and his wife, Julia. It should be called “The Grants’ Tomb.”

  3. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Liz Cheney, in fact some folks are saying she’ll be running for president in 2024 and will get 2 terms. It wouldn’t surprise me if she tried, but I think at this point she is a politician without a party. Anyone who believes that the ideal president is a woman Republican who does nothing but oppose everything but the Republican Party stands for, has been watching too many episodes of Rod Lurie’s thinly veiled push for Hillary Clinton called Commander in Chief, a now mostly forgotten show that sank under its own weight. You can just stick a fork in her, she’s done.

    1. Anyone with a functioning brain knows what this guy’s motivation for stabbing an inadequately protected author was. As you pointed out, just from his name you can tell he was not a disaffected Lutheran. We don’t know if he was trying to claim the award that the Iranians placed on Salman Rushdie’s head or just a fanatic seeing his chance to get at this enemy of Islam, but it really doesn’t matter. The man was obviously motivated by Islam, the same as the arm thugs who walked into Charlie Hebdo’s office and murdered several other journalists for daring to mock the sacred prophet. I don’t doubt if there had been any folks with the same fanatical nature in Denmark that whoever it was who drew those cartoons about a decade back that mocked Muhammad, one of them showing him with a bomb in his turban, would have met the same fate. The Washington post, not surprisingly, is trying to play dumb and avoid any condemnation of anything islamic, after all, we don’t want to offend any protected category of people. I don’t doubt that if there was an abortion clinic shooting they would very quickly condemn the shooter as a Christian fanatic. Whether it’s simple cowardice, since Christians are unlikely to shoot you if you condemn them, or bankrupt political correctness really doesn’t matter.

    2. Watters’ World has been asking the same kind of questions every so often for a few years now. Generation Z is quickly showing itself to the worthless unless there is an app for that. That said, we also have to blame the parents and the educators who failed to put these basic things across. Well, we have to blame them some, it isn’t completely their fault if the kids retained the facts for the exams, then forgot all about them.

    3. It sounds like that might have been an attempted humor that flopped, but the optics of it are terrible. Anyway, who shops at Banana Republic anymore? Who can afford to in this economy?

    4. Of course, all she’s trying to do is save democracy, and what’s a few lies when you’re trying to do that? We are really one step away from Pravda and TASS. There isn’t a Soviet equivalent of social media, since the Soviet Union fell 16 years before social media even existed, but if it had existed then, I’m not sure it would have been all that different than the current social media, letting outrageous lies on one side slip through while silencing the other side.

    • P.S., I am by no means Salman Rushdie s biggest fan. I am generally not a fan of anti-religious people, and in his last book he showed himself to be a Trump-hating jerk. That’s all right, we don’t condemn people to death or stab them because we think they are jerks, or at least we’re not supposed to. I also don’t hate Muslims generally, I’ve known Muslims, I’ve worked with some Muslim people, and they generally practice their faith peacefully. However, Islam of all the world’s religions does a terrible job of policing its crazies, and as long as there is a Muslim nation that is led by crazies in the form of Iran, this world is always going to have a problem.

  4. From my understanding, O’Donnell’s tweet isn’t technically false. It was made several hours after the FBI allowed Trump to retrieve his passports. However, it is unethical, because it’s written in a way to make readers think that Trump was lying about the FBI seizing his passports in the first place.

  5. I really hope the Democrats run Liz Cheney for President in 2024. I know several brainwashed Democrats who HATE Dick Cheney and compared him to the devil on many occassions. If the Democrats run Cheney, I can tell them definitively that they are a slave t o the Democratic Party because they will not only vote for Liz Cheney, but be enthusiastic about it.

    (1) It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Salmon Rushdie’s attacker was a ‘bad’ or non-observing Muslim. In Islam, almost everyone goes to hell. Almost everyone has to be punished for not obeying the will of Allah and Mohammed well enough. If you are a ‘bad’ Muslim who spent many years drinking, womanizing, being friends with non-Muslims, etc, Allah may torture you in hell for thousands of years…melting your bones, making you die, bringing you back to life and doing it over and over again. Your only option to avoid this torture is to die fighting for Islam. If you die in jihad, you go straight to Jennah. That is why most terrorists are NOT observant Muslims, but non-observant Muslims. It also gives the media an excuse to say the motivation was not Islam, because why would non-observant Muslims be the terrorists?

    Koran 5:51, 5:80, 3:28

  6. The problem with any future career for Liz Cheney is that she’s only a darling of the Left as long as she’s a Republican who goes with the Democratic narrative. When she actually stands for any conservative principle, suddenly the Democrats remember that they despise her. If she switched parties, she would be too conservative for them to ever consider embracing her, and her family has too much hated baggage. Also, she has lost support of all Republicans except the NeverTrumpers, and so she has no conservative base to lean against.

    I’m ecstatic we are finally rid of her in Wyoming. I hated that she won the Republican primary back in 2016, because I never felt she had real ties to Wyoming. Yes, we Wyomingites liked that Dick Cheney (avid poacher that he was) rose as high as Vice President in his career, but Liz maybe spent a couple of years in her childhood in Wyoming and had been absent since. She didn’t represent us, and we all knew that she picked running in Wyoming because it would be an easier win than anywhere else. Wyomingites traded good representation in favor a family name in hopes that Cheney’s rise would strongly benefit Wyoming. But Cheney was all about Cheney. She should have never been Wyoming’s representative, and I’m glad we finally tossed her out.

    • It’s hilarious that anyone thinks she can run for anything other than mayor of Fairfax or Georgetown. Dems hate Dick Cheney almost as much as they hate Trump. There’s no portion of Republican voters that would vote for her for a national office. So that leaves her with the media and the few Dems who don’t hate Dick Cheney. Other than working at MSNBC or CNN, she has no support for anything. Trump’s calling her a loser is terribly apt.

      • I think you are wrong. I think that if she runs as a Democrats, the faithful Democratic voters will not only vote for her, but extol the virtues of voting for the first female president. When you are in a cult, you think what the cult tells you to think.

        • She’d never make it past the Democrat primary voters. The leftists will eat her alive.

          Kamala Harris is likely going to be the first female president, anyway, because it’s increasingly unlikely that Joe can keep it together for another 2.5 years. There’s a limit to what pharmaceuticals can do.

          God, that’s depressing.
          We used to be a serious country. How did we get to the point where virtually every single person at the highest levels of power is a piece of garbage?

          • We decided the meritocracy was evil. We let the DOE destroy our public schools so that the children of the common people couldn’t challenge the children of the wealthy for top positions. In the process, they got rid of most of the excellence in the country and left the idiot children of the well-connected in charge.

    • “When she actually stands for any conservative principle, suddenly the Democrats remember that they despise her.”

      I think Liz Cheney’s days of standing for any conservative principles ended last night. She’s completed the full transformation to a parasitic opportunist (which is never a very long process for a carpet-bagging politico), and her only future career prospects are as a pet “conservative” on leftist media outlets. She won’t be standing for any principles in the future, much less conservative ones.

        • Yeah, and what a nothing-burger that is for her to chew on…a bit part on a radical leftist stage, where conservatives don’t even tune in and the Left comes to watch the bodies in the other chairs. I was no huge fan of VP Cheney, but Liz is an apple that fell some distance from that tree’s shadow.

  7. I’d bet any amount of money that Liz Cheney ends up on one of those daytime talk shows as their pet ‘conservative’, nodding sagely and not arguing when her co-hosts say outrageous slanders against any Republican who dares draw attention by opposing Progressive agendas.

  8. “He dared to insult her father and the Bushes, repeatedly and nastily, by declaring their Iraq War a “disaster,” though it certainly was. Cheney has been full NeverTrump ever since”

    I’m not sure that’s right.

    When trying to defend Romney from Censure following his vote for impeachment, Suzanne Collins once said; “[T]he person who agrees with 70 or 80% of the time is your friend, not your enemy.”

    That’s obviously not true, like I’ve said before: If 80% agreement should be enough to call someone a friend, Romney should have supported Trump. Collins should have supported Trump, Cheney should have supported Trump, and the Lincoln Project should not have existed. But there is some level of agreement at which you can assume a general level of support. Liz Cheney and Rand Paul were in a running gun battle for most of the Trump administration to see who could pull off a more lock-step voting record with Trump’s policies. It’s obvious that at some point the brainworms took over and she started operating entirely on spite, but I don’t think it was during the primary… They seemed too close for that.

    I suppose that she could have just been concealing her malice, waiting for her opportunity to strike, which came during the impeachment proceedings….. But what a weird issue to pick. I suppose it’s also possible that she saw that her opportunities for backstabbery were drying up seeing as how he was actively leaving office, but I wrote at Substack that I thought that the reason why all these “principled” Republicans were discovering either New Found Respect for the issues was because the violence had actually struck close to home.


    “And that second one, that’s why I think Liz (and others) are doing this. This was supposed to be happening far away, to the poors, it wasn’t supposed to happen in the suburbs, or in places of fine dining, or in the capitol building…. Don’t the rioters know they’re only supposed to terrorize shopkeepers? Does Capitol Hill look like a car lot to you!?! For the first time in their lives, some of these congresspeople felt the fear that is the direct result of their actions and inactions…. And they Did. Not. Like. It. And instead of looking inward to how something like this may have happened, they needed someone to blame. “The riots would not have happened if not for Donald Trump” proclaims Cheney. Sure. Indirectly, but sure. And are you sure that nothing you did contributed?”

    • The Black Lives Matter riots would not have happened if not for George Floyd…or if he hadn’t resisted arrest, been stoned out of his mind, or broken the law. Jan. 6 would not have happened without the pandemic, and so without China…Cheney’s reasoning is insulting.

      • The January 6 riot would not have happened without the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots. If those riots had been condemned by anyone, they also would not have happened. Normalizing political violence normalizes it for everyone, not just the people you choose. Selectively persecuting certain groups for political violence will only normalize it further. Political violence is an all or none game, and the elites already helped the chickens flee the coop. Trying to get them back is going to be extremely difficult. If they only try and catch one kind of chicken while cheering on the rest of the chickens, the task is impossible. It will only escalate the violence.

        • Wait until the GOP takes the House and Senate this fall. There will be massive “Not my Congress!” riots and Muriel Bowser will be leading the charge. But the riots will be Trump’s fault.

          • I am not sure that is going to happen. I think there will be just enough Democrats voting in just enough districts to save just enough people for the Democrats to hang on to both houses of Congress.

            • Oooo, I’ll take that bet. With the party in the White House almost always getting killed mid-term, this is the least likely exception to the rule imaginable. The GOP may not tale the Senate because of some terrible candidates in winnable races, but the House will flip dramatically.

            • There might be just enough cheating in just enough districts to make that true. We will see. At that point, I’m voting for my state to secede from the country.

  9. I never once voted for Cheney in the primaries. I voted for her every time in the general elections, but never in the primaries. I’m so glad she’s gone. Now Harriet was not my first choice. She’s a contemporary of my mom’s in school and both my parents knew her as a kid and while my dad likes her as a politician, my mom thinks she’s stuck up. Both voted for her rather than the fairly unknown Anthony Bouchard. I personally liked Bouchard, though backing Harriet was a necessity to oust Cheney.

    Most everyone I know knew Cheney was a West Virginian at heart and had no concern for Wyoming, but many people hoped that because she was high enough ranked in the national Republican party, she could bring that power to bear for Wyoming. Being a little population state with a lot of land in flyover country, it seems to us that the city slickers in DC are determined to make us do stupid stuff for no good reason. COVID protocols for a population that was reasonably socially distanced anyway, the EPA trying to give the town of Riverton to the Reservation by legislative fiat, requiring coal firing to remove 96% of sulfur instead of holding to a ppm level, requiring us to put 6” of topsoil over a reclaimed mine when no where in the state has 6” of topsoil, trying to force vehicles that cannot work on our long empty roads on us for “Global Warming” while we are struggling with one of our coldest winters in a long while, and more top the issues that make us want a representative with power to make the Federal government leave us alone.

    Once Cheney was stripped of her power, she was no longer of any interest to us. It didn’t matter what she did as long as she pretended to work for us as she had done since we voted her in the first time. She got away with some poor legislative choices and we stayed mostly behind her, but when the party censured her, that was it. Most of us didn’t like Trump much (just more than Clinton or Biden) and if she’d kept herself to continuing to call him names in her weekly emails while still doing her job, we wouldn’t have cared. However, directly attacking the President most of us voted for in a sham trial after losing your power? Too much. Frankly, she was in trouble when the Republican Party cut her position. She might have lost in a primary then. The incessant January 6th trials, along with her making her weekly newsletter a Trump-hate fest rather than a legislative overview, drove the nails into that coffin.

    Good riddance! I hope Harriet is better.

  10. Why was the interviewer say “Yes” whenever the morons got a question wrong? Was it to not hurt the moron’s feelings? Why not tell them the answers to the questions so that at least they would have learnt one thing that day. Did their teachers also not correct them whenever they got something wrong so that in these woke times no child got their feelings hurt?

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