Unethical Quote Of The Month: Ethics Villain Dr. Anthony Fauci

“Well, I don’t think it’s forever irreparably damaged anyone.”

—Dr. Anthony Fauci, architect of the disastrous Wuhan virus response, to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto’s question, “In retrospect doctor, do you regret that it went too far? … Particularly for kids who couldn’t go to school except remotely, that it’s forever damaged them.”

How Clintonian of the good doctor, picking up on Cavuto’s awkward “forever” and adding “irreparably” to make it seem especially extreme. Maybe the lockdown forever damaged people, but it didn’t forever irreparably damage people. The lockdown caused more than 200,000 small busineses to shut down during 2020 alone. Gee, is that “forever enough”? It murdered the economy, the arts, and sports; it was significantly responsible for the George Floyd riots. The education and social development of young children were indeed retarded permanently by the isolating experience of remote schooling, as increasing numbers of assessments indicate. The corruption of US elections in 2020 arising out of the lockdown did long-term damage to the public trust in elections; whether it is “forever permanent” is yet to be seen.

It wrecked our small business, our savings, and our development permanently.

What an asshole.

13 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month: Ethics Villain Dr. Anthony Fauci

  1. He doesn’t care. At the end of this year he’s going to go into retirement on a $400K a year pension, and he doesn’t give a damn if the GOP pursues him. What’s more, my alm mater renamed its science complex in his honor. It pays to be the king.

  2. To say nothing of the people who died during the Pandemic because their life-saving treatments and surgeries were postponed, because they committed suicide due to the isolation or untreated mental illness or because they overdosed for any of the above.

    The people who lost loved ones who died alone in nursing homes and hospitals because they weren’t allowed to visit or hold a proper funeral for them.

    The people who lost their jobs due to the lockdowns and went into debt because unemployment didn’t pay for everything.

    The missed time. The lost time with loved ones. The lost vacations. The lost weddings, birthday parties and holidays.

    The demonization of anyone who questioned the necessity of stringent lockdowns, mask wearing or the speed of the vaccine.

    They owe us for those.

  3. He’s not alone, by the way. Deborah Brix also bears considerable fault for the disaster that this became. But hey, if we dare point this out, then suddenly we’re being selfish and risking the lives of others. 2 weeks to flatten the curve was not supposed to become 2 years of lost liberty. I don’t mind the fact that a lot of legal proceedings have now become virtual, because it means I don’t have to run all over the state for depositions, but, I think enough is enough. I just got a notice from the courts here that social distancing is being eliminated in the courts next week, although participants still may wear a mask if they wish. By the beginning of next year, I assume things will probably be just as they were before all this, except we’ll all be 3 years older, and the trials will still be piled up.

  4. Your final line “what an asshole” reminds me of advice given to me by a mentor regarding the human condition. “Once an asshole always an asshole.” Fauci proved his assholeness back during the AIDS epidemic. He has never recovered, but as the adage says he cannot recover.

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