Now THIS Is An Unethical Movie Review!

True, it comes to us from The Daily Kos, so it shouldn’t be news. That far, far Left site jumped the ethics shark so long ago, the shark was a Megalodon, and the Julie Principle was devised for such situations. The Daily Kos is dishonest, biased, and believes in stimulating its loyal progressive-wacko readership by any means necessary, so why is Ethics Alarms pointing out that it is again doing what it does and can be relied upon to do, without shame or regret?

Just this: unethical film, stage, and book reviews are a passion of mine, and I’ve never seen one this bad.

The headline at the Kos is “Movie review: ‘My Son Hunter’ is a soft-porn conspiracy flick for weird conservative incels.”

In case you haven’t heard about the movie, not yet released, it is a Breitbart production, and explicitly political and partisan in its purpose. I haven’t seen it, probably won’t, but I’m not reviewing it now, either. I believe that films, docudramas, and TV series about current public figures and controversies are unethical per se: they confuse the public and are worse than dishonest journalism in their impact on public opinion. That position applies, obviously, to a hit job on the Bidens, much as they deserve one.

I digress, however. This is the point: the Kos reviewer of “My Son Hunter” states at the beginning of his piece, “we’re going to have to do the whole movie review just from what we can see in the trailer.”

No, you idiot, you don’t have to do the whole movie review from the trailer. You can’t do a movie review from a trailer. You can review the trailer. That’s all. Obviously.

I have taken many reviewers to task over the years for pretending to have seen a whole production or read an entire book when it is clear that they have not. In every case, however, those reviewers gave their dishonesty away inadvertently in the reviews. None had the audacity–stupidity?—to state up front, “I haven’t actually seen (or read) what I’m critiquing, but I’m presenting a review anyway.”

In the case of the fake review of “My Son Hunter,” what the “review” translates to is “I hate the people who made this movie, I hate its existence, and I know those reading this don’t care about fairness or reason, so I’m just going to toss off a lot of insults to the people we all want to see dead, and call it a review. This website will publish anything as long as it’s so far left it couldn’t see the center with the Webb telescope.”

The Daily Kos ten years ago was what the mainstream progressives have become.

Think about that.

2 thoughts on “Now THIS Is An Unethical Movie Review!

  1. Book reviews are also fun to analyze for hipocrisy. I was checking out the reviews of “Not My First Rodeo” by Kristi Noem on Amazon. About 90 percent of the reviews were highly positive, and most of those were marked “verified purchase.” About 4 percent were “one star” reviews including terrible slanders of Kristi Noem. At the time I checked the reviews, not a single “one star” review had a “verified purchase” notation. It appeared that some left wing group all ganged up to submit negative reviews, irregardless of ever reading the book. Nice work, people.

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